How to Save on Gym Memberships

Whether you're a gym newbie or a seasoned gym-goer, we've put together our top ways to save on your gym membership.

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With the cost-of-living crisis and inflation, searching for savings with a gym membership can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. 

Did you know 40% of people without a gym membership consider them too expensive? That’s according to a recent fitness report from Pure Gym. And yet, there are undoubtedly therapeutic and health benefits to exercising regularly. Whether you’re looking to start your fitness journey to lose weight or improve your mental health, a gym membership can help you take a step toward your goals.

However, many of us are experiencing increased gym membership prices even with the usual ‘budget’ gym brands such as The Gym Group and Pure Gym. 

From your electric bills to food costs, almost everything has increased in price with the cost-of-living crisis. And gym memberships are no exception. Before you cancel that membership, give this guide a read. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of how to save more at the gym. These gym membership savings will help your muscles and your wallet work smarter, not harder. 

Ask for a Trial or Day Pass

Whilst you might be motivated to sign-up straight away, it can be worth asking for a day pass or trial. This will let you try out the gym facilities and equipment without the commitment of a monthly or yearly cost. If you really want to save money, you can try multiple gyms with free day passes. This can also help you decide which is better suited to your fitness goals, location, and price. 

You can start searching for day passes by checking gym websites. You might be able to find free gym passes for one day or even 7 days, such as at Anytime Fitness. Simply search online at a gym provider and you should be able to redeem your free pass. If you know somebody who goes to a gym, it’s always worth asking if they can get you a gym day pass. Most gyms will offer free day passes to friends or family. I am signed up to The Gym Group myself, which regularly offers these free passes to pick up from reception. 

Refer A Friend

Do you know somebody already signed up for the gym you like? You might be able to save money by using a referral code. At Village Gym, when a friend referral is made you’ll both get £10 credit to use at selected retailers. Meanwhile, PureGym opts referrers into regular competitions with prizes. Some gyms also cancel any joining fees, give a discount, or one month free. Be sure to check the individual referral programs for more information. You can usually find this on the gym websites or by asking in person at your local gym. 

Student Discounts & Memberships

A recent YouGov poll showed that young adults are currently the number one group cancelling their gym subscriptions. If you are a student or MA student, you might be able to cut costs with a student discount instead of cancelling. Most gyms will have a student membership option, which can usually give 10% off the regular membership price.  

Senior, Healthcare, & Military Discounts

Are you a senior citizen or work in the healthcare or military? You should be able to get a discount from selected gyms. It’s always worth searching online to find a gym that offers these discounts. At gyms like Better, senior discounts are available for those 66 or over. They also run senior clubs and classes too. 

If you’re in the military or a veteran, you can find Defence discounts at gyms like PureGym. These include no joining fees, giving you a £25 saving. They also offer an NHS Bluelight discount, with no joining fees and 10% off your gym membership. 

Free Personal Trainer Session

If you’ve recently signed up for a gym, you might be able to get a free personal trainer session to show you the ropes. Memberships such as The Gym Group offer you the chance to try a PT session at a time of your choice. Simply log into your membership online or via the app to select your date. You can simply sign up for one free trial and you won’t be locked into a contract. 

It’s worth noting that small-group PT sessions usually cost less than one-on-one personal training sessions. If you know a friend who wants to join a session too, you can go together and keep costs low. 

Freeze Your Membership

If you plan on going on holiday, taking a break from working out, or predict you might be ill for a few weeks, then consider freezing your gym membership. Most gyms will allow you to freeze or pause your membership although there might be a fee. It’s worth weighing the price of the freeze or rejoin fees with the savings of that month. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of each gym, as these can vary.  

Compare The Different Gyms

Overall, the best advice is to compare the difference in pricing between the gyms. However, you might also want to consider factors such as free parking, classes, swimming pool and sauna access, gym hours, and location. Some gym memberships are also not as flexible (such as Fitness First and David Lloyd) so pay attention to the terms and conditions. 

 Some top-budget gyms include: 

  • Pure Gym 
  • The Gym Group 
  • Hussle 
  • Anytime Fitness 
  • JD Gyms 
  • Better

We’d recommend working out the cost-per-visit of each gym. This will depend on how much you pay monthly for your gym membership, and how much you are willing to visit the gym. For example, if you spend £18.99 a month and visit your gym 3 x a week then each visit will cost you approximately £1.47 per visit.

Make sure to decide on a set amount of time you can dedicate to the gym and work out if this is something you are comfortable budgeting for. You can always check our gym retailer discount codes for further savings. If you’re looking to look the part too, we have lots of activewear brand discount codes to help you look and feel comfortable in the gym. 

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