Date Nights on a Budget

Don't let a strict budget make you miss out on spending quality time with your loved one. We've created a handy list of exciting activities so you can make the most of spending time together, without having to splash the cash.

Happy couple eating a romantic dinner at home, with the woman spooning a mouthful of food into the man's mouth.
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Whether you’re getting dressed up for an affordable day out, or cosying up for a relaxing night in, making time for your special someone is always important. That’s why we’ve compiled a list jam-packed full of things to do with your significant other.  

Go for a Romantic Walk

A couple standing side by side with one arm around each other, looking out at the sunset.

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If you and your partner are in need of some serious quality time, there’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying some one-on-one time. These days, it can be hard to find the time to give our loved ones our undivided attention. That’s why going on a walk might be the perfect solution for you. 

Whether it’s a circular route local to you, or somewhere that involves driving a short distance so you can enjoy some picturesque views, grab your trainers and get going. If you time it right, you might even be able to watch the sunset together. An app that you might find helpful is the AllTrails app which helps you find local walking, hiking, and mountain biking trails near you.  

Play a Crime Game for Two

One female detective and a male detective looking at a bulletin board covered with images and red lines.

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Fancy yourselves as amateur detectives for the evening? Have a go at an immersive crime game for two. If your budget can stretch that little bit further, you can find an abundance of exciting and thrilling unsolved murder mystery games on Amazon by a company called Cryptic Killers, including Murder of a Millionaire, Murder at Mediluck Medicines, Murder of a Musician, and Murder at Merivale Manor, to name a few. Using the evidence, from maps, police reports, newspaper clippings, CCTV images, and more, you must work together to find the killer(s). 

What’s more, make a night of it by ordering your favourite takeaway, turning down the lights, and playing some mysterious music on the tv to set the scene, and get sleuthing! 

Pack a Picnic

A grey chequered picnic blanket on the grass surrounded by bunches of white flowers, along with a wooden board with cheese, honey, meets, and jams laid out on top.

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You simply can’t go wrong with a picnic. All you really need is a picnic blanket and your favourite Budget-friendly Picnic Essentials. Whether you’re up for sitting in a field to enjoy your lunch, or you’d prefer to set up your picnic in your own garden, it’s a great activity to do as a couple. Head to your local supermarket and purchase your preferred bits and pieces, pack them into a cute picnic basket and then lay out your glorious spread together. Below are some yummy ideas for inspiration:

  • Greek salad
  • Caesar salad
  • Pesto pasta
  • Cheese board
  • Chutney
  • Assortment of sandwiches
  • Meat slices
  • Fresh bread
  • Variety of fresh fruit
  • Carrot sticks & cucumber sticks
  • Hummus
  • Mixed nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Tortilla chips
  • Scones with jam & cream
  • Cookies
  • Victoria sponge cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Doughnuts

Bake Something Delicious

A pink surface with a rolling pin, a bowl of flour, and heart cut-out biscuits.

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Whether you’re a baking fanatic, or you’re a baking novice, it’s always a fun activity to do with your nearest and dearest. The best part is, at the end of it you get to enjoy a delicious sweet treat. 

A fantastic baking blog is Jane’s Patisserie. She has an impressive amount of recipes, free to access, ranging from beginner-friendly to baking pro. Some of her most delicious recipes you might like to check out include Chocolate Cake for Two, Carrot Loaf Cake, and White Chocolate Fudge NYC Cookies, just to name a few. 

She currently has three recipe books out called Jane’s Patisserie Book, Jane’s Patisserie: Celebrate! And Jane’s Patisserie Everyday: Easy cakes and comfort bakes, if you prefer physical recipe books. 

Another baking book staple in the kitchen is, of course, none other than Mary Berry. Some of her books that you might find useful include Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, My Kitchen Table: 100 Cakes and Bakes, Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, and Fast Cakes: Easy Bakes in Minutes

Have an At-Home Movie Night

A couple relaxing on the sofa at home watching a film with popcorn and a tv remote.

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There is nothing quite like an at-home movie night with your special someone. Just like going to the cinema, but better. Without the premium prices, you won’t have to worry about going over budget with this date night idea, especially if you know how to Save Money on Video Streaming Services. What’s more, you can get comfortable on your sofa without having to wrestle against the stranger next to you for the armrest. 

make your night even more fun with fake cinema tickets, twinkling fairy lights, soft blankets, and matching pyjamas. So, grab some popcorn, your favourite beverages and cinema snacks, turn off the lights, and enjoy.

Host a Readathon

A man and woman in a book shop holding a couple of books, while cosying up together.

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If you and your special someone are bookworms, then there’s nothing better than a readathon, especially when you can Buy Books on a Budget. Whether you’ve got a bookshelf full of unread books, or you’re in the mood for something new, head down to your local bookshop together and see what’s on offer. You could even shop for each other, using a handy app like Goodreads to work out what kind of books your partner might be interested in. 

Some bookshops have what’s called a blind date with a book. This is where they wrap several books in brown paper and write a few words about the type of book on the paper for you to choose between. The fun part is that you simply cannot judge the book by its cover, and it’s a complete surprise for when you get home. 

A fun idea might be to try this yourself. Purchase a few books for your loved one, wrap them up, write a few descriptions on the paper and let them decide which one they’d like to read. Alternatively, choose a book that both of you can read together and discuss. Settle down with your favourite warm beverages, light a candle and get reading. 

Cook a New Recipe Together

A mature man and woman making a salad together in their kitchen.

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Got a bunch of cookbooks gathering dust in the kitchen? Why not take the time to choose one or two and try them out together? The best part is you’ll have a delicious meal at the end, and if you don’t, it’s the perfect excuse for a takeaway. 

So, choose a recipe, head to your local supermarket to purchase the ingredients, and get cooking. If you’re looking for ways to avoid spending a fortune on your next food shop, try Shopping in the Reduced Section. Once you’ve secured the goods, blast out some of your favourite singalongs while you do because cooking is simply more enjoyable when you’re dancing around the kitchen. 

An alternative to this is to try out something like Hello Fresh. If you’re a new customer, they typically have discounts with as much as 60% off your first box, so you can try it out without having to splash the cash. This is a great option if you’re after a hassle-free recipe as Hello Fresh delivers all of the necessary ingredients straight to your door. 

If starting from scratch seems a bit daunting or you’re worried about ingredients lists adding up, then we’ve got your back. Most local supermarkets have a fabulous selection of some of the Best Dine-In Meals that you can treat yourself to, for a fraction of the price.  

Exercise Together

A young couple doing squats in their home while following a workout video on their television.

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Couples that get their body moving together stay together, am I right? Well, no matter how into keeping fit you and your partner are, working out together is a great way to bond. Whether you’re both fitness fanatics or complete workout novices, there are so many fun ways for you both to exercise together in a way that you’ll enjoy that won’t break the bank. From Affordable Ways to Workout from Home to making sure you know How to Save on your Gym Membership, and more, be sure to try out some of the following options: 

Lift Weights at the Gym: If you’ve already got a gym membership, then why not coordinate your gym sessions and head there together? Whether it’s upper body day, lower body day, or time for some ab training, get those gains together. 

Dance Workout: Get your sweat on at home with a super high-energy dance workout. There are plenty of free dance workouts available on Youtube for you to enjoy. 

Try a new Exercise Class: The vast majority of gym memberships include access to an impressive array of exercise classes. From hot pilates and spin to boot camps, Zumba, HIIT, and more, why not get out of your comfort zone together? 

Wind down with yoga: Maybe you’d like to work on your flexibility, balance and mindfulness together. If so, then yoga might just be the exercise for you. Yoga with Adriene has a fantastic collection of free yoga videos on YouTube. 

Enjoy a Free Day Out

A side view of a happy couple in a car on a roadtrip.

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With many of us working from home these days, it can be a bit of a relief to get out of the house, even better if it’s to enjoy a free activity. If this sounds like a bit of you, make sure you check out our handy article on finding Free Days Out in the UK, from visiting English heritage sites, and botanical gardens, to sculpture trails, castles and more, make the most of your weekends with your special someone, without spending a single dime. 

At-Home Pamper Night For Two

A couple with clay face masks and cucumbers on their eyes.

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You can’t go wrong with a good old pamper night for two. Something we all need to be better at doing is taking the time for ourselves, to relax and wind down - even better if we can do it with someone we love. 

Whether your budget can stretch that little bit further or you don’t want to splash the cash, there are so many ways in which you can create a luxury, pamper night in the comfort of your own home with Beauty Products on a Budget. If the sound of dedicating time to relax sounds right up your street then be sure to try some of the following ideas out: 

A relaxing foot spa: If you’ve got a foot spa, then great, but if not, a large bowl or sitting with your legs in the bath will work fine too. Simply fill your chosen receptacle with warm water, some bath salts, essential oils, and rose petals to give your feet a well-earned rest. Follow up with a foot scrub to leave your feet feeling good as new. 

Facemasks: This is always a fun and affordable way to chill out. Head to your local supermarket and purchase your preferred type of facemask. Some great options include the Garnier range of Skin Active sheet masks which can be found in your local supermarket, or if you’re not afraid to get a bit messy, then one from LUSH, such as Beauty Sleep,  Mask of Magnanimity, or Cup O’ Coffee, is a lovely option too. 

A spiritual massage: Grab the massage oil, turn down the lights, play some relaxing music and enjoy a massage from your other half. If you’re new to the world of massages, there is an abundance of handy tutorials on YouTube for you to watch before you start. 

A couple’s bath: If your bathtub is big enough for the two of you, then why not enjoy a soothing bath together? Light some candles to set the mood, and add your favourite bubble bath soak. 

If you’re a lover of bath bombs, then it’s definitely worth checking out LUSH’s fantastic bath bomb selection. For a calming option, the Twilight Bath Bomb might be the one for you. If you’re looking for a more sensual option, try the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb or the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb which will leave you with beautiful rose petals in your tub. Alternatively, for something fun, try the Black Rose Bath Bomb and for something refreshing, the Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Plan a Board Games Night

Friends playing a card game together.

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This one is an excellent option because it can be done just the two of you, or with your fellow couple friends. Grab your favourite board games, or ask each couple to bring one along, lay out your favourite snacks, and enjoy a night filled with fun and laughter. 

Some fantastic board games to play include: UNO, Jenga, Dobble, Exploding Kittens, Don’t Get Got, Obama Llama, Cards Against Humanity, The Big Taboo, Cranium, Herd Mentality, and Trivial Pursuit, to name a few.  

Host a Cocktail/Mocktail Making Night

Two women carrying martini glasses with margarita cocktails.

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This one is another great one to do with your fellow couple friends if you fancy it. Have everyone choose their favourite cocktail, stock up on all the necessary ingredients and get mixing. If you’re after the most affordable way to create your most-loved cocktail without wasting money, be sure to check out our super handy article on The Cheapest Cocktails to Make

If you don’t drink alcohol or you’re designated driver for the night, then check out the following mocktail recipes so you don’t have to miss out on all the fun: Mojito Mocktail, Alcohol-free Passion Fruit Martini, Virgin Piňa Colada, Negroni Mocktail, Blue Lagoon Mocktail, and Virgin Cosmopolitan

Put on a Silent Disco

A couple dancing happily together with their hips touching.

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Don’t let irritable neighbours stop you from having a dance party. Grab your headphones, a dance partner, create or choose a playlist just right for you, and set up Spotify remote group session. To do this:

  1. First, use one of your phones to load up the Spotify app. 
  2. Find your preferred playlist and hit play. 
  3. Click to view the song. 
  4. Then, click the button that says ‘[Your Name’s] Airpods’ which is typically located in the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  5. Click the ‘Start a remote group session’ option. 
  6. Click ‘invite friends’ - you can invite up to 7 people so why not get your friends involved too? 
  7. Then copy your link and send it to your partner. 
  8. Your partner should then receive a link to join your remote group session. 
  9. Dance the night away!

Screen shots of the Spotify app showing how to create a remote session.

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This way, you’ll be able to have your volume as loud as you like, without worrying about annoying your neighbours. To make your disco night even better, get dressed up, have a few fun drinks, and put some disco lights on your tv using YouTube to help get you in the mood. Some good options include 10 Hours of Disco Lights [FLASHING], or Euphoria Inspired Mood Lights.  

Get Creative with an Art Night

A couple using modelling clay together.

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You don’t have to be a talented artist to get creative with your nearest and dearest. Whether you book to paint some pottery at a pottery painting studio, or you’d prefer to do it from the comfort of your own home, it’s such a fun activity to do together. From at-home sculpt pottery-making kits and candle painting, to decorating glasses, and more, there are so many options you can choose from. All you’ll need is a few paint colours, some paintbrushes and each other. Check out Pinterest or TikTok for some inspiration, and get creative!  

Indulge in your Favourite Takeaway

A table spread with assorted Indian dishes such as pilau rice, naan bread, and pakora.

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If you fancy a night in, then a takeaway is simply a must, but don’t let high prices get you down - make sure you know How to Save on Takeaway Food first. 

With apps like Just Eat and Deliveroo, ensure that your takeaway night is stress-free by ordering without having to leave your sofa, and with no more than a click of a button. From your classic McDonald’s, KFC, or Burger King, to something with more diverse flavours like a Chinese, Indian or Greek takeaway, the sky is the limit. 

If pizza is your weakness, from Dominoes and Papa Johns to Pizza Express and Pizza Hut, then check out our handy advice on how you can Get Takeaway Pizza for a Slice of the Cost

Alternatively, if you can’t stop dreaming about a dish from one of your local favourite restaurants, chances are you might just be able to order that too! 

Supermarket Gift Challenge

Supermarket shopping trolley inside supermarket.

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If you fancy getting out of the house with your partner, but you’re not looking for something super energetic and social, then the supermarket gift challenge might be the right idea for you. As seen on Nelly London’s Instagram, this challenge involves taking a trip to your local supermarket with your partner to test your knowledge of each other. The aim of the game is to purchase one item for each of the following categories:  

  1. Something from the seasonal aisle
  2. Something in their favourite colour
  3. Their favourite drink
  4. Something beginning with the first letter of their name
  5. Something for you to do together
  6. Their favourite snack
  7. A random gift
  8. Something that reminds you of them

You can add more categories to change things up each time you play the game. 

Once you’ve purchased your items, head back home and then present each other with your item for each category. In the end, you’ll both end up with a little bundle of some of your favourite bits and pieces and maybe a few random items that might make you giggle. 

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