Tips for Saving Money on Video Streaming Services

Streaming platforms provide a valuable service, but they can quickly add up to a big monthly bill. So we've got you covered with some of the best ways to save.

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In the era of digital media, streaming services have replaced traditional satellite and cable television. Providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ offer diverse content at the touch of a button. While these platforms provide valuable services, they can add up to a significant monthly cost. This article provides helpful tips if you’re looking for ways to save money.

Top Ways To Save on Streaming Services


Companies such as Apple TV and NOW TV offer their services in bundles which leads to saving versus individual pricing, provided you plan on using all products included in the bundle. For example, Apple has Apple One, which includes Music, TV+ and Arcade, so it’s great for Apple device users who use these apps individually.

Family Plans

Multiple people in your household who watch simultaneously? Some streaming sites offer family plans where you can save compared to multiple individual plans. 

Share with Friends & Family

Sharing is a rather grey area, some services are okay with it, and some make it difficult on purpose. But it’s almost tradition to share your account nowadays, and it saves family and friends money at no extra cost.  

Student Deals

Students get great benefits with most brands, and streaming services aren’t different, sites like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV offer up to 50% off and free student trials. 

Make Use of Free Trials

Although there aren’t as many free trial deals as there once were, services such as Amazon Prime offer a whopping 6-month free trial for students and 30 days for everyone else. Apple TV provides 7 days free or up to 3 months, depending on student status or new devices. 

Phone Contracts

In the market for a new phone or an upgrade? EE and O2 offer inclusive extras and discounted add-ons with streaming services. If your new device is an Apple iPhone, you qualify for the 3 months free trial to Apple TV when you register the device. 

Rotate Your Subscriptions

The beauty of streaming services is you can cancel anytime. Sign up for a monthly subscription, watch what you want, then cancel and switch to a competitor to see what they offer. No point paying for streaming services that you aren’t currently using! 

How to Save with Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading video streaming providers in the world that started as a to-the-door video rental service. It offers a myriad of movies, TV shows, documentaries and originals.

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Standard Plan with Ads - £4.99
Basic plan - one device £6.99/month
Standard plan - HD, 2 devices at the same time, £10.99
Premium - Ultra HD, 4 devices at a time £15.99
Inclusive Extra with select EE plans

Nowadays, Netflix offers little in the way of saving money. They no longer offer free trials and have become more strict on account sharing. They also do not provide annual plans to save on long-term subscriptions. What it does offer is a good selection of different plans. The cheapest is the standard plan with ads which is just £4.99 a month and can be used on one screen at a time. Great for people who may live alone and want a cheap streaming service. The basic plan is ad-free but costs £6.99 and is only 720p quality which is the lowest quality plan despite not being the most affordable. The regular standard plan is £10.99, but you can watch it simultaneously on two devices, which is a small saving of £2.99 compared to the basic plan. Finally, there is the premium, which has 4K, and you can watch on four screens simultaneously, which is better suited to families. Netflix is also an inclusive extra with select EE plans, so if you want an upgrade, consider EE to save £10.99/month.

How to Save with Disney+

Disney+ has gained significant traction since it launched in 2020. Offering a vast collection of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel shows, it is a must-have service for many families. Disney+ also offers many networks, such as Fox, Star and National Geographic.  

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Plan - £7.99/month
Annual Disney+ plan - £79.90 for a year (12 for a price of 10)
Can share on four devices simultaneously

When it comes to value for money, Disney+ is high on the list. Sadly Disney no longer offers a free trial. But, for only £7.99/month, you get access to loads of content under the Disney umbrella and the ability to share it with family members with up to seven profiles which can be watched on four devices simultaneously, which beats Netflix by a long shot. If you are sure you’ll watch it all year round, you can buy an annual subscription which for £79.90 is 12 months for the price of 10. 

Are you considering upgrading your phone? With O2, you can get 6 months of free Disney+ with select plans. If you’re not ready to upgrade, you can add Disney+ as an extra for just £5.99/month, saving you £2/month.

How to Save with Apple TV

Launched in 2019, Apple TV is Apple’s answer to the growing streaming app market. With many new and original shows like Ted Lasso, Apple TV is quickly becoming a regular on many smart TVs.

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Microsoft Rewards can redeem Apple Gift Cards
Student offer
Apple One Bundle
Many free trials

Despite being an underdog in the list of big-name streaming services, Apple TV provides many ways to save. You can get a free 7-day trial on subscriptions to try before you buy, so you can binge that show you’ve been dying to see and then cancel. But that’s not all. If you buy a new Apple device from the Apple store or qualifying retailers, you get a whopping 3 months free, or if you’re a fan of games and music, you can also get 1 month free with Apple One plans. 

Apple One is a bundle of iCloud storage, Apple TV, Music and Arcade for £16.95, so if you own an Apple device and already have one or two of the above, Apple One may save you £7/month versus individual subscriptions.

Are you a student and a fan of streaming services? Apple TV offers a student discount, Apple TV with 1 month of free streaming for £5.99/month. Finally, for all you gamers and Bing users, Microsoft Rewards allows you to earn reward points for Xbox store purchases and Bing searches, which you can redeem for Apple gift cards and use for Apple TV or Music.

How to Save with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video launched in 2014 as a welcome addition to the already famous Amazon Prime subscription from 2007. It added Amazon’s streaming service, packed with original content and renowned shows and movies for no extra cost.  

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£95 annual plan
£4.49/month for students
£47.49 per year for students
Free Delivery
Free eBooks
Free Music
Free Cloud Storage

Amazon Prime is a bundle of handy and great value extras. For just £8.99/month or £95/year, you can access unlimited Prime delivery, cloud storage, Amazon Books, Amazon Music Prime, Prime Gaming and Prime Video. It’s a massive bundle for a price that is competitive with other services. Unlike other brands, if you’re not using the Prime Video service lately, you still have access to free delivery and the rest, so you’re always getting value for your money.

If you’re a student, you can receive all the above for almost half price, just £4.49/month or £47.49/year. Plus, you get a considerable 6-month free, so if you intend on keeping the subscription, it works out at around £24 for your first year. Hard to say no.

How to Save with NOW TV

NOW TV is Sky’s response to the growing popularity of streaming services. Launched in 2012, it provides the most popular Sky channels for a fraction of the cost of an entire Sky contract. 

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Entertainment pass £9.99/per month.
Cinema pass £9.99/month.
Entertainment and Cinema bundle £12/month for 6 months
Regular discounts

If you are a Sky TV owner, then NOW TV may be your choice. Most Sky plans come with an 18-month initial contract and cost around £30 a month, which is hefty considering most channels aren’t watched. For just £9.99/month, you get the best Sky channels, such as One, Atlantic and Comedy, without all the bloat and for a fraction of the cost. You can also subscribe to the cinema pass for £9.99 to get access to Sky movies or bundle both for £12/month for the first 6 months.

The beauty of NOW TV is there is no fixed contract, unlike Sky. You can enjoy the best Sky channels and cancel anytime. Also, as a tip, sometimes, if you say you’re going to cancel your subscription, NOW TV will often offer you a discount, such as 3 months for £3, so you may be able to play the system a little.

While this article has provided you with ways to save on video streaming, we've got some helpful tips and tricks to save on music streaming services to cut your monthly bills even more.

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