How To Get Takeaway Pizza For A Slice Of The Cost

By Jordon Cox, published on May 23rd 2022

You should never be paying full price for a pizza!

Takeaway pizza is surprisingly expensive considering it can be as simple as just cheese & tomato sauce on dough. But sometimes, nothing can beat the convenience, having it freshly made and delivered to your house. That’s why in a survey conducted by Papa John’s - 49% of respondents say that they eat pizza at least once a week.

With all that pizza, there are also a lot of deals to go with it. In fact, it’s hard NOT to find some sort of discount on your pizza when ordering. So what are the best pizza vouchers to use? And what tips are there to cutting the cost? Here’s how to make sense of it all.

What Types Of Pizza Vouchers Can You Get?

At the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, you knead to know how to get your pizza for the cheapest price. Most of them are so easy, but can add up to a lot of money saved.There are plenty of different types of pizza vouchers and discounts that you can use. Some are obvious, and some other sneaky ways to cut back on the price, that perhaps you haven’t thought of.

Look For Discount Codes

Whether it’s Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut or any other takeaway place where you can order on its own website - you can find a LOT of deals.When ordering, head to the ‘deals’ tab and see what offers they have available. It can be tricky to figure out which is the best value, however - because there are so many options. At present, Dominos offer 25% off when you spend £20 or more, Papa John’s currently offers 50% off when you spend £30 or more, and Pizza Hut has a deal where you can get 3 medium pizzas, 1 side and a 1.5L drink all for £29.99!

Always Go large - Not Two Regular

If you’re ordering several pizzas for your family, and two people want a small pizza each… your pizza alarm bells should be ringing.Without diving too much into the boring maths side of it, quite often getting one large or extra large pizza, gets you more food than ordering two smaller sizes.For instance, at Domino’s you can get two small 9.5” pizzas for £32, or a large 13.5” pizza for £19.99 (which actually has a larger surface area and more pizza) - and it’s cheaper too.

If you wanted to do the maths yourself, you can work out the surface area of a pizza once you have the radius, and using the calculation πr2 (Pi times the radius squared). Or just take my word for it - and order a large instead of two smalls - it’s most likely the best value!

Order Through Deliveroo/Just Eat

A lot of pizza chains don’t just sell through its website, you can find them on Just Eat and Deliveroo too. This is where you can start stacking deals. At Deliveroo, you can find offers such as 25% off when you spend £10 at Prezzo, two medium pizzas from Papa Johns for £26.99 (you save 31% off) and three large pizzas from Pizza Hut for only £32.99 (you save 35% off). Just Eat offers deals with Dominos such as small pizzas for £8 (you save £7.99), medium pizzas for £10 (you save £7.99), and large pizzas for £12 (you save £7.99).

You can use these to save money on your pizza, and the beauty of it is that a lot of the deals and special offers you find on the website will also be available on delivery websites. So keep a beady eye out for Deliveroo, Just Eat and even Uber Eats codes - as you may be able to stack your way to a bargain.

Get Access To Meerkat Meals

If you’ve never heard of Meerkat Meals, it’s a scheme run by Compare The Market that gets you 2-for-1 meals (or 50% off) at restaurants around the country.This also includes pizza delivery places such as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, where for 7 days a week you can get 50% off your orders.

To get the deal, you’ll need to buy insurance through Compare The Market and you’ll receive a code that gets you access.
It’s one to remember each time you go to order pizza, as 50% off is usually the strongest discount you can find.
If you’re a member of Tastecard, Gourmet Society or similar restaurant savings cards - you can get 50% off with them too.

Sign Up To Pizza Reward Schemes

If you regularly order pizza from the same chain - it’s a good idea to sign up the the reward schemes they offer.Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are the best ones, where you can earn either ‘Slices’ or ‘Papa’s Reward points’ to redeem for free food.
They’re all free to join up to, and automatically update your account with points when you order through its website.
If you have a large family or make a bulk order, you can easily earn a free side on just one order first purchase.

Both schemes need around £100 spent to get a free large pizza. So the next time the office is bulk ordering food in for your colleagues - try and log into your rewards accounts! Much like pizza toppings, there are 100s of different deals that can be used to get money off your takeaway pizza. Whether you’re in favour of pineapple on pizza, or not, now you have the knowledge to pay the yeast amount of money with these pizza vouchers and deals.

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