Nike Sustainability Information

Is Nike sustainable?

Nike has been taking a number of steps and introducing several initiatives to Move To Zero. From changing their materials and processes, to creating new initiatives to work using a circular model.

For more information about what sustainable fashion is, have a read through our Sustainability Information page.

What is Circular Fashion?

What sustainable materials does Nike use in their products?

A number of recycled and sustainable materials can be found in a lot of Nike products. If you come across items marked with ‘Sustainable Materials’, it means that the product is made using at least 20% recycled materials by weight. But what are these sustainable materials?

Their recycled materials consist of: recycled rubber, recycled PET (a type of recycled plastic), recycled polyester, recycled plastic bottles plus many more.

They also use sustainably sourced natural materials like organic cotton, natural rubber, and animal-friendly vegan leather.

Are Nike zero carbon and zero waste?

Nike is moving toward being zero carbon and zero waste and its commitments include:

1. Powering “... owned-and operated facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025.”

2. Reducing “... carbon emissions across its global supply chain by 30% by 2030.”

3. Diverting “... 99% of all footwear manufacturing waste from landfills.”

4. Diverting “... more than 1 billion plastic bottles per year from landfills to create yarns for new jerseys and uppers for Flyknit shoes.”

5. And the “... Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind programmes convert waste into new products, playgrounds, running tracks and courts.”

What is Nike Refurbished?

Nike Refurbished is a great way to give preloved or faulty shoes a new lease of life. They will take new, gently worn, and slightly imperfect shoes, clean them and fix them up, and then sell them at a reduced cost.

First of all, Nike experts inspect the shoes that can’t be sold ‘as new’. This includes items that have been returned, exchanges and shoes that have some kind of imperfection. Then a grade will be applied, from new or gently worn to cosmetically flawed.

From there, these shoes will be carefully cleaned by hand and refurbished. Once they are ready, they will then be sold at selected stores at a reduced price.

So if you’re looking to find some Nike shoes for a discounted price or you wonder what happened to that pair of shoes you returned because of a slight fault, Nike Refurbish is the answer.

Can I recycle my Nike shoes?

Shoes can only last so long and nine times out of ten, when they die, they end up spending their days at a landfill somewhere. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Nike has begun their Recycling + Donation programme to limit the waste that comes from Nike shoes.

It’s super simple to get on board with this - just drop your preloved shoes and apparel off at a participating Nike store, and then the Nike experts take a look and determine whether the items are suitable to be recycled or donated. From there, they are then either cleaned and donated or sent away to be recycled.

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