7 Best Fitness Apps & Trackers For Your Health Goals

The best fitness apps & trackers to achieve your health goals on a budget.

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With so many fitness apps and trackers, the tech industry is changing our approach to health goals. 

Did you know 42% of respondents in a survey felt so overwhelmed by fitness they chose not to exercise at all? When we turn to social media, there are lots of gym membership adverts and expensive yoga classes. 

Good fitness apps & trackers can have a positive effect on our health. You might feel more motivated and confident in your fitness routine. This can activate the reward system in the brain. It can also contribute to better cardio health and even reduce stress...

I’ve done the research for you and taken a look at the best free workout apps and trackers on the market. I’ll take you through my favourite fitness apps and trackers that won't break the bank. 

Free Fitness Apps


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Who else would like to start running more? 4 in 10 adults from a recent survey believe their running has increased since the pandemic. Free apps like Strava are a fantastic way to track your running progress. You can also map your routes and celebrate your wins with friends and family. 

The app has a tracking feature for your run, cycle, or hike. You can also share your stats like you would on any social media or join running groups to motivate you. Strava is free to download although there are premium options available. 

You might not be able to track every single activity but they do have a comprehensive list. Sign up for their 60-day free trial of the premium version to save money. You'll get advanced analysis and suggested running routes.

Nike Training Club

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About 0.5 billion was the number recorded of Nike Training Club workout sessions in 2021. Nike Training Club is completely free to download. You can use training programs and home or gym workouts with the app. 

This app has free workout videos with Nike trainers for each exercise. The majority of these workouts you can do with little gym equipment. There are also free nutritional and health articles to guide your fitness journey. 

You will only be able to access one workout program at each time. If you are new to fitness, this might work better for you. If you want to look the part too, check out our Nike discount codes.

Strong App

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38% of Brits will decide not to go to the gym with the top reasons being from awkwardness or embarrassment. The Strong App is a free app designed to keep the gym simple. It aims to help you exercise with confidence and track your gym progress. 

Gone is the awkward search for a pen and pad to record your progress. You can track your gym lifts and exercises with Strong App. You’ll also be able to see exercise examples and details. You can download the Strong app for free although there is a premium Strong version too. 

I have used this app for over 4 years and have found it brilliant for tracking my gym progress and personal bests. If you’re new to the gym, the exercise details can be a great help. You only get 4 saved workout sheets. You can also pay £4.99 or start a free trial for Strong PRO for more workout templates.

NHS Couch to 5K

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Almost 2 hours is the amount of time Brits spend more on average a day watching TV than on exercising. The free NHS app Couch to 5K is designed to help get people moving again and away from the settee and TV. This could help give greater health benefits as well. 

Couch to 5K gives you a choice of trainers, advice for running, tracking, and a countdown timer. You’ll be able to choose your programme, with schedules for as little as 9 weeks. 

This app is designed to gently ease you into movement - so don’t worry about doing half marathons yet! Small steps are one of the best ways to help form a habit:

Small habits don’t add up. They compound. That’s the power of atomic habits. Tiny changes. Remarkable results.

James Clear, Atomic Habits.

This is a starting point for running, so it might be best to look for an intermediate app when you finish 'Couch to 5K'.

Remarkable Fitness Trackers

Fitness Inspire 2

A pink Fitbit Inspire 2 on a pink background with a fitness app on a mobile.

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Who else wants to gain more motivation for fitness? 26% of recent respondents use a Fitbit tracker to track their health. A Fitbit is one of the more popular fitness trackers on the market and doesn’t have to be expensive. I’d recommend looking into older Fitbit models if you are looking to save money and only track steps. 

You can set your goal for steps, count your daily steps, track your sleep, and check your heart rate. You also get 10 hours of battery before you need to charge your watch again. This was the best tracker for me and wear mine almost every day. 

When you get your Fitbit, you will qualify for a year-free trial of the premium Fitbit app. I have found this insightful for tracking progress but not completely needed. Whilst there is a water mode, some users have reported blank screens when swimming or in the shower.

Apple Watch - Previous Generation

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When you think of modern technology, is there one brand you think of? For most of us, that is Apple. More than 100 million people owned an Apple watch by 2020 alone, according to Statistica. Best known for its contemporary design, big display screen, and fast processor. 

You can track your steps and health stats, check your heart rate, track your sleep, and use Siri. It works best with an Apple iPhone. You can then also send and receive texts, share photos, find your iPhone, and listen to music from Apple Music. 

An Apple watch might be a more expensive investment in your fitness than other watches on the market. But, you can always shop refurbished or older models to save on your fitness tracker. Check our discount codes from John Lewis, Currys, or Argos to shop Apple products for less.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

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Looking for a smartwatch that has a strong battery? The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 boasts 21 days of battery life. It is one of the more popular options for fitness trackers, competing with Fitbit and Apple. 

Prices are also set in the mid-range, approximately £60 on Amazon. This fitness tracker detects your workouts automatically. It also calculates steps and gives you a sleep score. Whether you’re working out or swimming, you can wear your Galaxy Fitbit 2. 

A Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 works best with Samsung phones. You’ll be able to check notifications and control your music. There are no GPS systems attached to this watch. Some reviewers suggest variable tracking for heart rates. But, as basic watches go, it seems like a good starting tracker.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active

Promotional image of a Xiaomi smart band active 8

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If you're looking for a budget smart watch to help track your fitness, then the Xiaomi Smart Band Active 8 may be for you. The active 8 comes in at the low price of £19.99 but still maintains the basic functionality of its more expensive competitors. 

The active 8 allows you to track up to 50 different types of sports for more accurate tracking, meaning you'll have the best stats no matter your fitness regime of choice. Standard health and fitness barometers like sleep, heart rate and Sp02 can also be tracked. 

Perhaps the most exciting function of the active 8 is the ability to swap the watch strap for a clip which allows the device to be attached to your shoes for more accurate running data. No need to worry about the device getting wet whilst its down there either as its waterproof up to 5ATM. Couple all this with its 14-day battery life, you're guaranteed some bang for your buck. 

 Will an app or tracker increase my fitness levels? 

Most of us know a fitness tracker or app can be good for motivation levels. They can help you to set goals, keep track of progress, and check your daily fitness. You can also improve physical fitness and mental fatigue, according to recent studies.

This research suggests that a fitness tracker or app works best for goals placed for up to 6 months. When paired with positive encouragement, this can be better for fitness habits (UCLA).

Before you buy a tracker, there are some considerations. More than 10% of people admit to putting a fitness tracker on their pets to increase their steps, according to TCS. Now, whilst it’s admirable to want to achieve your goals, we’d use a word of caution against focusing too much on numbers. 

As well as these studies, I have found fitness apps and trackers to be great for fitness motivation. When tracking my steps or gym workouts, a fitness tracker has been helpful. I can see my progress and work towards new goals too. 

Visit the free fitness apps listed above. Or shop fitness trackers with one of our Technology & Electrical discount codes.

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