Does the Beauty Drop from Liberty Beauty Save Money?

With beauty subscription boxes growing in popularity, we take a look at the Beauty Drop for Liberty.

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As a beauty writer and enthusiast, I’ve tried a ton of beauty boxes over the last few years. My mission has always been to find the best beauty products on a budget. And beauty boxes are often the best way to try and test as they usually include a few sample-size products. 

I'm assuming you're a fellow product junkie as you have found yourself here! You will know how rare it is to find a product you love enough to hit pan. So is the Liberty Beauty Drop going to give you your latest favourite product? But more importantly, can it save you money? 

I tried the Liberty Beauty drop for a year, read on to find out if it's not just worth the money but if it can save you money. 

What is a beauty box?

  • Usually a subscription service, boxes are sent to you automatically at a frequency of your choice like monthly, bi-monthly or every 3 months. You can also buy one-off boxes from particular retailers like LOOKFANTASTIC
  • Most boxes contain a combination of trial and full-size products to try. 
  • Typically, boxes advertise savings of up to 50% based on comparisons between the price of the beauty box and the retail price of the products inside

How is the Beauty Drop from Liberty different?

Although you are required to deposit the £20 monthly that you have to spend at Liberty, the Beauty Drop is the only subscription service that gives an entire box of complementary products four times a year, which are worth £300. So you get to use your deposit money on any products you like at Liberty AND receive your goodies at no additional cost. Think of the boxes as a thank you for spending your money at Liberty! 

How does the Beauty Drop work?

I’ve been a Beauty Drop member for 12 months now. It’s a simple scheme, here’s how it works. 

  • Sign up for The Beauty Drop with your details.
  • Deposit £20 per month into your Liberty Collective account. This is 100% redeemable credit. You can save up this credit and allow it to accumulate for as long as you like. 
  • You can spend this credit on any products in the beauty department at Liberty, both online or in-store at any time. 
  • Members can enjoy free delivery on all beauty orders. 
  • Liberty will send you a free beauty box (The Beauty Drop) quarterly. Products are selected by the team of experts at Liberty. 
  • In addition, get early access to new products and promotions from Liberty Beauty. 

What can I expect in my Beauty Drop box?

An open beauty drop box with products displayed inside.

(Image credit: Sarah-Jane Outten)

Since becoming a member I’ve received 4 boxes. In general, each box contained 2 to 3 full-size products along with 3 to 4 sample-size products. A handy guide is also included that tells you all about the products you have received and advice on how to use them for the best results. 

Some of my favourite products have included Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic from Ren, a Jasmine-scented SpaceMask from SpaceMasks and hand cream from L: A Brunket

What are the downsides?

After a years membership, I can only see two downsides.

£20 doesn’t buy you very much at Liberty. The high-end products are costly, if you normally spend £20 a month at a cheaper shop like Superdrug or Boots you may not want to spend £20 on one eyeshadow at Liberty. Of course, you can save up your deposit each month, in 6 months' time you will have £120 to spend at Liberty. 

Secondly, the 4 boxes of complimentary goodies are samples and full sizes of the brands that Liberty stocks. So if you want to repurchase or buy a full size, expect to pay for the premium prices. 

I’ve found the samples great fun, but at times frustrating. For example, I received a fragrance sample of Acampora Bruno Eau de Parfum in my latest Beauty Drop box. I loved the fragrance and would love to purchase it, however, the cost is a whopping £220 for a 100ml bottle. If I want to buy this with my Liberty credit, it would take me 11 months to save enough credit, unless I want to pay for it outright. 

As long as you keep in mind what you will be able to purchase with the credit you accumulate the Beauty Drop is a win-win beauty box and scheme. 

So, does this Beauty Box save money?

Unlike other beauty boxes that you might buy on a monthly basis, you aren’t buying a box of products that work out at least 50% cheaper for example. The box that you receive is part of a scheme that ensures you spend money regularly at Liberty. And for that, you are rewarded with free delivery and 4 boxes of complimentary goodies each year.

Even though Beauty Drop is a fantastic scheme, it won’t save you money. 

Sarah-Jane Outten

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