London Fashion Week Voucher Codes 2020

Every new season brings new styles and if you want to keep up with what's hot right now then you need to cast an eye on our London Fashion Week Voucher Codes for 2020. You'll find fantastic deals from the likes of asos, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, New Look, Pretty Little Thing and much more.

London Fashion Week Discount Codes, Offers & Deals

London Fashion Week February 2020

London Fashion Week 2020 runs from the 14-18th of February. Tickets are still available at If you can't make it in person, be sure to catch the live stream and all the highlights. The return of London Fashion Week sees an array of women’s catwalk shows put on by the biggest names in the fashion world. The glitterati will flock to London to catch the scoop on the next big fashion statement pieces. For aspiring designers, seasoned pros and the rest, their shows' success or failure depend upon the relationships forged with influential magazine editors, fashion writers and bloggers. If you don’t have a strong FROW (front row) packed with influential celebrities, models and pop stars a show may fall flat(s), get it! There were some fabulous FROWs last year causing a tizz in gossip mags and tabloids, how about the power packed Burberry 2020 FROW of Naomi Campbell and Penelope Cruz?

How do designers attract such big celebrities to their shows then? Well, basically a little begging, occasionally some cold hard cash and cross promotion ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours dahling – watch the nails!’. At we’re not above a little begging, maybe even some borrowing (but never stealing, of course), that’s why on this page we’ll give you some of our best tips to achieving that catwalk look on a tight budget.

To many Fashion Week may seem a superficial sideshow, but if you are fashion forward, you’ll need to be there or at least be aware of what the latest trends and looks are for the next season.

There are some highly recognisable names at this season’s Fashion Week; catch Burberry on Friday 16th at 9am, Topshop on Sunday 19th February – at 4.15, whilst you can keep up with American trends with Tommy Hilfiger on Tuesday 19th. For full details of show start times, locations and much more visit the London Fashion Week Website.

There are various show locations for this London Fashion Week. Locations include the BFC Show Space, The Store Studios, BFC Designer Showrooms, WC2, NW1 and a few secret undisclosed locations, be sure to thoroughly check your invitation, should you be lucky enough to secure one.

We can only imagine what other trends designers will show off this year. Spring/Summer 2017 bought hot new looks like asymmetrical patterns (looks set to continue), layers, frills, ruffles, statement sleeves, swishy fabrics, 80s comeback (again this looks to be an enduring fashion). Also popular were bralettes, seen widely at summer festivals, kitten heels and of course sportswear. Check in with Vouge for the full list of popular summer 2017 looks.

Wear Last Year’s Looks for Less


Go down to the local charity shop for your 80s looks, the bonus with retro comeback fashion is you can find quality pieces for less or even raid your parents or relatives wardrobes. If you lived through the 80s as a fashioniasta you might even have a few pieces which are once again the height of fashion.

Fashion Week comes just in time for the new season fashion collections. See if you can get inspired by what’s on show from the world most renowned designers. When you have an idea or two, look closely at our promotions, and visit the stores. Fashion is cyclical and the ‘new’ trends cropping up on the catwalk may just be old favourites recycled or modernised for a new audience. With personal style what goes around always comes back around in one fashion or another. With that said use your creativity to mix and mash the old and the new, the quirky and the straitlaced. Take control of your look, we certainly think that is a better way than a thousand identikit drones.

Check out our fashion voucher codes, discount codes and deals to grab a saving on the latest fashion and trends from your favourite stores, including Asos, Missguided, Little mistress, Topshop and Burberry. Of course the best online and high street deals will take place soon after the end of Fashion Week, so make sure to bide your time until the big sales start rolling round!