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Best Hangover Tips & Cures

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With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we’ve decided to give you this handy guide on the best hangover tips & cures. We’ve all been through the painful morning-after, having too much to drink the previous night. During the festive season, that’s essentially every other day for most people. Some of the most common side effects are fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. The first thing to remember is however, there’s no magic trick to hangovers! Some of the tips we’re about to give you may relieve your symptoms, however ultimately the best solution to painful hangovers is simply not to drink too much alcohol.  Before trying any of these, we advise you to contact your doctor and do your research to ensure they’re safe for you.

How to avoid feeling hungover?

Some of the best hangover tips are to watch your alcohol consumption, drink plenty of water (no fizzy drinks), and have some snacks between the drinks. Another practical advice is to limit the amount of dark-coloured drinks such as brandy, bourbon, darker beer, and red wine, which are known to irritate blood vessels and can make your hangover worse.

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✔️ Eat carbs before you start drinking

Foods, which have a lot of carbohydrates, such as pasta or rice, are known to slow down the pace of your body’s alcohol absorption. Generally, eating before you drink is a must. Drinking might lower your blood sugar levels, which could result in headaches and fatigue on the next day. That’s why it’s recommended you have something to eat while consuming alcohol. Also, it’s best to avoid greasy food.

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✔️ Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated while drinking alcohol is one of the most important rules to keep in mind if you’re trying to avoid waking up hungover. Dehydration can result in dizziness, thrust, and headaches when you get up the next morning. Another essential rule is to have a glass of water with every glass of alcohol you consume. Drink plenty of water on the next day as well to relieve your hangover symptoms. Stay away from caffeine no matter how much you think you need it!

✔️ Get a good night sleep

It’s known that consuming alcohol can disrupt the quality of your sleep. This in turn leads to worse hangover symptoms. That’s why it’s important to try to get a good night’s sleep, which could also help you with your fatigue, irritability, and headaches. Before you go to bed drink a pint of water and leave one on your bedside table if you wake up during the night.

✔️ Start your day with a healthy breakfast

One of the most well-known remedies for a hangover is eating a hearty breakfast. As mentioned earlier, drinking alcohol could lower your blood sugar levels, which could in turn make you feel tired and dizzy. That’s why it’s crucial to get a healthy breakfast, rich in vitamins and minerals.

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✔️ Take a hot bath or shower

After you have enough food in your system, head to the bathroom for a hot both, or shower. This will help your body get rid of the toxins and fasten the alcohol elimination process. The hot tub will not only help you relax, but it will also stimulate your blood circulation. Don’t stay more than 20 min and make sure to drink plenty of water if you decide to go for a bath as the heath may dehydrate you even further.

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✔️ Get some fresh air or exercise

We know this is probably the last thing on your mind after a fun (and probably rough) night of drinking, but it can help you relieve the side effects of drinking too much alcohol. Doing some light exercise such as going out for a walk can speed up your metabolism and help your body get rid of the toxins a bit faster. If going out looks like a tremendous effort for you in the morning, sitting on your balcony or garden even for a little while can do wonders for the way you feel. 

✔️ Vitamins & minerals

If you can avoid taking painkillers, do so! Instead, opt-in for meals rich in vitamin B and zinc. Alternatively, enjoy a cup of hot herbal or sweet fruity tea. Alternatively, you can have a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon inside. It will definitely make you feel refreshed! Another trick is to have a bouillon soup (a vegetable soup such as miso soups are good), which is also a very good source of vitamins.

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What not to do when hungover?

 We have bad news for you… You’ve probably heard it many times before, but let’s make it clear – “hair of the dog”, i.e. drinking more alcohol in the morning after, doesn’t help! You can make your condition worse or simply delay the inevitable side effects of drinking too much alcohol. In fact, it’s advisable not to drink anything within the next 48 hours and give your body time to recover.

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