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How to Keep Cool this Summer


If you’re not one of those people that can glide gracefully through the heat with barely a bead of sweat glistening on your perma-tanned forehead, summer can be tough. While everyone else is slapping on the factor 5 and spreading out towels, we’re sprinting for the nearest patch of shade with all the water we can carry. But it doesn’t have to be that way my pasty friends, in this post we take a look at the best ways to stay cool all summer long.

Keep the Breeze blowing

Fans are a great starting point when it comes keeping your cool as the house becomes a hotbox in the summer. And the best thing about these tried and tested appliances is you can go with any budget you want. 

Like most things, you can pick up a cheap handheld fan on Amazon that lets you bring the breeze to every room in the house. These fans in miniature are a handy option but can only offer so much gust. If you’re happy to spend a bit more, a tower fan will have the strength and coverage to keep any room comfortable. However, if only the best will do, the range of high-tech Dyson fans will cool a room quicker than you can say ‘that doesn’t look like a fan’. These bladeless beauties don’t come cheap, but they deliver an intense ice blast that will put a chill in your bones and keep things feeling fresh all summer long.

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Mix Things Up

A blender might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start preparing for an impending heatwave, but have you ever complained about the heat when a tall, dark, and handsome waiter drops off a fresh fruit cocktail on holiday? Exactly, and so what if hubby is short, fair, and tubby, just sip something sweet and imagine the med glistening.

If all you want to do is blitz some fruit and juice into a tasty pulp, one of the fashionable ‘fitness blenders’ will do the trick. You can pick them up for anywhere between £20-£100 from the likes of Currys or Argos. You can even get a portable hand blender for all that blending you want to do on the bus?

If you want to treat yourself to something extra refreshing this summer, you’ll love a crushed ice cocktail. You can’t turn ice into snow with any old blender though. You will need a powerful motor and tough stainless-steel blades. This will cost a bit more, and you’ll need to go to dedicated appliance or kitchen sites, but the concoctions you’ll create are worth it.

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Work with Water

Do you remember that plastic shell paddling pool? The thing with the uncomfortable ridges and was slippery enough to make getting out a game of life and death. Those days are long gone, and your little darlings won’t experience the rush of feeling their legs go from under them in a foot of water. 

Now you can get proper paddling activity centres that will keep the children happy and cool throughout the summer. With a bit of shopping around, you’ll find a kid’s paddling pool complete with slides, waterfalls, and blasters for as little as £30. There are tons of options when it comes to picking out a pool and your only limited by your budget and available space. 

If a pool is too much for your garden, you can always invest in a garden sprinkler, or even a good old-fashioned water pistol. And there are plenty of ways use your hose pipe creatively to lower temperatures in the garden. Anything that will get everyone wet will do the trick.  Best of all, it’s an easy way of having some laughs with the family. 

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Get Your lounge On

While everyone’s splashing around, you can keep your hair dry and enjoy the garden without scorching. If you pick up new garden furniture, make sure you include a parasol. Most places offer bundles which make it cheaper to buy everything together anyway, and it is a sunburn saver in summer.

To turn the garden into your private oasis on a tight budget, The Range garden furniture selection covers everything from bistro style dinning to sun loungers. But be sure to take a good look around. There are always fantastic summer sales on and if you’re a bit flexible with your style, you can grab an incredible deal. 

If you’d like to keep you patch of green designer, places like Made.com and Heal’s make it their business to stock the most gorgeous rattan garden furniture around. Naturally, when you put the word designer in front the price goes up, but the craftsmanship, style, and quality will be at another level. 

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Cooling Hacks 

After the tough start to the summer we’ve all had, maybe you’re not able to shell out for fancy new equipment. Does that mean you should sweat out the summer? Not on our watch. Here’s a few handy tricks that’ll keep you cool this summer.

  • 1. Keep those curtains drawn. Okay, this one’s obvious, but what you might not know is the colour of your curtains can help you keep cool. Bright colours will reflect the most heat away from your home, and dark will soak it all up.
  • 2. Use your pulse points. These are areas on the body where an artery is compressed near the skins surface. Think neck, wrist, knees, and groin. Applying a cold compress to these areas will help cool the blood quickly. Running cold water on the wrists is particularly effective.
  • 3. Get strategic with windows and doors. Aim to create a cross breeze by opening windows at opposite ends of the house. Make sure you close doors to any rooms not in use to keep the air flowing where you want it.
  • 4. Ice the air. If you already own a fan, place a bowl of ice water in front of it to send super chilled air circulating.
  • 5. Electronic exclusion zones. Try to limit the use of electronics like TVs and games consoles. These generate a lot of heat and will raise the temperate of any room. And don’t forget to switch to energy efficient lightbulbs.
  • 6. Rest those feet. Have a bowl of cold water for your feet while you watch TV. It’s simple but effective, remember to keep a towel handy though.
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