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Singles Day Solo Treat Inspiration


Over here in the UK, we hear a lot of talk about Black Friday. But the biggest shopping day in the world is actually Singles Day. Originating in China, it’s a day for celebrating your bachelor status. So, we thought we’d give you a little inspiration for some solo treats to mark the occasion.

Taking place on the 11th of November, the four “1’s” in the date represent four singles. And while it started out as a day for single men, it’s now a day for everyone to celebrate. So, have a read, and get some inspiration on how you can treat yourself and dedicate a day to looking out for number one.

Be Your Own Better Half

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of boyfriends and girlfriends treating each other to delicious dinners, chocolates, flowers and soppy Facebook posts. So, why not get inspired? You don’t need a partner to show yourself a little love. Get in some fancy ingredients, tuck into some chocolates, and order yourself a marvellous meal. You deserve it after the year we’re having.

chocolate box

While a big part of Singles day is showing the world you don’t need anyone else, that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little solidarity with your friends. Send each other gifts, and show a little platonic love. Coronavirus is making life a little more complicated, but there’s nothing stopping you from jumping on a Zoom call.

While snuggling up on the couch with a Domino’s, Netflix and your better half might sound nice, going it alone can be even better. There’s no sharing and no disagreements on what to watch. You can bet that the largest shopping day of the year some stunning savings too, but we’ll get to that!

No Strings Attached

One advantage of living your best life in your own company, is that you aren’t tied down. We all have commitments, but there’s nothing stopping single folk from booking themselves in for some incredible life experiences.  It’s all down to you too, so there’s no comprising necessary!

man standing on hill under white sky at daytime

Whether you want to book yourself in for a day out when lockdowns are in the rear view mirror, or you want to get out there and see the world, you can go wild! Part of the fun of travelling is in the planning. And when you’re going solo, you’ve only got yourself to consider. Whether you fancy backpacking in the New Year, or you just want to get away for a couple weeks, Singles Day is the best time to start some holiday planning.

You don’t have to far, you can just stack your year with a few experiences closer to home. With musicals, gigs, theatre, historical landmarks and so much more available right here in the UK, you can fill your diary with some memory-making events. While 2020 hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of 2021.

Try Something a Little Different

Sometimes the days can feel a little same-y, especially with us spending a ton of time indoors this year. So, it’s a great time to start thinking differently and changing things up. Whether that’s a wardrobe update, a morning routine refresh, or you just want to bring those New Year’s resolutions forwards a month or two, Singles Day is a fantastic time to think about it.

person holding blue ceramic mug and white magazine

Fashion retailers tend to go big on Singles Day. So, whether you’re getting in those winter warmers, or you’re looking out for some off-season outlet savings, it’s a peak time for discounts. A new wardrobe can go a long way towards helping you feel like new, which is especially important after a particularly draining year.

Spice up your routine with new make-up, moisturisers and more, and wake up a little differently once in a while. Or You can get some fresh content in front of you, whether it’s a movie, a TV show or music. You can check out some new hobbies you’d like to try. It’s a great way to get out of a rut, and Singles Day will be bringing the price-drops. So, there’s no better time to start.

Treat Yourself to a Singles Day Discount

Date nights are expensive, and Valentine’s Day is so commercial anyway. But a big benefit of going it solo is the money you’ll save along the way. With those accumulated finances, you can afford to treat yourself with some of the big Singles Day discounts out there.


Whether you’ve had your eye on a new plaything for a while and you’ve finally found the excuse you need to splash out, or you just want to live a little and get some experiences under your belt, it’s the perfect time to shop around. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all the press, Singles Day is a dark horse for delightful discounts.

With beauty brands, tech retailers, fashion favourites and more getting in on the price dropping action, it’s worth keeping an eye out. So, you can take advantage of the savings you’ve made thanks to your independence with some delightful Singles day discounts.

Some retailers that tend to offer big savings on the day include Boohoo, ASOS and Dorothy Perkins for all your fashion needs. For those looking to hit the ground running with their new routines, Nike and Adidas have your sportswear sorted. Next are a cracking choice for style, whether it’s your wardrobe or your home you’re updating. And no Singles Day is complete with a marvellous meal, and Dominos can help you there.

Look Out for Number One on Singles Day

With 2020 being such a strange year, we’ve all been feeling a little cooped up. So, it’s good to take some time and treat yourself. Whether that’s locking in some post-lockdown plans, or just ordering a tasty meal from your favourite takeaway, it’s great for keeping spirits up.

So, even with Black Friday on its way, remember that there’s savings to be had leading up to it! Keep your eyes peeled here at MyVoucherCodes, and we’ll keep you posted on where to find the biggest deals and offers are.


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