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Smart Tech: The Best Products to Keep Your Home Safe


The powerful computers that sit in our pockets are capable of snapping quality photographs, playing all our media, and ordering a Greggs vegan sausage roll to the office. Think about that for a minute. For anyone that grew up playing Snake on the old Nokia’s, or further back, that’s incredible. Smart technology has changed the way we live our lives and its progressed way behind handy phones. There are loads of smart appliances that can take care of the simple things we take for granted so you’ll never have to waste a thought on them again. This is your guide to the best smart tech to keep your home safe and secure.

What is SMART tech?

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade, let’s look at what smart tech is. SMART stands for ‘Self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology’. This is technology that uses AI, machine learning, and data analysis to control and monitor devices to adapt to the user and provide a seamless experience.

What Appliances are SMART?

These days there are smart appliances that can take care of a massive range of tasks. That could be a smart TV that makes on point show recommendations, or singular devices for individual tasks, or a home hub that controls your home. This article will focus on the appliances that will make you home safer and more comfortable with a host of time, money, and hassle saving features.

SMART Tech Home Hubs

Before we get into the appliances, we need to discuss home hubs that can control all of your new devices. They turn your home SMART and allow you to regulate every aspect of your home with by uttering a command.

They’re known for being smart speakers that can play all your music and give assistance with anything from schedule reminders to reading out recipes, but most SMART devices can be connected and enable you to adjust every detail of your home. SMART homes are becoming the norm, and this will only develop further in the future.

Right now, it’s a choice between Amazon’s Alexa and Google Nest. In truth, there isn’t much difference between, and both will offer the kind of Smart features you’re looking for. Whichever you go for, and with minimal set up, you’ll be able to say, ‘Good Morning’ and your lights will come on, weather read out and your schedule relayed.

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SMART Lighting

Smart lighting puts the light switch in the palm of your hand with your bulbs accessible by apps. These allow you to turn them off and on, dim, or change colour from your phone. You can set up individual rooms and appliances to have complete control over your lighting. From an atmosphere point of view, this means you can have specific lighting levels for movie night, reading in bed, or late-night work.

The aesthetic options are a big selling point, but you’re here to find out how smart lighting will can make your home safer. With money lighting systems you can easily set up schedules for your lights to come on and off. That means if you’re on holiday, you can set you lights to come on in the evening without having to fiddle with those unfathomable plugs. If you get stuck and your going to be home later than expected, simply open the app and the street will think your in. It did the trick on Home Alone after all.

Philips Hue is the most popular smart lighting system because it has a plethora of options that will work for you. All your lights will be connected via the Hue Bridge, essentially a home hub that will control every smart bulb in your house, even the patio lights if you want.

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SMART Tech Heating

Smart heating is perhaps the most well known of the smart tech systems and it is fast becoming essential kit for a modern home. Like lights, these systems make it easy to control your heating with a few taps of an app.

Aside from being able to flick the heating on from your sofa and making things nice and toasty without having to pause the boxset, there are loads of advantages to smart heating. In the winter, they offer comprehensive control over your homes temperature to keep things comfortable. One you’ve got young children this is a godsend. You’ll never have to worry about their room being to hot or cold ever again.

One of the best features of smart heating hubs is their ability to monitor your boiler. They’ll work in the background to keep an eye on things and raise the alarm at the first sign of an issue. Rather than waiting for your boiler to die when it’s snowing outside, you can get small issues fixed before they become life threatening.

Essential your smart heating choices boil down to Hive thermostat or a Nest thermostat. They both do a similar job, but Nest will offer a few more features than Hive can deliver. These include a motion sensor that will detect when you are home to prevent you spending money on heating an empty home. Nest has the advantage, but it could come down to your boiler type; make sure you check compatibility before you make your decision.

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SMART Doorbell

Doorbells are so small it’s easy to forget about them, but in a time when online shopping has sent deliveries turbo, they’re getting more use than ever. A smart doorbell will let you check it’s a delivery before you go to the door.

That’s all a bit novelty though, and the real beauty of smart doorbells is in keeping you connected. They push a notification to your mobile to let you know when someone’s ringing your bell. You can then view live footage from your front door to keep an eye on things and 2-way communication means you can let the delivery driver know where to leave the package.

Some models are fitted with a motion sensor that will let you know if someone’s lurking in your garden when they shouldn’t be. You won’t need to go to the twitch the curtains and you can shout at kids in your garden while you’re sitting on the toilet.

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SMART Smoke and CO2 Detectors

Smart detectors are the are a superb way to make you your home safer. Traditional alarms let you know if there’s a fire in a particular room; Smart alarms will tell you if there’s a fire no matter where you are. This gives you more of a chance to react when you need to.

These ingenious devices will notify you of the fire or rise in CO2, offer useful advice instead of an ear-piercing screech. They can also have colour coded lights that represent the threat level to help keep you calm when it matters most.

There are superb options available that will protect your home and keep you updated including Nest Protect, SOMFY Protect, and Netatmo. All of them are worth a look to see which is right for you and provide the most piece of mind out there.

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SMART Security Cameras

Smart security cameras have taken CCTV to the next level to let you keep an eye on things from afar. Unlike traditional systems a Smart camera doesn’t need to be hooked up to recording equipment. Live footage can be viewed from your phone and stored directly on the camera.

These high-tech devices come packed with features that will make you feel even more secure. Night vision, motion sensors, sirens, and even facial recognition can come as part of your system to scare of any dodgy characters lurking in your garden.

When you’re looking to boost your home security, brands like Arlo, Google Nest, and EUFY offer top quality cameras that make home security simple. They all come with the futuristic features at a more affordable price than ever before.

Get Smart

On thing is for certain, SMART tech isn’t going anywhere. In fact, you can bet the devices are only going smarter, and new ways to make life easier will emerge. Whether you’re an early adopter or like to take things slow, Smart devices will find their way into your lives simply because they will become the standard. Homes will be built with these things included and they will simply become a normal part of everyday life. You might as well dive in and smarten up your life.

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