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Travel Insurance – All You Need To Know In 2020


Now that the travel restrictions are starting to ease, we’re all looking forward to booking our next holiday. Are you dreaming about spending a relaxing day on the gold-sands Greek beaches? Feeling excited about the possibility of enjoying delicious tapas in Spain? All this could soon become a reality…. However, just because the government has lifted the travel ban to some countries, it doesn’t mean the danger has passed. It’s crucial to stay date with the latest travel advice by the FCO as well as buy a reliable travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance & COVID-19

A lot of travel insurance providers are no longer offering cover to new customers due to extremely high demands. Most of the companies currently selling, will only cover your trip if it’s safe to travel. The country you’re travelling to must be within the list of exempt countries provided by FCO. It’s also very important to check the cancellation policy of your travel and insurance providers as these vary among brands. 

What’s Covered?

The majority of travel insurance providers are covering for emergency medical expenses and repatriation. If you’re abroad and develop COVID-19, you will be covered for any emergency needs, as long as you’ve declared pre-existing medical conditions.  Bear in mind however, that there’s usually a limit of the expenses you get with a more basic insurance.

What’s Not Covered?

Usually, your insurance won’t cover you for a holiday cancellation due to positive COVID-19 result or need to self-quarantine. Bookings cancellations are also dependent on your airline and accommodation providers and are generally not covered by the insurance policy. Also, if you arrive at your destination and you’re refused entry due to local lockdown restrictions. Nor could you claim if your destination enters lockdown while you’re there. If the FCO travel advise for your destination changes to “against all but essential travel”, you would not be covered.

Suggested Travel Protection Providers: GetGoing and Avanti 

Most Popular Types of Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance cover varies largely between providers. It could be based on the length of stay, the type of trips (holiday, gap year, volunteering, etc), destinations, pre-existing medical conditions, etc. Here are some of the most popular types: 

Single Trip Cover

Regardless of your travel plans – staycation, long adventure abroad or a city break; this cover is quick and easy to get for one-off trips, starting anytime in the next 12 months. 

Annual Multi Trip Cover

If you travel regularly then opting for an annual travel insurance could save you money. You can get individual or family policy and travel as many times per year you need . this way you won’t have to worry about buying travel covers for every trip. 

Cruise Cover

Many travel insurance companies offer special Cruise covers which also include missed port departures, cruise interruptions and cabin confinement. Get peace of mind while you’re at sea and enjoy the views without thinking about unexpected events. 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cover

Usually travel insurance covers claims in need of emergency medical treatment. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you can opt in for this specialised travel cover. You can customise it based on your individual needs. 

Long Stay Travel Insurance 

If you decide that life is too short and you head on an adventurous gap year around the world, volunteer in a developing nation or simply like to backpack across countries, this would be the best cover for you. A lot of travel providers also offer cover for adrenaline activities like bungee jumping, climbing mount Everest and parachute jumps under various Activity Travel Covers. 

Winter Sports

If you’re hoping to go on a ski holiday, it would be a good idea to opt in for a Winter Sports policy covering the popular snow activities – snowboarding and skiing, regardless of your destination. 

Suggested Travel Insurance Providers: Just Travel CoverDebenhams Travel Insurance, Alpha Travel Insurance


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