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Useful Gifts & Presents For New Parents & Babies


The beautiful news that you’re expecting is exciting. However, any parent will tell you how hard parenting can be at times. From the endless sleepless nights to midnight baby feeds, becoming a new parent isn’t easy! Lockdown has made parenting even more difficult, so how can close friends and family help? Check out these useful gifts & present ideas for new parents and babies – helping the whole family!

Gift Gender Neutral Clothing To Their Baby

Simple and straightforward, giving the gift of gender neutral baby clothing to parents of a newborn really is overlooked. So often are baby gifts based around the gender of the baby itself, but this often takes away from the core purpose and functionality behind the baby gift. 

Consider buying a few core baby clothing items in a gender-neutral colour such as white or beige. It’s classic and neutral colours can be mixed and matched with other styles. Get baby clothes shopping at My First Years and Alex and Alexa for the latest in baby style.

Organic Baby Clothing & Toys Are Soft And Safe

There’s nothing better than putting soft clothing onto a newborn. They wriggle and roll around with a huge smile on their face. Organic cotton baby clothing is the must-have present. It’s super-soft to touch and is very breathable on newborn babies skin.

Check out the baby clothing collections from Baby MORI. They stock baby clothing, toys & accessories all made from 100% organic cotton. 

Mothers Who Breastfeed Will Want A Breastfeeding Pump

Every new mother will understand the importance and usefulness of a breast pump, especially when it’s given to them as a gift from a close friend or loved one! Pumping is the best way to provide your newborn child with your breast milk, without putting them to the breast. Breast pumps help a nursing mother to store & pump breast milk in order for her baby to enjoy the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, even when the mother is not around.

There are lots of award-winning breast pump applicators on the market, so make sure you choose one to suit the mothers needs best. A good place to start shopping is Current Body – your #1 destination for all things health, beauty and well-being devices & technology.

Babies Sleep Better With A Cot Mobile

Every parent dreams of their newborn baby sleeping all the way through the night, undisturbed. The perfect gift to give and to help with this are cot mobiles. There are three basic designs of cot mobiles; they clip onto the side rails of your baby’s cot, they can dangle from the ceiling, or you can attach them to your baby’s stroller or car seat for when the baby is on-the-move with parents.

Discover our amazing selection of baby product discount offers for best in baby essentials. You can shop the trendiest of cot mobiles here at Mamas and Papas and JoJo Maman Bebe for the latest styles.

Baby Bags Are Functional & Practical

Baby bags for parents are a great gift to give to new parents as they’re functional. Gifting one that has a clear and simple design that’ll fit baby essentials into one organised space is key for new parents, especially for when they’re on the move with their newborn. 

Baby bags nowadays feature an easy-to-use changing pad that makes it convenient for busy parents. Insulated pockets keep babies food & drink cool whilst separated pockets allow for organised packing. Discover the cutest of baby bags at Mummy and Little Me for this season’s must-haves.


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