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Vehicle Information – What to do with your Car in 2020


When it comes to the day-to-day stuff, Coronavirus has left a lot of uncertainty. From shopping trips and working from home, to information on what to do with your vehicle, the simple stuff has become more complicated this year.

While some are heading back to the workplace, others are still working from home. Without the commute, some are wondering if they could be saving a few quid on their car. So, we thought we’d put together some thoughts on what the best course of action is for you. So, sit back and soak up a little information on what to do with your vehicle in 2020.

Car Tax or SORN

One of the perks of working from home is you’ll be saving yourself a few quid on petrol. While you’re working from home, paying for car tax when you aren’t commuting seems like a bad deal. 

If you’re certain you won’t need it, park in a private spot and register it as off-road. By registering for a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), you won’t have to pay for car tax. You’ll even get a rebate for the months of car tax you’ve paid for in advance.

Once you’ve done this, you won’t be able to drive the car on the road and you’ll need to keep it parked privately. To get back on the road, you’ll have to re-tax the vehicle, and then you can carry on driving as usual.

Another saving comes from the fact that if your car is off the road, you won’t have to pay car insurance. But remember that while you may not be driving to work, if you’ve got a staycation in store, or a drive somewhere, it may be worth hanging onto the car and keeping it on the road. And make sure your vehicle information is all correct, so you don’t end up in a spot of bother.

Get on Top of Those Essential Checks

In the current climate, MOT’s are more complicated. With priority for essential workers , and social distancing measures in place, it’ll be more difficult to book your car in.

Fortunately, you can stick to guidelines easily if the MOT’s due between the 30th of March and the 31st of July. An extension of 6 months will apply to the MOT dates of these vehicles. The change will appear about a week before your MOT is due, so keep an eye out.

Keeping your car in good condition is essential, and if you need your car, any problems will need checking. Whether you’ll be back in the office, or you’re looking to head on a stay-cation, you’ll need it running smoothly.

Another thing that needs considering is servicing. For car’s under warranty, make a call to see whether you can take it in for a service. If you can’t, you’ll want to see how it will impact your warranty.

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Keep Your Car Up to Code

Keeping your car in working condition is essential, whether you use it regularly, or just want to make sure it’s good to go at all times. Keep the car from getting damaged by parking it off-road, and run a few checks so you’re not caught short when you’re back behind the wheel.

While you may not be using the car, the battery can still lose energy. Make sure the battery has charge, or you may find it’s flat by the time you’re ready to take it for a spin. There are trickle chargers and battery conditioners to help you make sure the battery isn’t completely drained.

Another thing to check is the tyres, whether they’re flat or if there’s any damage to the tyre wall. A flat tyre that’s left for a while can lead to the tyre becoming misshapen, which is dangerous when you do take it for a drive again. You can do this with a pressure gauge or take it to a petrol station and check it there.

Naturally, you’ll want to check the oil, coolant and washer fluid levels before you set off, and check if the bulbs have got power too. And don’t forget to check that your driving skills are still up to scratch, you may be a little rusty after all that time away from the driver’s seat.

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Save on Your Car with an Insurance Info Update

Cancelling your insurance can save you money in the moment if the you’ve been left a little out of pocket, but it can be costly in the long-term. This is because a cancellation can look like an insurance lapse, which leads to higher rates.

An alternative to cancellation is getting in touch with your insurance provider and asking to suspend it. At least until a time when you’re more certain that you’re going to need to drive your car. You’ll need to declare the car off -road and park it privately to cancel or suspend your insurance.

A great way to save a few quid without cancelling your insurance, is to update your insurance policy with the correct vehicle information. If you’re driving less, make sure it’s reflected in your policy. Reducing the mileage, changing the parking space, or declaring that you won’t be commuting can save you a tidy sum.

Make sure you consider the other things you use your car for before making any decisions on cancellation. From heading to the shops, to a short drive to your destination, you’ll need to be covered.

Something to check out is whether your insurance provider is offering a goodwill gesture to their customers. A lot of people are driving less, and pay-outs are likely to have reduced.

Get Informed on Your Vehicle

Coronavirus has had an impact on our day-to-day lives, and that includes car ownership. The best practice before you decide what to do with your car is to check out the government advice. And have a look at what your insurance providers are saying before you hit the road.

Whether you’re looking to cut car costs, or you just want some vehicle information cleared up, we hope this has helped.


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