How to Save Money On Spa Days

A list of how to save on your next spa day with our money-saving advice.

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With last-minute deals and different regional prices, the spa and wellness industry is catering to our new approaches to non-essential spending. 

Spa days or overnight stays can be a great way to relax and take a step away from modern-day stress. In fact, the health and wellness spa business has grown by 30% in 2022, meaning lots of us value our relaxing time. Whilst spas are typically viewed as a luxurious expense, you can still visit one without breaking your budget. 

We have also increased our non-essential spending by 6% from last April, according to Nationwide. With the cost of living increase, it appears more people are prioritising what gives them joy in life. 

As an expert in health and beauty - and a spa goer myself - I will share how you can save money on your next spa day, treatment or break. Simply read on and you’ll be relaxing in a spa for less in no time. 

Spa Days

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly spa option? The average cost of a spa day can be as reasonable as £35 per person. Spa days are a great choice without the extra costs of overnight stays or expensive treatments. With a day spa, you can usually have 2 hours or all day access to the spa. 

How to spend your time...

You can spend your time sitting in the wood saunas, the smell of pine and oak around you. Or dressed in a fluffy robe, relaxing on a heated bed. Most spa days will have similar amenities such as pools, saunas, foot baths, hot tubs, and cozy rooms. 

Worth the cost?

I’ve been fortunate to go on a few spa days in the past year, and have enjoyed each one. Whilst you can find slightly different ameneties, overall they are quite similar. Spa days can be less pricey than specific treatments, such as popular Elemis facials (£42-£70). It’s still a luxury, but with a little research you can find a spa day to suit your budget. 

Neck & Shoulders Massage

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Did you know 20% of respondents in a recent survey said they were prioritising massages and treatments post-pandemic? Whilst it might seem surprising, the focus on improving health through massages makes sense. Like most spa treatments, massage prices can be expensive. We’d recommend booking a massage such as ‘Neck & Shoulders’, which is usually half the time and cost.

How to spend your time….

Start your massage by lying on a heatable massage bed, with low light and the smell of incense surrounding you. Your therapist might use aromatherapy oils to gently massage all those tight knots in your back and shoulders. Many massage therapists will talk through your medical history and any concerns before, so you can focus on relaxing.

Worth the cost?

A neck and shoulder massage can be worth the cost. I’ve been able to afford a few neck and shoulder massages over the years. These are usually less expensive as they are the upper half of the body and less time, than - let’s say - a Swedish massage. In my experience, starting costs can be from £35-£45. 

Thermal Spas

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Interestingly, searches for ‘thermal spa’ have increased by 124% recently. Thermal spas are typically a spa with a source of thermal water, heated naturally at a temperature of around 30 degrees. A thermal spa day can be a good overall choice, instead of an expensive hotel spa or treatment. 

The water at thermal spas is believed to aid digestion and metabolism, and can provide relief from sports injuries and skin conditions.

We aren’t the only ones who would recommend a thermal spa. According to a recent survey, 58% of respondents said a thermal room was the most important aspect of a spa day. 

How to spend your time…

Swim or bathe in the warm thermal pools, whiling away the time. Maybe lounge in the saunas or steam rooms, which draw their water from the natural springs. Many thermal and mineral spas will have similar amenities, although some might have more detoxing extras such as a clay face mask.  

Worth the cost?

A thermal spa can be worth the cost, especially if you have skin concerns or health worries. As with most spa choices, pricing depends on the spa you choose. I’ve been to two thermal spas and these were both budget-friendly and equally as luxurious a weekend resort spa stay.  

Off Season Booking

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Health and wellness spas can be expensive and costly. If you are searching for an affordable price, then it helps to book off-season. Most spas will usually have discounted rates when it’s not a popular time. When booking your spa date, be flexible for the best prices. You can also check the spa’s website directly for seasonal offers and discounts.  

Newsletter Discounts

Stay updated on the latest sales and discounts from spas by signing up for their newsletter. You can also follow them on social media, as most will have competitions for spa stays. When you sign up, you will need your email address. You’ll also be kept updated on seasonal sales, such as Mother’s Day discounts. 

Our Discount Codes

Many of us know that we could be budgeting our money better. It’s usually why we don’t feel confident with our money or finance skills. It can also mean our bank balance is lower, we spend less time on ourselves, and feel caught in spending habits to feel better. 

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