How to Bullet Journal and Save Money

No matter if you are an established user of bullet journals or just starting out, bullet journaling can save you money. Read on to find out how.

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Bullet journaling has grown in popularity over the last 10 years and if you’re a fan or collector of stationery you’re sure to have seen stacks of journals and bullet journals in the shops. From classic black journals to decorative pretty patterns there are loads to choose from, but how are people bullet journaling? What can be achieved? And can bullet journaling save us money?  

What is bullet journaling?

If you’re wondering what bullet journaling is, let me explain. Bullet journaling is a combination of mindful journaling (like writing down personal thoughts and feelings) combined with a productivity system and progress tracking. 

Some people bullet journal in a very creative way using lots of artistic techniques with various art materials. Others take full advantage of the practical tracking of tasks and achievements. A bullet journal is a simple way of tracking your savings goals and spending too, it regularly helps users save money. 

And although there are a ton of money-saving apps available, so many of us return to pen and paper time and time again. According to a study from Science Daily, there is “stronger brain activity after writing on paper than on a tablet or smartphone”. 

Where can I buy a bullet journal?

Bullet journals are very popular so you shouldn’t have any problems picking one up either on the high street or online. You can use any notebook if you already have one, however, bullet journals are dotted and have page numbers - which really helps! Here are a few places that have a great selection.  

  • Explore Ryman for a super selection of bullet journals. Including the classic branded Leuchtturm1917 journals in several colours and sizes and infamous Moleskin journals.
  • If personalisation appeals check out the bullet journals at Papier. The selection is huge! You can have your bullet journal monogrammed, add photos and choose from an array of gorgeous colours and designs. 
  • For those budgeting, take a look at The Works. You can nab a handy bullet journal set there for just £6 that includes stickers and templates to get you started. Other options start at just £3! 

How to start bullet journaling

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There are various methods you can explore when setting up your bullet journal. If you want to start with the simplest system head to If you are more of a visual learner, browse YouTube, there’s a plethora of tutorials available from the very basic to works of art. But, if you are using your bullet journal to save money and get organised - I suggest you start with the basics!  

Creating a savings tracker in your bullet journal

The key to great savings is planning ahead and considering your budget. Here’s how to get started. 

  • Research how much money you need to save and write the amount next to or under what you are saving for. 
  • Consider how much time you have to reach your savings goal. If you need to save £500 over 5 months you know that you need to save a minimum of £100 each month. You could break this down to weekly amounts if that’s easier. 
  • Now you need to design your savings tracker. You could download one online, there are loads of free trackers available! Or design your own. As bullet journals are dotted you could simply add squares to your weekly or monthly logs and colour them in if you need to. 
  • This idea means you can visually see your progress and are reminded of it on a daily basis. It’s incredibly satisfying - like checking the items off your to-do list! 

Keeping track saves money

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This visual reminder of how much you are saving will not only help you save money, it will help to prevent overspending too. Because your tracker is in your bullet journal that you check daily, it will remind you of your achievements, and keep you motivated. Good luck! 

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