E-bike commuting: is it cheaper than driving?

How much cheaper is commuting on an e-bike than driving? We take an in-depth look at what e-bikes can save you on fuel, tax, insurance, parking & more.

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In the 2021 Census, the Office for National Statistics found that 12.5 million Brits drive a car or van to work. That’s 45% of working adults! To top it off, UK commuters spend an average of 59 minutes travelling to & from the workplace every day.

After the upfront cost of buying your car, you’ve still got fuel, tax & insurance adding a big chunk of change to the expense. With the average cost of running a car sitting at £220 per month in 2022, it’s no surprise that Brits are keen to save money on their commute.

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Last updated September 13th 2023
Type of FuelUnleaded PetrolSuper Unleaded PetrolDiesel
Per Litre (P)154p168p156p
Per Gallon (£)£7.01£7.65£7.10
Average mpg363648
Cost per Mile19p22p15p
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