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Black Friday – 9 Tips for Bagging a Bargain


Black Friday is almost here, and with it we’ll see some of the biggest price-drops of the year. But when it comes to getting the best deals, you’ve got to be on the ball and eagle eyed. So we’ve put together a few tips to make sure you’re getting a head start on your bargain hunting.

So, whether you’ve got your eye on the latest tech, or you want a little inspiration for Christmas gifts, we’ve got you covered. Take note and you’ll be bagging bargains like a certified Black Friday pro on the 27th of November.

Make a Black Friday Shopping List

The first thing to do is make sure you know what you’re looking for. With a shopping list, you can streamline your Black Friday shopping experience. Whether it’s the latest tech to update your setup, or you’re getting those Christmas gifts sorted, pop it on the list. For a little inspiration, check out our Black Friday gift guide article[Aron Clin1] .

When it comes to tech, it’s worth popping a bit of detail in there too. Finding the right specs and knowing exactly what you’re looking for can be a heap of help when you’re browsing on the day. And don’t forget to check out the products lifecycle, you’ll want to be sure the tech is going to be fit for purpose.

Research the Products

Once you’ve got a product in mind, do yourself a favour and research! By looking at how much you should be expecting to pay, you’ll know exactly how to spot the best deals. The savings applied to an item aren’t always as big as it seems, so by checking out how much you can expect to pay now, you’ll get a much clearer picture of the size of the discount.

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Check out reviews and make a list of a few alternatives just in case your top pick isn’t available. And then you can turn your attention to the best places to buy the product.

Find the Right Retailers

When you’ve got your shopping list sorted, it’s time to find the best places to buy. It’s worth making sure you’ve got some reputable retailers in mind. Whether they’re shops you’ve bought from before or stores with good reviews, it’s worth considering for peace of mind and online security.

With a few retailers in mind, you can get to know what kind of perks you get when you buy from that merchant. Whether that’s a price match promise or a good warranty. You can even do a little digging and see if they have a history with Black Friday deals. This way you’ll know where to go to compare prices on the day.

Get in There Early

This one might seem a little obvious, but on Black Friday, the early bird gets the worm. Whether you stay up to watch the clock tick over, or you set an early alarm, it’s worth it to beat the crowds to the biggest and best deals.

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Website crashes are a strong possibility thanks to the huge demand retailers see for their deals. By getting in there at the crack of dawn, you’ve got a better chance at grabbing a bargain before the dreaded ‘Out of Stock’ tag appears.

Get a Heads Up

An inbox filled with retailer emails might sound like a bit of a nightmare to some, but it’s a great way to get a heads up. The best deals are going to be highlighted and you might even get some member exclusives, flash deals and discount codes for your trouble.

Another way to be in-the-know is to follow those retailers on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you might get lucky and find a bargain on your timeline. And there’s always the option of unsubscribing and unfollowing when Black Friday is done and dusted.

Check Online as You Shop In-Store

With the Coronavirus out there, it’s likely that online shopping will lead the Black Friday charge more than ever this November. But for those heading in-store, it’s worth keeping your phone close to hand.

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When you spot a deal in-store, you can have a quickly check online to see if the bargains as big as it seems. Not to mention there’s a chance that some stores will price match with online competitors, so you might see those prices drop further if you don’t mind asking.

Research Those Returns Policies

It’s easy to get swept up when you see a bargain. In the heat of the moment, you might think you can’t live without something, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. By checking out returns policies, you can cover yourself just in case you splurge a little too hard.

This is especially helpful if you’re eyeing up the fashion discounts on the day. A pair of jeans might look appetising when the price tags just right, but buying online doesn’t afford you the luxury of trying things on. Not to mention COVID-19 restrictions mean you can’t really try on in-store either.

Stick to a Black Friday Budget

On the topic of getting swept up in the savings, overspending is something to avoid on the day. Low prices are a big draw, and you don’t want to end up with a pile of goodies that you can’t quite afford. Setting a budget is essential, that way you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

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You might even find that the deals aren’t quite as incredible as you expected. And it’s important to know when to walk away. Even if you can’t get everything you want on the day, there’s plenty more sales and discounts to come.

There’s Always Cyber Monday

Speaking of discounts and sales, while Black Friday gets all the attention, there’s the small matter of its sibling, Cyber Monday. Following hot on the heels on the Monday after, it’s packed with incredible deals on everything, from tech to toys.

And it doesn’t just end with Cyber Monday. With Christmas offers, January sales, and more, there’s no shortage of savings around the corner. So, if you can’t find the right deal, or you’re coming in over budget, it’s not the end of the world.

Make the Most of Black Friday

 So, keep your eyes peeled and do your research. That way you can make sure you’ve got the best chances to bag yourself a bargain when Black Friday rolls around. And for a little help when it comes to those price-drops, MyVoucherCodes has a page dedicated to the biggest and best Black Friday deals.

Some retailers to look out for this Black Friday include:

Very, The Works, Argos, AO.com, Boohoo, H. Samuel, and B&Q


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