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8 Reasons Why London Is The Best Student City

student life in london

QS Higher Education has recently named London “best student city in the world”. Being one of the biggest cities not only in the UK, but also in the world, London offers numerous historical sites, cultural attractions, top-notch education, exciting nightlife and endless career opportunities. Even though the future of face-to-face teaching seems uncertain at the moment, London has plenty of socially distanced and online experiences to offer. No matter where you come from or what experience you’re looking for, the chances are high you will find the perfect match here.

Here are some statistics showing just how big the student life is in the capital:

Total Students in London: 372,000

International Students in London: 125,035

Number of universities: 40 (inc. specialist institutions)

Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), 2015-2018

Check out the top reasons why we believe London’s the best student city. Don’t forget to visit our special Student Discounts page and get the latest students-only savings!

1.    World class universities

student in a university library

Studying at some of the best universities in the world could open the door for you to endless career opportunities. Some of the brightest and most successful people have finished their degrees at iconic institutions such as King’s College, London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL), Imperial College and many more. Regardless of what subject you focus on, having top-notch education facilities, being able to learn from some of the best specialists in the field and having access to amazing research facilities are just some of the reasons why so many students choose to come to London. The best part is, all universities have tons of online and e-learning opportunities, perfect for Covid-proof education experience!

2.    Endless job opportunities

Whether you’re trying to make some extra money while studying with a part-time job or you’re looking to build your resume via internships and volunteering, London’s career opportunities are amazing. Some of the most popular part-time jobs for students are delivery driver, barista, waitress/waiter, sales assistant, office administrator, etc. These, however, are also some of the most impacted industry at the moment. Now is the time to focus on online jobs and freelance opportunities such as social media assistant, copywriter, participating in online surveys, graphic design, etc.

The easiest way to find a job is via the university website, the Student Union and of course the various job engines such as Indeed. Once you finish your degree you might want to go for a Graduate Scheme and what better place than London? Some of the world’s biggest companies have their headquarters in the city and you have the chance to introduce yourself at career fairs, conferences, webinars, etc. It’s all about networking these days!

3.    Multicultural community

It’s not all about the studying of course! Each university has their own Student Union body, tons of on-campus and online activities, student clubs and events where you can meet people from every corner of the world. Some of these will most likely turn into friends of a lifetime. London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the globe and as such boasts numerous multinational communities too. Once the pandemic is over, there’s a very good chance you find shops, restaurants, festivals and activities from dozens of different countries around the world. And you will never be bored!

4.    Free museums & galleries

Enjoy the best of London’s museums and galleries completely free! Learn more about the history of humankind and witness the legendary Rosetta Stone at British Museum. Discover more than 2,000 paintings at the National Gallery and over 2.3 million items at one of world’s greatest art collections at Victoria and Albert Museum. Learn more about London’s own history at Museum of London. Wander through the spectacular halls at the Natural History Museum or experience the man-made wonders of the world at the Science Museum. You name it, London has it! Don’t forget to book your free ticket and time slot in advance! Did we mention many of these offer free virtual tours and you don’t even have to leave your room?

5.    Excellent transport

London also has some of the best transport network in the country. The Tube is usually the quickest, cheapest and the fastest way to get from point A to point B. There’s also the Nigh Tube on Fridays and Saturdays, perfect for night outs. The best part is as a student, you’re entitled to the Student Oyster card which will save you about 30% on the adult-rate fares. Don’t forget your mask or you risk being fined a £100 fee!

6.    Parks and outdoor activities

According to experts, roughly 47% of London is “green”. It’s not hard to imagine why! You have all these amazing outdoor spaces such as Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, Kew Gardens and Richmond park among others. They are all perfect for a picnic, riding a bike, reading a book, sunbathing (if you’re lucky!) and meeting friends, while keeping your social distance of course. You can join a sports club and learn how to play tennis, enjoy a football game with your mates, play some rugby and even ski all year round at the Snow Centre. The best part is, the chances of getting infected are significantly less since you’re outdoors.

7.    Festivals, concerts and cultural events (Online too!)

Pre-Covid19 you could always find a gig in London! From legendary festivals like Notting Hill, to smaller scale street food markets and events, there’s always something going on here. Fancy a Beyoncé concert? You got it! Watching live The Misérables on West End is on your bucket list? Do it! Dreaming about seeing Chelsea playing on Stamford Bridge? Go for it!

Once all entertainment venues open there’s an endless number of events happening at the city every year and we’re sure you’ll find something to look forward to. In the meantime check Eventribe for the latest online festivals and events here. There are numerous online experiences which will get you unique beverages and festival-themed accessories delivered straight to your door. YouTube and other social channels have plenty of online concerts and shows streaming every month too. Anything better than enjoying your favourite band in your PJs and without the screaming crowds around you? Check this guide by Ticketmaster for upcoming gigs.

8.    Travel to and from anywhere on the globe

One of the best things about London is the excellent travel links it has to literally everywhere in the world! Once the global pandemic is over you can hop on a Eurostar train and you’re in Paris or Amsterdam in no time. Fly on a budget anywhere in Europe with tickets starting from as little as £10 with companies like Ryanair and Wizzair. Explore Britain’s best kept secrets by train and save with your student 16-25 Railcard. For the latest government travel advice, click here.

We know London’s not cheap, that’s why we’ve put together a section with the best student discounts and codes. All you need is to verify your account using your student email.


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