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St Patricks Day – How to Celebrate in 2021

St Patricks Day

March is here, and so it’s officially been a year since the UK’s Coronavirus lockdowns began. Rather than wondering where the last twelve went, we thought we’d look at ways we can celebrate St Patricks Day, 2021!

So, whether you want to get into some lockdown festivities, you fancy an Irish-inspired feast, or you just want to get a little history on one of the worlds most-famous patron saints, we’ve got you covered.

When is St Patricks Day?

St Patricks Day takes place on Wednesday, the 17th of March, 2021. It’s a day that gives you an excuse to look at some Irish traditions. So, check out some fabulous cuisine, and immerse yourself in some culture. While most of us associate the day with a trip to the pub, 2021 is likely to look a little different thanks to Coronavirus.

St Patricks Day History

It started as a Christian feast day, so you’ve got an excuse to stuff your face with some Irish favourites. It celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. But that doesn’t mean everyone can’t get involved in the festivities from the comfort of their own homes this year. With traditions like wearing green, feasting and the St Patricks Day festival taking place in Ireland, there’s usually a lot to enjoy about the holiday. Although it goes without saying the festivals may be on hold this year.

St Patricks Day - Traditions

It was popularised in the US by Irish immigrants. And it’s the cities with the highest populations of Irish that see the biggest celebrations. In Chicago, they even dye the river green to mark the occasion. And sometimes they even dye the beer green. While some Irish have adopted this custom, this was largely something for the tourists. But, there’s no denying it all adds to the magic of the occasion.

For a traditional St Patricks Day outfit, you’ll want to be getting yourself decked out in green. While you can’t hit the town and make a night of it, we can still pop on some green, sport a shamrock and get into the festivities from our own couch. So, get kitted out in emerald, whack on some whimsical Irish music and treat yourself to a bowl of corned beef and cabbage. We’ll get into some alternatives if that isn’t getting your tastebuds tingling.

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St Patricks Day Food

We’ve mentioned the tradition of eating corned beef and cabbage on St Patricks Day. And I’d be lying if I said it sounded appetising. So, we thought we’d look at a few alternatives that celebrate Ireland. And there’s plenty of delicious options for ways to fill your tummy and treat your tastebuds to a tipple this St Patricks Day.

St Patricks Day - St Patricks Day Food

A lot of Irish cooking is hearty, warming and rustic. Top of that particular pile is the perfect shepherds or cottage pie. Essentially a casserole topped with crispy yet creamy mashed potatoes. The best part is, while you can only call it a shepherds pie if it’s made with lamb, we won’t tell if you fancy putting a vegan spin on the family favourite dish. Whether it’s beef, lamb or just some veggies, it’s hard to get wrong.

A St Patricks Inspired Menu

A wonderful way to incorporate a taste of Ireland in a classic dish is with a steak and Guinness pie. Buttery pastry, tender meat and a glorious gravy-like sauce, it’s a recipe that’s bound to get you salivating. National treasure Mary Berry has a delightful steak and Guinness pie recipe that’s well worth checking out for a hearty Irish-inspired dish. And if you’re not all pie-d out, you can dive into a rhubarb tart for dessert.

For something a little lighter for lunch, you can make yourself a BLT using some ‘Irish’ bacon. While the word bacon conjures up crispy strips of mouthwatering meat, Irish bacon is more like gammon. So, roast yourself up a ham, and slap it in between some slices of soda bread with lettuce and tomatoes for a wonderful Irish lunch. And if you fancy a tipple, you can pair it with an Irish coffee or a glass of Bailey’s. And for some extra inspiration on the drinks, check out our St Patricks Day drinks guide for some inspiration. Oh, and you can’t forget there’s always the option of a pint of Guinness.

Get the drinks in and get the food sorted for St Patricks Day with a little help from ASDA or Morrisons.

Travel to Ireland

While travel may a little off the cards for the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t use St Patricks Day as an excuse to plan yourself a trip to the emerald Isle. It’s packed with everything from entertainment and culture, to stunning views and nature at its most wonderful. With it only being a short trip across the pond to get there, you’ve got plenty of travel options too. Whether it’s a quick flight, or a chilled out ferry ride, you can relax as you take to the skies, or the sea.

St Patricks Day - Ireland Landscape

Before you go booking yourself a beautiful holiday in Ireland, make sure you check out the Ireland travel restrictions. It’s better to be in-the-know before you set sail so you know you can stay safe on your travels. And while St. Patricks Day will have to be celebrated from home, there’s no excuse not to have a browse for the wonders that Ireland has to offer.

Take to the seas with Irish Ferries and get yourself over to the Emerald Isle this season.

Book Yourself an Irish Holiday

The cities of Ireland are packed with culture and entertainment. Whether it’s Dublin or Belfast, you won’t be short of things to do. In Dublin there’s the Guinness Storehouse, Grafton Street, the beautiful Trinity College, The National Gallery, and The National Museum. And in Belfast you have the Titanic Experience, Ulster Museum, the W5 science and discovery centre and the wonderful Belfast zoological gardens. So, whether you’re a culture vulture, a history buff, or just fancy a pint, you’re well catered for.

We can’t forget about the stunning landscape of Ireland. There’s a ton of incredible sights to see away from the cities. Whether it’s the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney national park, The Ring of Kerry, The Aran Islands or the unforgettable Giant’s Causeway, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s worth considering renting a car while you’re there and making a road trip of it. The scenery is breath-taking, so it’s well worth using St Patricks Day as an excuse to visit in 2021.

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Celebrate St Patricks Day in 2021.

So, whether you want to stuff your face with some Irish favourites, treat yourself to a St Patricks Day drink, or you’ve want a getaway to look forward to, get inspired this March. Just make sure however you mark the occasion, you check the latest government guidelines. That way you can have fun in a safe way in 2021!

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