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How To Save On Fashion – 7 Money-Saving Tips

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Lately with all lockdown restrictions and social-distancing rules we might feel depressed, sad or even bored more than ever before. We tend to turn to online shopping as an easy way out of our every-day reality. According to a study conducted by Great British Wardrobe commissioned by Ariel, for which more than 2,500 people were interviewed, Brits spend on average £1,042 per year on clothing and footwear. The bigger spenders, according to this report, are women, which however wear only 59% of the clothes they own regularly. That’s pre Covid-19, I wonder what would the number be for 2020-2021? If you feel that you rather save some of this £1,000+ spent on fashion every year, keep reading our top tips how to save on fashion.

✔️Sell the clothes you no longer wear

A great way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear and at the same time make some extra money is by selling them. If you haven’t worn that dress in 1 year, you don’t really need it! There are plenty of apps and websites such as Depop, Vinted, eBay and even Facebook’s Marketplace you could try.

✔️ Shop the online seasonal clearance sales

Retailers tend to put out-of-season clothes on clearance to clear the stock they might have. A great way to save would be to buy a coat in August and a summer dress in December, for instance. Don’t forget about the huge sales fashion brands do towards the end of each season. If you fell in love with a pink blazer from the spring collection that costs the Earth, it’s worth checking if it’s in the big summer sale on a discounted price. Don’t forget the great annual January sales when a lot of retailers have massive reductions and bargains!

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✔️ Use your imagination on old clothes

If you’re handy with a needle or you happened to have a sewing machine, maybe even a pair of scissors would do the work in some cases, turn something you no longer wear into something trendy and unique. The best example is cutting your old jeans and turning them into shorts. There are plenty of tutorials and handy guides full of ideas on YouTube and Pinterest.

✔️ Stay away from one-season trends

Buying smart is the most essential rule when shopping for clothing on a budget. We all remember these one-season trends like see-through bags, platform sneakers and the painful latex bodysuits (thank you Kim Kardashian!) that everyone went crazy about, however once the buzz was over, they were the first items to go on clearance sale. Instead, invest in a few good quality blazers, find the perfect black dress and match with comfortable and stylish shoes – all clothes you can wear season after season.

✔️ Check out discount websites (like MVC)

You’ve spent hours finding the perfect summer evening dress; however, the price sets you off. Don’t forget to take a look at our wonderful selection of Fashion Voucher Codes & Discounts before you click the “Check Out” button. We also have the latest deals on some of the most popular fashion brands such as ASOS, Boohoo, Debenhams, Pretty Little Thing, M&S, Miss Selfridge and many more.

✔️ Buy only clothes that fit you now

We’ve all made the mistake of buying a pair of denim shorts which feel very tight and you could barely breathe in them, however we’re convinced that once we lose a few pounds, they would fit us perfectly. Let’s face it, that’s a gamble! Even if you lose the extra weight (congrats!), you may not like how the shorts look on you now and you end up wasting your money. Only buy what you can wear right now.

✔️ Rent or borrow what you need to wear once

Looking for a super-fancy cocktail dress for an elegant wedding or an important work event, however you know you would wear never it again, because let’s face it you’re more like a jeans and sneakers type of a gal? Why spend hundreds (even thousands!) of pounds on something that will end up at the back of your wardrobe? Try borrowing the piece from a friend or a family member and if that doesn’t work, you have the wonderful world of rented clothes. We’ve all heard about the super-successful American website called Rent the Runaway which lets you rent designer outfits for fraction of their price. In the UK, some of the best examples are By Rotation, Rotaro, HURR and MY WARDROBE HQ among others.

Bonus tips how to save on fashion:

– try to set a monthly budget for your clothes and stick to it;
– don’t be an impulsive shopper;
– just because something is on sale, it doesn’t mean you need to buy it;
– don’t buy clothes when you’re bored or feeling down;
– shop thrift stores – you never know when you can find a hidden gem;
– buy from discount stores like TK Maxx and fashion outlets.

Resisting the temptation to buy a new pair of jeans when you already have 5 might be hard, however at the end of the year when you look at your full savings account it will all be worth it!

We hope you’ve found useful our tips how to save on fashion. If you’re looking for more money-saving advice, check out our new article The Best Home Gadgets & Technology To Invest In This Year.


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