The Best Time to Buy Everything

Buying products at the right time of the year can help you save money. Here's what to buy, and when to buy it.

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Whilst discount codes can help you save, buying products at the right time of the year can really pay off. It requires a little bit of patience and planning, but it is sure to keep costs down.

It’s all about buying at the right time. Sometimes it’s about buying when the demand is low, and other times it’s about understanding the retailer's train of thought. So let's take it month by month and see what’s at its most affordable, and when.

What to Buy in January

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The Best Time to Buy Furniture

The post-Christmas and New Year Sales lull is the perfect time to buy furniture. According to a study conducted by Statista, monthly retail sales, including furniture, were consistently at their lowest from January 2017 - 2022. Most furniture retailers launch new lines around February and August so the months before are generally packed with clearances. If you need some ideas on how you can take your space to the next level, our team have compiled a list of ways you can Decorate your Lounge on a Budget. If you’re Decorating Rented Property, we’ve got you covered too. 

The Best Time to Buy Toys

January is also a great time to make any toy purchases. Argos is the second largest UK toy retailer and is known to have a New Year's Sale during January. This makes it a great opportunity to save some cash. With Christmas over, the gifting period comes to an end, so retailers are looking to shift that leftover stock and that means lower prices. 

What to Buy in February

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The Best Time to Buy Winter Clothing

February marks the end of winter, which means you’ll find massive reductions on those winter threads. With Spring rearing its head, retailers want to clear some space for shorts, sandals and sunglasses. This means we see clearance prices on coats, jumpers, scarves and hats. Whatever the weather, it’s always a good idea to find out some of our Top Tips for Buying Clothing on a Budget and how you can Shop Sustainably and Save Money.  

The Best Time to Buy TVs

There are numerous points throughout the year to get deals on TVs and February is one of the best. Black Friday and New Year sales are over so getting rid of leftover stock is on the minds of retailers. January also means the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), so manufacturers will roll out new models ready for Spring. This makes February an ideal time to pick up those end-of-the-line savings. If you’re planning on buying a TV in 2023, then be sure to check out our handy article on how much you should spend and how different features affect the price. 

The Best Time to Travel

If you’re planning any summer holidays or last-minute getaways, then February is the perfect time to book. According to Google Flights, if you’re flying from Heathrow, February generally offers the lowest price on plane tickets. If you’re flying from Bristol, then it's March. December tends to be the most expensive month. Another good rule when booking flights is to try and book at least 3 months in advance if you can. Whether you’re planning a more expensive trip or you just want to save a little money here and there, check out our handy articles on the Best Ways to Get Cheaper Flights and How to Get Cheaper Hotel Rooms.  

What to Buy in March

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The Best Time to Buy Jewellery

Valentine’s Day is 14th February, which makes March the perfect time to buy jewellery. Statista have found that sales value of jewellery has been consistently low in March 2020 and 2021. Equally, retailers tend to have leftover stock and Christmas is usually the next time that jewellery sales are high. So, they’ll likely throw some enticing deals, discounts and offers out there. 

The Best Time to Buy Luggage

March is in-between busier travel periods of summer and the Christmas gifting period. This makes it the perfect time to make any luggage or travel accessory purchases. Retailers hate leftover stock so once you’ve booked your flights in February give it a month before getting your essentials. 

What to Buy in April

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The Best Time to Buy DIY Supplies

April is the month to buy any home improvement and DIY supplies. Retailers will offer deals and discounts to help you out with your traditional spring cleaning and to make sure you buy from them. According to a study by Statista, the sales value of hardware and paint was at its lowest in April 2020. So those little bits of DIY and small fixes can work out much cheaper if you wait until April. Equally, if you want to give your space a bit of a DIY refresh, our team have written Ways to Decorate on a Budget to give you a helping hand.  

What to Buy in May

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The Best Time to Buy Mattresses

During May you can often find mattresses at more affordable prices. Dreams, one of the UK's largest mattress retailers has Early May Bank Holiday sales which you won't want to miss. If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, it might be time to treat yourself to a new mattress. Or, if it's been roughly 6-8 years since you bought your last one, it's worth replacing it in May. If you’re unsure what kind of mattress would work best for you, our team have researched how you can Buy a Mattress for Your Budget so you can sleep better for less.  

The Best Time to Buy Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances tend to be cheaper in May during the Early May Bank Holiday sales. One of the largest appliance retailers in the UK is ao, which takes part in this sale. If you’re in need of a new kettle or microwave, or fancy spoiling yourself with a coffee machine or food mixer, May is the time to do so. If you’re wondering about larger kitchen appliances, our team have also researched When the Best Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances is to help you out. 

What to Buy in June

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The Best Time to Buy Electronics

June to September are the best months to buy tech. Warmer weather and students getting ready for another academic year mean there are some bargains on laptops, computers, and electronics. To get super serious and talk about tax again, look for Japanese tech brands after March. The Japanese tax year runs until March, so after this time Japanese companies are desperate to offload old stock. So, you’ll probably be able to score some absolute bargains. 

The Best Time to Buy Power Tools

Power tools tend to be the cheapest in June because of Father’s Day and the coming hotter temperatures. Retailers know people put those bigger DIY projects off until the temperatures start to increase. B&Q, one of the largest DIY retailers, tends to offer some sales in honour of Father’s Day during this time. 

What to Buy in July

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The Best Time to Buy Video Games

Whilst July brings us warmer weather, it is an excellent time to build up your video game library. Game developers start promoting future releases by July, and previous years’ titles go on sale. This comes as a result of gaming conferences like E3 and Summer Games Fest. These bring new games into the conversation, so older games see discounts. If you’re serious about Saving Money on Video Games, we’ve written a handy guide just for you. 

What to Buy in August

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The Best Time to Buy Outdoor Toys and Barbecues

August sadly signals the end of the summer. This also makes it the perfect time to buy any outdoor items ready for the next one.  So if you’re planning on purchasing any outdoor items such as toys or gardening items, then August is the perfect time of year if you’re looking for the best prices. What’s more, if you’re desperately looking to host your last BBQ of the year, we’ve written some handy tips and tricks for BBQs on a Budget

The Best Time to Buy School Supplies

From the very minute that the school year comes to a close, retailers start selling back-to-school essentials. But buying school supplies during this time, while super organised, can be a costly affair. Instead, opt to buy at the end of August, or as close to September as possible. This is because as a new school year rears its head, retailers typically have back-to-school sales where you’ll be able to find everything you need for a fraction of the cost. Moreover, our team has written about how you can Save Money on School Uniforms too.   

What to Buy in September

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The Best Time to Buy Bicycles

September is the best time of year to buy a new bike. With the weather starting to turn you’ll normally be able to find some savings on bicycles. If your employer has a cycle-to-work scheme  be sure to check out our article on whether Cycle-to-Work Schemes are Worth it, because you might be able to save up to an extra 47% by paying for your new bike before-tax deductions when you get paid. 

The Best Time to Buy iPhones

If you're looking to upgrade your phone but don't fancy the latest model, September is the perfect time. In the past, Apple has been known to release its new models in September and has done so since 2012. According to the Business of Apps, older iPhones experience a drop in price because Apple experiences an increased interest in the newer model. This means you can enjoy an older model of a high-end phone, for less. We've done some digging on whether buying the previous iPhone is a great way to save, and what to look for when you’re Buying a Smartphone on a Budget if you want a little help making your decision.

What to Buy in October

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The Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture

With winter rapidly approaching, October is the perfect time to give your garden a facelift and buy some outdoor furniture. With the summer months over, retailers will want to clear whatever stock they have left over. So, October is the time to update your garden. As long as you don’t mind staring out the window longingly over the colder months. If you’re wondering how to transform your outdoor space, our team have a few Budget Friendly Garden Projects to inspire you.  

What to Buy in November

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The Best Time to Buy Technology

We’ve written in the past about how Black Friday isn’t always the money saver it appears. However, there are still some genuinely great deals to be had over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week. So November can be a great chance to land some massive savings on your wishlist, in particular tech items. Just make sure to look into whether the deal really is as good as it seems. If you’re a bit unsure, we’ve curated some Top Tips for Buying Tech on a Budget to help you feel more confident. 

What to Buy in December

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The Best Time to Buy Fitness Items

A variation of getting in better shape or getting healthier is probably most people’s New Year’s resolution. Retailers know this, so to get ready for that New Year New You, you’ll often be able to find some big discounts on sports and fitness items in December. What’s more, if you’re determined to reach your fitness goals this year without having to splash the cash, check out how you can Save on Your Fitness Journey.  

The Best Time to Buy Christmas Decorations

Provided that you wait until after the 25th of December, Christmas decorations are bound to drop in price. With Christmas over, retailers often have leftover Christmas stock, sometimes even until January, which means Christmas Deals are everywhere. From high-quality decorations and wrapping paper to ornaments and artificial trees, they'll be keen to make room for other products. As a result, they'll sell them for much lower prices. 

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