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Valentine's Day Deals 2018

Valentine’s Day has always been a day of treating your loved one, but as always, we’re here with our discounts and offers to help you save a little (or a lot) when spoiling your significant other. We’ve put together a guide on how to celebrate Valentines on a budget, as well as thrifty hacks from our Valentine’s Day experts to inspire you on the day of love. Ooh la-la! #MyThriftyValentines.

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Valentine's Day Voucher Codes, Offers & Promo Codes

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

If you’re short of time and in need of a quick fix, or needing a little romantic inspiration to get your heart fluttering, we’ve rounded up our top tips for celebrating the day of love for less. Or, you could casually leave this page open on your partner’s laptop to drop a subtle hint… we won’t tell anyone. #MyThriftyValentines.

Eating Out

  1. Try dining at the weekend or the day before or after Valentine’s Day. The day itself will often be fully booked, so why not extend the day and celebrate all weekend?

  2. If you do out to dine on another day, you may be able to pick up a voucher or discount. A lot of the best deals are saved for midweek, so you could avoid the crush and save on a romantic night out.
  3. Keep an eye out for set menus. A lot of restaurants will have a designated Valentine’s Day menu, which could be a Prix Fixe. It’s often served with a complimentary or included glass of champagne too, so you can make the night even more glamorous.

  4. Treat yourselves to a Valentine’s Day lunch instead. Lunch menus are often cheaper and less busy than an evening meal. Plus, it’ll leave you with the evening free for each other.

Staying In

  1. Instead of spending a fortune dining in a busy restaurant, you could make a fancy meal at home. It’s quiet, romantic and you can cook whatever you want for a fraction of the price.

  2. If you’re not much of a gourmet cook, you could always opt for a supermarket deal for two. Their food is always high quality and at great prices. They often offer designated Valentine’s meals such as 3 courses and a bottle of wine for a bargain fee.

  3. Sadly, February is a cold month, so the idea of a romantic picnic is out the window. However, you could clear the floor in the living room, prepare some snacks and have an indoor picnic, adding some candles to keep the romance going.

  4. If you’re too busy to cook, or would prefer to spend the time together rather than in the kitchen, you could always make the most of our takeaway deals.

Gifts for Less

  1. Instead of fretting over buying the perfect gift, why not treat each other to an experience, or a homemade gift, that celebrates each other’s passions.

  2. Plan ahead and make your own drink especially for the occasion. Buying a cheap bottle of gin or vodka and infusing it with one of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favourite flavours is a great personal gift. You can even buy a blank bottle for cheap and artistically decorate it.

  3. Create some memories by putting together a photo album or a box full of personal items relating to you and your partner. It’s much more romantic and will save you a few pennies too.

  4. Sometimes the best gifts are free. Get your partner the gift of time and surprise them with a day off. You could even cook them breakfast in bed and spend the whole day watching movies in bed or taking them away for the night.

Budget Date Ideas

  1. Take a romantic stroll along the river, or even a day cruise around the city. Alternatively, you could go for a long walk in the country, even stopping off for lunch at a remote pub. You could even get a voucher or discount for it!

  2. Create a comfy den and spend the day or evening inside watching movies and playing games. This will cost you no more than any food or drink you want and make sure you spend some quality time together.

  3. Keep an eye on events in your city. There may be a free exhibition at a local museum, or an event in a park that your partner may enjoy.

  4. If they’re a fan of cooking, why not get together and make your own chocolates, pizza or cookies? You can easily find a recipe and get cheap ingredients. And you can add any flavour you like and have fun cooking together before you enjoy a homemade dinner together.

Got a great tip of your own? Tell us at @myvouchercodes and we’ll retweet the best ideas. #MyThriftyValentines.