Valentine's Day Deals

If you really want to show the one you love you how much you really care, treat them to something special on Valentine’s Day. Need inspiration? Browse huge deals on chocolate, flowers, fashion, jewellery, experience days & so much more now to spread the love and save money.

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Valentine's Day Voucher Codes, Offers & Promo Codes

Gift Experiences

Take in the View

Sharing a stunning view is a great way to start Valentine's Day off on a romantic foot. Gasp in wonder at the city lights and sights. Live in London? Why not reminisce about the good times you and your partner have spent exploring this historic city, take a bird's eye view of the hustle and bustle of the city as you nostalgically recall all the good times and shared experiences. And while you're there you can celebrate with a bottle of fizz.

Romantic Views

  • View from the Shard – London’s highest viewing platform
  • London Eye champagne experience – for those who suffer from vertigo, the London Eye is a slightly more leisurely experience
  • They are many fantastic rooftop bars across the capital.
  • Thames river cruises

Spa Days

What could be more relaxing? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. A spa is a perfect present for a lover. Show your partner you care by letting them pamper themselves with an indulgent spa experience. There’s no reason not to share the joy, why not book a couples spa day? Relax together and share in an oasis of peace, tranquillity and love.There’s so much to choose from, a couple’s massage, detox spas, spas with Champagne, food and even chocolate, relax, unwind and indulge all your senses to the max. On this page, you’ll find fantastic deals to save on a range of spa experiences.

Wine and Dine

A traditional and classic Valentines activity for many couples, going out for a nice meal, is a perfect relaxing distraction from daily life. So why not plan to get away from the kid’s and family for a few hours and enjoy some romance. We have lots of money saving vouchers for restaurants and bars to help rekindle the fire.

DIY at Chez Moi

Find a recipe out of the ordinary and woo your Valentine with their favourite dish cooked by you. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, why not rope in some help from a more competent cook, just like an episode of Come Dine With Me. Provide a romantic ambience with some candles, background music and a few flowers.

Romantic Getaway

Check out our hotel and travel details for a romantic long weekend in the UK. There’s loads of amazing hotels in the UK, located in the countryside, book in for a spa break, beforehand make sure to check through our many deals and see if you can get dinner, Champagne and a massage thrown in. Alternatively, you could take a European or UK city break, top continental romantic hotspots include Paris, Venice, Rome or Budapest.

Roses are Red…

Get massive saving on flowers for Valentine's Day. From classic red roses to exotic bouquets - flowers are the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Here you'll find the best discounts from a range of retailers like Interflora and Serenata and much more.Here we fill you in on everything you need to know to select the perfect blooms for your love, as well as providing you with some alternative ideas, to spring a surprise on your Valentine.

Bloomin’ marvellous: What You Need to Know When Buying Valentine’s Flowers

It’s very easy to buy a bunch of roses from the first place you see them, whether that’s a roadside vendor, a supermarket or florist. However, before you buy flowers for your valentine there are a few things you need to check. Firstly, look for flowers with tight buds, if the buds haven’t fully opened that’s not a problem. Buying, flowers with fully opened buds will mean they only stay fresh for a couple of days after purchase. On the other hand tighter buds, will last that bit longer as they blossom later and degrade slower that than fully ripened buds.You should also check if the flowers you purchase have been refrigerated. Yes, flowers like vegetables need to keep in a cool environment to keep their freshness.Don’t buy from a roadside vendor, industry experts say they often get inferior quality products as the top specimens are bought up by the likes of supermarkets, grocers and florists. If you can buy from a physical store that’s always preferable because most online stores will not have refrigerated delivery vans and your flowers will suffer.Finally, make sure you buy plant food to extend the life of your flowers, it really does work. If your flowers don’t come with plant food provided, then please buy some!

DIY Flower Picking

Picking your love’s favourite wildflowers is the ultimate romantic statement. A few tips before you venture out into the great outdoors: ensure you have the landowner's permission before you go traipsing through woods, farmlands and meadows. You’ll also need a few essentials, including, a bucket or container to collect your various wildflowers, some protection for your hands; normal gardening gloves will do, also grab some scissors to strip away the flowers you fancy. Avoid digging up whole plants – this is illegal. Or if you are of an artistic nature, why not try your hand at making decorative paper flower arrangements, they won’t die and your handiwork will be so much more appreciated than store bought flowers.

Save Money on With Cheaper Flowers

There are more than a few options to save money on Valentine’s flowers. Artificial flowers are cheaper than fresh, they last longer and are much cheaper too. Or buy just one red rose, this symbolises that you’ve found your perfect partner. Mix it up and try something new, why not buy a pot plant like an orchid or a lily, buy it fully developed or let your partner watch it grow and flourish.Other cheaper alternates to roses include carnations, daffodils and chrysanthemums. Have your own vase – then use it and save money on buying a new vase from the store.

Cheap Fizz

Champagne sees some large discounts over Valentine’s period, especially at the big supermarkets. Prices may seem that much lower after being discounted, that's because prices are artificially hiked up for the rest of the year to make the given discounts appear bigger. If you have time to pre-plan it could make sense to stock up at Christmas when prices are also cheaper. Also, Prosecco can be substantially cheaper, there’s no need to buy Champagne for the name only, and if you and your loved one prefer the taste of Prosecco or Cava anyway, then your quid's in!Do you know the difference between Champagne and other sparkling wines - tell the truth? The major differences are found in the production technique, region of production and taste profile.Here is some more information on some top sparkling wines from around the world. Prosecco, Cava and Champagne are the most well-known types of sparkling wines, but there are so many more options.


Get huge savings off Valentine's Day chocolates. From indulgent hampers to personalised gift boxes - here you'll find the best Valentine's Day chocolate discounts from retailers like Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat.

Don’t just pick them up from the petrol station guys – this is the ultimate no-no. Firstly your partner will spot this gambit a mile off, and your local petrol station is unlikely to be stocking special gourmet chocolate. Instead, try buying from an independent chocolatier or a trusted brand like Thorntons, Hotel Chocolat. Truffles are enduringly popular and anything in a heart shaped box is sure to get your intended message across.
You can always make it yourself, try this chocolate truffle recipe or just dunk strawberry in melted chocolate and look forward to some sensual fun!

Lingerie and Clothing

Get exclusive discounts on a range of Valentine's lingerie and clothing. From gorgeous lingerie sets to designer items to die for - treat your partner to the best Valentine's day lingerie and clothing with a voucher code from us.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Spoil your loved one this Valentine's Day - browse our range of discount codes to save money on the best fragrances for him or her.Get great deals on brand name products like Hugo Boss, Versace, Calvin Klein, Lancome and many other prestige names. Do you and your partner consider yourselves a power couple? If so, this year could be the year to jump on the celebrity fragrance freight train. Whoever, your favourite celebrity is you can emulate them by wearing their signature scent from footballers like David Beckham to pop stars like Beyonce and Rhianna, whatever your preference you’ll find something to suit with a discount to boot.

Jewellery That Says ‘I Love You’

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend... but whoever you're buying for this Valentine's Day, take advantage of our exclusive deals on a range of stunning jewellery.

If you are going to propose, please bear in mind that jewellery prices rise this time of year, with Valentine’s Day being a hugely popular time of year for that all important one-kneed question. Consider buying your engagement ring after Valentines, if your idea of a proposal is not the same without a ring, why not buy a cheaper holding ring, and purchase a promise ring, until you can find the perfect ring that will suit your budget and your SO's tastes.

Our Valentine's Day Deals can be found at the top of this page, find the best discounts for romantic chocolates, celebratory fizz, intimate adult items, sumptuous meals, reinvigorating spa days and hotel escapes amongst others.