Frugal Fitness: How to Save on Your Fitness Journey

Does a fitness journey have to cost a fortune? Our top tips will help you build your butt and bank, whatever your budget.

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So many of us talk about getting fit but then never do it with some of the biggest excuses being “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have the money”. Well, we have 4 top tips to get the most out of your fitness journey without breaking the bank. 

1. Find the cheaper gym memberships

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If it looks like a gym and it smells like a gym … it costs a fortune, right? Wrong! You can join a gym community whilst sticking to your budget thanks to places like Pure Gym where you can get a membership for as low as £15.99 a month. Some UK gyms also offer a free trial, sometimes known as a free gym pass, enabling newcomers to make sure their chosen gym is the right fit for them and their fitness goals. You don’t need to become a gym rat to see results but a gym setting can be motivational to some. 

Our best tip for finding a budget-friendly gym is to take a look at what’s within your local area. Sure, the big-name gyms may offer some aspects that smaller gyms don’t, but more often than not, they also come with a larger price tag. Smaller gyms still have a lot to offer from exercise classes and cardio equipment to free weights and machines; your workout doesn’t have to suffer with a lower price point. 

We also offer more tips for saving on gym memberships, so you can cut costs on your fitness journey.

2. Workout at home

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Whether you can achieve the same results from working out at home as at the gym has been debated for a long time. We have spoken to several experts who have told us their favourite pieces of equipment for an at-home workout.  

  • Physician, Dr Cici (@NCbassey on Twitter), told us her go-to piece of equipment is a simple yoga mat “... you can practice … low impact exercises … home furniture like chairs, stools, and benches can also be used”. She also swears by a skipping rope for great home progress. 
  • Anthony Mayatt, owner of Breathe Fitness and a personal trainer, swears by a TRX Suspension trainer calling it “... the best single piece of equipment you can use for all-round fitness goals and can be used anywhere and take up minimal space.” There are multiple versions of this universal piece of equipment out there, you can spend as little as £10 to hundreds of pounds.  
  • Personal trainer, Mollie Millington, says her budget-friendly, effective choice is “... a set of dumbbells, or if you are limited on space, exercise bands (a long strip, not a loop).  These are both very versatile and will allow you to work muscles with resistance.”   

In the true spirit of being frugal, you can get a decent beginner’s workout without spending any extra cash. Dig out a few cans from the back of the cupboard or fill two large water bottles and use them as an alternative to dumbbells or begin taking daily walks. Equally, you may be surprised just how much you can burn off when you utilise the stairs or if you dance whilst you hoover! 

3. YouTube and App Workouts

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Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough space in a budget to fit the extra expense of a gym membership but that doesn’t mean your fitness journey has to end there. There are loads of YouTube channels and free apps filled with yoga and Pilates, HIIT workouts and weight routines making it all easily accessible for everyone. 

A great app to add to your phone is Nike Training Club; you’ll have access to over 200 free workouts and targeted training programmes. You can also enjoy challenges and daily workouts when you subscribe to Chloe Ting, GymVirtual or PopSugar Fitness on YouTube, get on the Joe Wicks train on YouTube, with his Body Coach app, or even with his books. Another great (and free) resource is the NHS app, Coach to 5K; an app that aims to move you from a couch potato to running 5K and give you medical advice as you progress along your journey. 

4. Squat-Proof and Budget-Proof

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Whatever your style may be, getting the right clothing can do wonders for your motivation and a small budget doesn’t mean you have to settle. At Fabletics, you can purchase two pairs of leggings from their varied collection for just £24 and you can get flattering sports tops with sweat-wicking technology for as low as £8.99 at H&M. With lunges in clothing technology over the years, you can go cheap, pop a squat and still not have to worry about what’s on show. You can also pick up some great bargains on stylish activewear with secondhand and resale apps. Check out our article, Shopping Sustainably and Saving Money with Preowned Clothing Apps, where we outline the best secondhand clothing apps available. 

However, if you do crave a more prestigious name tag in your workout wardrobe, investigate the Fabletics subscription service. For a monthly subscription, you can get anywhere from 20% - 50% off their hottest items, free delivery on orders over £49,  and you can skip whenever you like. 

Don’t forget about shopping the sales. Gym Shark clothes are loved by so many fitness fanatics and their sale section is truly unmissable. With discounts of up to 70% off some of their most-loved items, it’s a great way to get a brand name into your collection. 

Happy and Healthy

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All in all, your fitness journey doesn’t have to rely on the contents of your bank account. From your local gym to a workout from the comfort of your own home, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without financial worry (you can even look great doing it with some of our activewear discount codes). If you can take any wisdom from our article, remember that wherever your fitness journey takes you, there’s always an opportunity to save! 

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