Decorating your Lounge on a Budget

If you're moving into a new home or fancy changing things up in your living space, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Check out these simple and affordable ways that you can enhance your lounge space on a budget.

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Whether you’re moving into your new home or fancy freshening up your living space, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why I’ve compiled an abundance of simple and affordable ways that you can enhance your lounge space on a budget. 

Add a Side Table

A round wooden side table with black legs next to a sage green sofa with cream and grey cushions on top.

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Adding a side table is a subtle way to level up your space. Not only is it a lovely accent to your sofa, but it offers the opportunity to accessories with layered pieces. Whether that’s a table lamp, a decorative vase, or simply a place to put your warm mug of tea, it’s a great addition to your space. Check out the following affordable side tables below: 

Add Aesthetic Storage

An antique wooden set of drawers with some books, and a brass tea cup.

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We tend to spend a lot of time in our lounges and if you’re anything like me, you might have a few bits and pieces lying around in case you want or need them. Whether it’s colouring books, kindles, chargers, or even those pesky TV remotes, they can often make your room look cluttered or messy. That's why storage is a fab option to neatly store all your living room essentials, especially when it looks good. Don't miss the following options: 

Set The Mood With Lighting

Rustic gold metal lighting hanging from ceiling.

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Achieving that professionally-styled look is all about the little things, and even your lights can be a way to add a different feel to your living room. Different types of lights can set the mood for your space and make your space feel expensive and luxurious.  

Table lamps are the perfect way to set the mood with lighting. On light evenings when you don’t need your main lights on, pop on a side lamp and give your room that soft, warm glow. Moreover, make sure your table lamp looks good when out of use because they act as an accessory in the daytime too: 

Even your overhead lighting can be used to help your lounge feel more you. Whether you love a statement piece hanging from your ceiling or something more understated and plain, it’s definitely worth checking out your options: 

Make Your Space Cosy With Soft Furnishings

Cosy lounge area with a sage green knitted blanket and yellow, cream and white cushions.

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Soft furnishings are my personal favourite way to decorate a room. There’s nothing better than pieces of decor that look great and help your lounge feel warm, soft and cosy too. 

If your home feels a little bare, one easy way to fix this is to add a rug. Rugs are great, especially if your living room has hard flooring, because they can add a softness to your space, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a fluffy rug under your tired feet, especially if they're affordable: 

In most rooms, your sofa is the main event, which means your eyes are naturally drawn there first. If your sofa is looking a bit bare, sometimes it can feel underwhelming. An easy way around this is to add a few cushions, whether you fancy adding a few complementary patterns, or you’d rather go simple, it’s always worth doing it. What’s more, with those higher-quality feather down inserts, you’ll be able to achieve that karate-chop style that makes any cushion look super expensive.

Don't miss the following options: 

You can never have too many blankets. Whatever the weather, blankets can be used to cosy up at night in front of your favourite show, or simply as a throw to decorate your sofa or wicker baskets. For some inexpensive, high-quality options, check out the following: 

Be Chic With Coffee Table Decor

A modern room with a cream sofa in front of a sage green wall, with a wooden coffee table decorated with books, ornaments and a ceramic dish.

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Level up your coffee table game with some seriously trendy coffee table decor. Whether you prefer the more understated look with a few books, or you’re all about large statement vases and pampas leaves, adding a little something to your coffee table will help transform it into the perfect centerpiece for your space. 

The key when styling your coffee table books is to stack them, with the largest book on the bottom and the smallest book on the top. Take a look at some of the following budget-friendly options to find something that works for you: 

A great tip for decorating your coffee table is to play around with height. With your books stacked and your display dish down low to the table, adding a jug helps create balance and prevents the eye from getting bored. 

Some lovely options include:  

Add Wall Decor

White wall with plants, books, a black lamp, and a framed print reading 'enjoy the little things'

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Don’t let decorating rented property, or Decorating on a Student Budget stop you from hanging shelves or photos - be sure to use command strips so you can enjoy your decorated space without knocking a single nail into your walls.   

Even if you love that minimalist look, wall decor can change the feel and look of your space and help make it appear homely and lavish. Here are a few affordable options that will help elevate the look of your space, without breaking the bank: 

Create Space With Mirrors

A smiling woman hanging a black bordered mirror on the wall in her cosy house

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Whether you like checking yourself out before you cosy up on your sofa or not, mirrors can be one of the best ways to decorate your living room. Not only can the right mirror make your space look luxurious and expensive, but mirrors also give the illusion of more space than you have. The cost of purchasing mirrors can add up so don't miss these affordable options: 

Add Decorative Shelves

Wooden shelves on a minimal white wall with a plant.

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Shelves are ideal if you prefer layering ornaments to decorate your lounge. The best thing about shelves is that you can put all sorts of things on them, from ornaments and candles to clocks, plants and photos, making them a super handy way to accessorise. Take a look at the following for inexpensive ways to maximise on your wall space: 

Add a Fragrance With Candles & Diffusers

Home decor with burning candles and a black reed diffuser on a wooden coffee table in a cosy living room.

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You can never have too many candles, and whether you light them or not, they can be a lovely addition to your shelves and your space. In the evenings they can help add a relaxing aura to your home, casting shadows and silhouettes on the walls, and they'll make your space smell great too. Don't miss the following: 

Add Greenery With Plants

Houseplants and a wooden side table in a white minimalistic space.

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If you’re looking around at your space full of ornaments, shelves, and rugs, but it still doesn’t feel quite there, then plants might be what you need. Whether you’re looking for flowers, artificial leaves, or colourful vases, or you’re after some of the Cheapest Houseplants That Look Nice All Year Round, we’ve got you covered. 

For those who want greenery without the hassle, check out the following affordable, artificial plants: 

Brighten Space With Flowers

Yellow, lilac and green dried flowers arrangement.

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If you’re not afraid of colour, flowers might just be what you need. Real flowers are always a lovely idea that always helps brighten and freshen up a room, but unless you know how to cut costs on flowers, they're not ideal if you're on a budget.

Save yourself some time and money with fake flowers or dried flowers instead. Not only are they half the hassle, but with a light dusting every now and then, they’ll look great all year round:

Add Decorative Vases

Glass vases with gold edges with eucalypus branches in, on a white wooden table in front of a beige wall.

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Just like with potted plants and decorative plant pots, play around with different vases for your flowers too. Whether you love that ceramic look like we mentioned above, or glass vases are your absolute favourite, we’ve got you covered:

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