Best Ways to Get Cheaper Flights

As the cost of air travel is on the rise, we talk you through the best ways to get cheaper flights

Shadow of a flying aeroplane, cast over an idyllic beach scene
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Finding ways to book cheaper flights is now more prevalent than ever, as prices are on the rise. Indeed, according to The Times, “the price of flights rose by 44 per cent in the past year as airlines capitalised on pent-up demand for holidays”. It appears prices are expected to rise again in the second half of this year, too, as the number of expected holidaymakers in a post-COVID world continues to increase.

With this in mind, it’s certainly worth considering your options when it comes to looking for cheaper flights. Where is the best place to look? When should you book? And are there any extras that you can include when booking that’ll save money in the long run? In this article, we’ll break down some of the best cheap flight hacks available in a bid to help you cut costs.

Jack Cunningham
Travel Editor

As a former sports journalist and content creator, I swapped the press box for a permanent desk several years ago. Since giving match reports the red card, I have enjoyed developing my writing and research skills in a few other areas, and now I spend my time doing something I really enjoy - sharing the best ways to save on travel with our wonderful readers.

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