Black Friday Offers & Deals for 2024

Whether you’re starting your Christmas shopping early or just looking for the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something new without having to break the bank, make the most of Black Friday with our Black Friday inspiration and deals.

Active Black Friday Week Deals April 2024

Black Friday Deals 2023


As summer draws to a close and you enjoy your final summer holiday, the autumnal months can be rather bleak. Why not take the time to start planning your next vacation? Our handy money-saving experts have researched into whether Black Friday is the best time to Book a Holiday, and with Black Friday fast approaching, you’ll want to ensure you can get the best possible price for your next getaway. Make sure to check out retailers such as, Buyagift,, Secret Escapes, and


With the changing seasons, stocking up on wardrobe essentials is always a good idea. Whether you’re shopping for summer clothes for the following year, winterwear for those chilly days, or perhaps something for a special occasion, our money-saving experts have looked into how you can Find Fashion Cheaper on Black Friday. Be sure to check out retailers like ASOS, Look Fantastic, M&S, Boohoo, Monsoon, and Debenhams, to name a few.

Kitchen Appliances

You can simply never have too many kitchen appliances - they’re super handy for making your day-to-day just that little bit easier. Even better if you haven’t had to break the bank to purchase them and our money-saving team has looked into whether Black Friday is the Best Time to Buy Them. From food processors and toasters to fridges, freezers, and air fryers, take a look at retailers such as Currys, Argos, John Lewis, Beko, and Appliances Direct.


Whether you’re a tech lover yourself or on the lookout for a swanky new gadget to impress your tech-loving friends, we’ve got you. Our money-saving experts have compiled Top Tips for Buying Tech on a Budget, and Black Friday is sure to help. Some retailers worth checking out include Currys, Amazon, ebay, and Argos.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the year's most significant and celebrated retail events and signifies the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. During this period, retailers across a variety of industries typically offer large reductions and savings on a number of their products. These sales tend to be both online and in-store and run throughout the weekend until Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The date of Black Friday 2023 is the 24th of November. The sales will likely run throughout the weekend and end on Cyber Monday.

How long does Black Friday last?

Black Friday 2023 deals start on the 24th of November, and will typically run through the weekend and end on Cyber Monday. However, in recent years many retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Argos have begun announcing their sales weeks earlier.

What is the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Traditionally, Black Friday sales were available both in-store and online, while Cyber Monday Deals could only be found online. These days, however, the dynamic has shifted and both events now allow shoppers to pick up discounted goods either in a shop or digitally.

Is Black Friday a Bank Holiday?

Unfortunately not! Black Friday is not classed as a bank holiday in the UK, although many people do mark the occasion by shopping for heavily discounted goods.

Black Friday Consumer Advice

As the nights get darker and temperatures drop, Black Friday is a great time to add a little spark to your day. Make sure that you know How to Be Sure You're Saving.

It’s important to be aware that the deals on Black Friday aren’t always the best prices. Some retailers raise their prices shortly before Black Friday so the reductions look like a better deal, so it’s a good idea to do your research. You can use sites such as Pricespy, Idealo or camelcamelcamel to see the price history to help you make your decision.

Another thing to consider is that some retailers use Black Friday to sell off older and lower-spec electrical items, often with huge discounts, making them attractive. Find out beforehand what features you need so you don’t accidentally buy the wrong thing so you can avoid a more expensive purchase further down the line.

If you opt to pay via PayPal or credit cards, Black Friday has become a target for scammers and fraudsters. Paying by PayPal and credit cards offers the best chance of getting your money back if anything goes wrong.

Something important to always be aware of is that if a deal looks too good to be true on a retailer you’ve never heard of or it just doesn’t look right, it probably is best to avoid it.

Finally, make sure to factor in any additional costs of the items you’re looking at, such as the cost of delivery or any warranties you might need for the items. These can quickly add up and wipe out any savings.

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