Buying a TV in 2023 - How Much Should You Spend?

Looking for a new television but don't know how much you should spend or how to get the best deal? We put together some helpful tips to maximise your savings on a new TV.

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Television technology has come a long way in recent years, with advancements like 4K resolution, OLED displays and smart functionality, providing a richer viewing experience. However, these advancements can come with a hefty price tag. This article provides practical tips on how to save money purchasing your next television.

How Much Should I Spend?

According to Statista, most people pay between £300 and £499 for their TV. So if you were in the market for a budget television, plan to spend up to £500. For a mid-range television which may be more extensive and have extras such as HDR, expect to pay around £500 to £1000, and for the high-end curved TVs with all the added features, they can easily reach £1000+.

Currys often have deals and discount codes on TVs that may help you to save money on purchasing a new TV. You may also save money and get a higher quality TV if you buy certified refurbished from sites such as eBay which often has deals on refurbished tech which comes with a warranty. 

Understand your needs

Before you begin shopping, take some time to consider what you need in a television. Bigger isn’t always better, and the most expensive model may not suit your needs. For instance, a top-tier model may not be necessary if you mostly use your television to watch the news and the odd show. 

And don’t buy the first TV you see. Take some time, do some research and compare the different brands and features. Consider aspects like screen size, resolution and refresh rates, if you need help we go over all these topics in our guide to buying a TV

How can I save on a TV?

From price matching to open-box deals, by adopting these money-saving techniques, you will not only be able to enjoy a quality viewing experience but be proud of the financial savings you achieved. 

Skip the extended warranty

Many retailers will try and upsell you an extended warranty and according to most televisions last between 5-10 years, making the extra coverage unnecessary in many cases. Plus your credit card company may offer additional warranty protection on purchases. 

Leverage Price Matching

Many retailers such as Currys offer price-matching policies. If you find your TV for a lower price at a different retailer, the store you’re shopping at may match and beat that price. Make sure to check the store’s policy beforehand just in case. 

Time Your Purchase

Televisions often go on sale during certain times of the year. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and January sales are excellent times to shop. Also, new TV models tend to release between February and April so slightly older models may be discounted to make way for the new ones. However, be wary of big sales like Black Friday because several manufacturers have been caught producing cheaper models that look like their more expensive counterparts. If you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal read our how to be sure you’re saving with black friday guide. 

Consider Last Year’s Model

As mentioned above, new TV models are usually released in the Spring. This means previous models are discounted to make room for new stock. While you may not get the absolute latest features, these TVs are still relatively current and may offer the best value for money. 

Buy Refurbished or Open Box

Consider buying a refurbished or open-box TV. These are significantly cheaper than brand-new models and many come with warranties for peace of mind. Just make sure to buy them from reputable sellers such as Currys, eBay or AO. If you want to know more about how to save with refurbished tech be sure to check out our guide to refurbished tech

Gaming Televisions

Do you game on your TV? If you plan on connecting your PlayStation or Xbox to your television, it’ll be worth paying attention to the frequency (Hz) of the screen. For the avid gamer, you will want between 60hz and 120hz. However, a higher refresh rate means higher cost, so if you can, I recommend skipping some of the smart features, such as apps, commands and other extras, to cut the costs down. You can do all this on the console you’re planning on connecting anyway, so you aren’t missing out.

For example, I bought a 42” 4K 60hz QLED TV with Android by TCL for just £213 from eBay by using a discount code on tech from here at MyVoucherCodes that saved me a whopping £53. I use this TV for bedroom gaming. It doesn’t have too many fancy features like LED lights and a webcam like leading brands, but it's fantastic quality for cheap and has Dolby Vision for gaming. 

Energy Costs

Energy prices nowadays aren’t cheap, so maybe you’re looking for an energy-efficient television to cut down costs. Generally, TVs are pretty bad on the new rating scale, with the best of them being D rated and the majority being F and G rated. Also, the more efficient TVs are more expensive but offer little savings because of the nature of TVs as power hogs. So you’re better off buying a lower-rated TV because the energy costs aren’t that much different but the initial cost is cheaper. 

For more information visit our article on energy-efficient appliances and if they save money

Where to Buy a TV?

I bought my TV from eBay using a coupon from here at MyVoucherCodes on one of their regular sales. But other great stores, such as Currys, Amazon, AO and Appliances Direct, have seasonal sales, vouchers and price matching that can save you money. 

Amazon and eBay tend to offer the most significant discounts. However, the prices fluctuate wildly, and you may need to determine whether the deal is legit. I suggest using a price-checking site such as camelcamelcamel or Price Runner

Buying a TV doesn’t have to break the bank. By understanding your needs, researching and shopping smart, you can find a great TV that fits your budget. Want to know which features affect the price? Check out our guide to buying a TV for helpful tips and tricks. 

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