Christmas Gifts for Kids Voucher Codes

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    Christmas Gifts for Kids Voucher Codes, Deals and Offers for April 2018

    Treat the kids to a Christmas to remember. With discounts and voucher codes from big brands like Argos, Amazon and many more - you'll be able to afford the toys, clothing, and technology they really want...

    Discover a choice of Christmas offers and gift ideas for the Kids. There are discount codes and voucher codes on the top Christmas 2018 presents for children. Browse active Christmas discount codes and seasonal voucher codes from major UK retailers, as well as choice offers and sales. From toys, games, kids fashion, gadgets, video games, and entertainment, MyVoucherCodes can hep you save money this Christmas.

    Christmas Gifts for Kids

    If you’re finding yourself on this page it could only mean one thing… It’s almost Christmas again! It’s the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most expensive, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the children in your life. It can be tricky getting something different but simultaneously fun and exciting that they don’t already have.

    Train Sets

    Train sets were the video games of our times! It was the gift every little child wanted to build with mum and dad on Christmas morning. We loved them so let’s bring them back for our kids too. Train sets will not only be fun for the little ones but it will also help them better understand the world around them. These incredible sets will be interactive as you watch your child share the figurines and trains with their friends. It will also encourage imaginative play as they create locations, characters, and stories. There is a wide range of train sets that you can get your child this Christmas… From Thomas, the Tank Engine to wooden figurines or the classic vintage sets the kids will surely love this timeless toy!

    Science Kit

    All the best scientists today will surely have started on these little science kits as a child. You kids will be able to test for DNA, see plant cells under a microscope, and create home-grown real crystals and much, much more! Whatever your little one has been showing interest in lately you will be able to find some great science kits to fit their imaginative dreams. There are kits for all ages some more advanced but it just means you get to join in too! Get awesome kits from Argos, John Lewis or Toys ‘R’ Us. Alternatively, you could also make some amazing experiences at home using simple household items like vinegar and baking powder to make an oozing volcano – It will blow their little minds!

    Indoor Skydiving

    Instead of giving them a physical present this Christmas give them the experience of flying! This is a perfect gift for those fearless kids with adventurous parents. It will be a gift they will never forget – and imagine their show and tell performances! There are plenty of not only indoor skydiving experiences but many others including indoor trampoline and many others impressive and adventurous activities available at BuyAGift, Virgin Experience Days and Red Letter Days.

    Kids Camera

    Help your little ones find their creative side with their own little camera. I’m sure they love opening the camera app on your phone and snapping some slips of all the family on the move so why not help that passion flourish? Getting them an expensive real camera might be dangerous and likely also a loss of money so invest in a children’s camera which is secured in a tough plastic casing but also takes high-quality images to last a lifetime. After the memory is full you can just take the SD card out, save the images, maybe even put on a presentation, and invite the family over to celebrate. Hey, you never know your child could be the next world-renowned photographer who takes the world by storm in the near future!


    You can never go wrong with Lego! Whatever age your children are Lego will make their Christmas day better. The greatest thing about these incredible building blocks is that there is no age limit. Lego Quatro is perfect for children 1 -3 whereas Lego Duplo is for those aged 1-5. However, it does not stop there, as there is an extensive range of Lego and Lego Technics alongside hundreds of themes for 6+-year-old kids. Lego will help challenge and develop puzzle-solving skills, will boost creativity and give any child hours of entertainment and learning. Just remember not to step on any pieces – ouch!

    Nintendo Switch

    Gaming consoles have always been around but nothing can compare to the innovative multi-play Nintendo Switch that was released in early 2017. With the Switch your child will be able to play their favourite games at home and on the go. With the capability of taking a high quality console on the go means hours of entertainment on long car and plane journeys. The console also has multiplayer capabilities – even on the go! This is a great idea to get all the kids playing together and sharing something they will surely love!

    Personalised Puzzles

    Puzzles are an awesome way to help children to become better problem solvers and bigger thinkers. Puzzles have been working the little minds of children and adults of all ages for generations so why stop it now? Instead of getting the kids the same puzzles as everyone else get them a personalised set instead. You could make a puzzle set out of one of your favourite of their doodles, or a family and friend’s photographs. The possibilities are endless!

    Personalised clothing – kids own paintings

    If you have a little fashionista at home then perhaps letting them design their own clothing might be the most wonderful Christmas present this year. Take one of your child’s favourite doodles, painting, photographs or any other visual and print it on something. You can put it on a t-shit, a dress, a hoodie or a jumper! You will then watch your little one proudly parading their art to all those around.


    Small books, big books, picture books, puppet books there is one perfect for everyone. Books are a Christmas staples for under the tree so think about getting a few for the kids this year. You can always mix-&-match these and create the ultimate little Christmas library. Pick some classics like ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, Dr. Seuss, Roal Dahl and some other modern literature for the kids.