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    Deals and Discounts

    Take your studies to the next level. Whether you want to improve your language skills or develop your computer proficiency, here you find a great selection of courses, training programs, school clothing & stationary from brands including Currys, Rosetta Stone and The Book People. Save big with deals, discounts and vouchers on products and courses to help you expand your mind and improve your skills!

    Gear up for class!

    With universities employing the use of more online courses and digital teaching techniques, it’s important to keep with the times! Here you’ll find plenty of deals on the newest computers and tablets, especially portable multi-purpose laptops. Dell provides some of the best multi-purpose laptops, such as the Envy series of touchscreen laptops. For students who are interested in something more powerful then they’ve also got you covered with their Omen series of gaming laptops equipped with powerful processors. Nevertheless no matter what you go for you’ll be more than equipped to take on the next lecture. In addition to computing deals, we also have various deals on online courses and training. So that you can supplement your studies at a bargain.

    Online Courses

    Speaking of online courses, we have plenty discounts on various courses on subjects like english and maths and even some more specific topics like theoretical physics. Students and language learners can also enjoy deals on software such as Rosetta Stone to help further their studies for cheap.

    Early years get ready

    Now you can save on all the clothing you need to get your child ready for their first day of school. With vouchers from outlets from big clothing brands like schu to help outfit your kid with the right clothes and shoes for school. Get all the stationary you need straight from stores like Rymans, from simple pen and pencils to notebooks and calculators.

    Student Deals

    We also have plenty of deals for students on everything from fashion to electrical and online services. If you sign on for an NUS student card you’ll be eligible for deals nearly everywhere. Save at restaurants like Pizza Hut and get free items at McDonalds. Save on fashion at outlets like Jack Wills and H&M. And you can even get widespread discounts on websites such as Amazon on most of it’s products. So along with your student card, you can also take advantage of the numerous loyalty schemes provided by these companies. When using this in conjunction with your student card you’ll find that you’re not only saving money but getting free drinks and items as well!