How To Save Money on a Suit

In this article, we share our top tips for saving money on buying a suit.

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A good suit is essential to a good wardrobe and is useable for weddings, funerals and work. A suit can last a lifetime, and for the modern male, a suit is like a coat of armour that helps one feel professional and ready to take on the world. The downside? A suit can often cost a considerable amount of money. In this article, we’ll review tips for saving you money on your next favourite suit.  


Vinted is an app-based second-hand clothing community that allows people to sell or buy unwanted and vintage clothes. On Vinted, you can pick up suits, trousers and jackets for just £5. Anything from New Look to Topman to Moss Bros can be found, potentially saving hundreds of pounds. The downside is that the clothes are preowned, and you may not always get a matching set or find a size that fits you. But if you are looking for a cheap suit jacket, check Vinted before moving on to brand new. Check out our article about saving money with second-hand clothes or our guide to pre-owned clothing apps for more in-depth information. 

Charity Stores

Charity stores work much like wanted, except you’ll have to check each store near you physically, and they are likely to have a smaller range. But, because your local charity store likely has fewer customers than a vast online clothing market, you may have more chance to nab some branded suit jackets, shirts or trousers. If you get lucky, you may even find a full matching suit that someone only needed once. If you prefer shopping in person for clothing and are in the area, it’s worth popping into your local charity shop for a suit deal with the added benefit of helping those in need. 

Suit Rental

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For those who don’t have the space or funds to buy a suit outright, suit rentals are common and often cheaper than buying a brand-new suit from a tailor at around £50-80, depending on brand and type. The downside is that the per-use value is higher, so if you need a suit within a year, you’re probably better off buying one. But renting a suit is likely cheaper if you intend to use it just once. 

Avoid Designer Labels

If you’re mindful of your budget, purchasing a suit needs a thoughtful approach. Unless you happen upon a sale that offers a significant discount or explore secondhand options on platforms like Vinted or at a local charity store, steering clear of designer labels might be in your best interest. It is well known that big-name suit brands come with a hallmark of excellent quality because they often use premium materials. However, the premium price tag is intertwined with the same quality, which the brand’s name inflates. The allure of a logo adds a considerable amount of money to the cost of a suit. However, it may be worth buying if you can find a branded suit at a significantly lower price during a sale or at an outlet store such as TK Maxx.

There are many options and stores where you can buy a suit that doesn’t just fit well but looks impeccable with a sensible price tag. The market offers an abundance of suits that mirror the style, colour and sometimes quality of designer pieces, proving that a refined look doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Which Stores To Look For

Each of the below stores has different styles and brands, so you can browse them to find the best suit that meets your needs and budget.

Burton - Burton sells a range of suits, jackets and trousers in numerous colours. Visit their sale section, where you can find suits priced at under £50 

Jeff Banks - Their clearance section offers two-piece suits, jackets and trousers for as low as £60, along with other great offers such as shirts, ties and accessories.

ASOS - The ASOS outlet offers discounted men’s suits, making it a good choice for last-minute budget formalwear or if you’re looking for a jacket to switch up your office workwear.

Suit Direct - The Suit Direct sale section offers discounted men’s suits in various styles and fits. For under £80, you can get a good quality suit for any occasion.

Moss Bros - Now, Moss Bros isn’t often associated with budget or cheap suits; for good reason, they are high quality and well made. However, the Moss Bros sales section will surprise you. You can find a variety of slim-fit and regular suits discounted by as much as 70%.  

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Choose A Classic Style

Opt for a classic style that is less likely to go out of fashion, ensuring you get longevity out of your new suit. Neutral colours such as black, navy or grey are versatile, timeless and suitable for almost every situation. Buying a suit you can wear repeatedly is one of the best ways to decrease your price-per-use value. 

Shop Sales and Discounts

It goes without saying, but always watch for sales, discounts and promotions at high street stores and online retailers. At MyVoucherCodes, we often have voucher codes for men’s suits and fashion. In addition, sign up for store newsletters and loyalty programs that offer discounts and rewards to maximise your savings. 

Also, consider buying your suit in an off-peak season sale or a big seasonal event such as Black Friday or January sales, where one may be available for just a fraction of the cost.

Maintain Your Suit

Care for your suit, and your suit will take care of you. Maintaining your suit by cleaning, pressing and storing it properly will extend its lifespan and save you money in the long run. Plus, your suit will look new every time you wear it.  

Consider Suit Seperates

Sometimes, buying suit separates (jacket, trousers, and a vest) is cheaper than buying a two or three-piece suit. Plus, you can mix and match for multiple different looks, extending the use of your suit and the situations you can use it in weddings, the office, or a nice meal. Suit separates can be used from casual to formal.

By following these tips, you can save money while investing in a quality suit that will serve you well for years. For more helpful tips & tricks, read our guide to buying clothing on a budget

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