How to Save Money on Lunch at Work

Spending money on your work lunch every day can ramp up your monthly outgoings. Check out our tips on cutting back so you can keep more money in your pocket.

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Buying lunch and coffee every day adds up! According to a survey conducted by Instantprint of 1000 UK workers, the average person in the UK spends a whopping £21 a week on work lunches. That amounts to £1,092 a year! Nearly a quarter of us buy lunch from a cafe at least once a week, so how can we cut back and keep more pounds in our pockets? Read on to find out how you can still make the most of your lunch break whilst saving a few quid. 

Plan Ahead

Planning anything will most likely save you money, and that applies to packed lunches! When planning your evening meals, consider which ones you could make a little extra to set aside for lunch the next day. Bolognese, pasta dishes, chilli and curries make awesome lunches but the possibilities are endless! 

Consider Batch Cooking

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Why not make the most of batch cooking? If you already batch cook, that’s great, set some meals aside for lunch. However, if you’re new to batch cooking, it will save you a heap of money and time over the week. And you get a home-cooked meal for lunch each day. 

Grab a Bargain

Look out for yellow sticker items in supermarkets. Who knows what you will find? You might find a lunch item for that day, but you can freeze most things you find and they are heavily reduced. Likewise, take a look at apps that prevent food waste such as Olio or Too Good To Go.  

Go back to basics

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Remember your school packed lunch? Well, it’s pretty cost-effective! A sandwich, fruit and a snack are under 50% less when made at home. So it’s an excellent way to save yourself a few quid.  

Ditch the Coffee

It seems obvious, but do we still have to remind you to ditch the expensive coffee? If you’re guilty of buying at least one coffee per day you could save over £20 a week! Invest in a good quality flask or double-walled cup and take your own coffee to work. And if you really need that coffee shop beverage once a week, take your cup with you as most coffee shops offer a discount when you bring your own. Or make the most of some of the loyalty schemes around and grab yourself a free coffee.  

And if you still find yourself unorganised one day and need to grab lunch on the go. Take a look at which supermarkets provide the best meal deals, you still have the opportunity to some money!  

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