7 Christmas Gifting Rules for Kids

Parents can reduce Christmas spending this year by using the 7 Christmas gifting rules, read on to find out more.

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At this time of year, parents across the country will be thinking about Christmas shopping. As well as a generally expensive season the increased rise in utilities and groceries can make this time overwhelming. 

Add the pressures of social media and advertising to the mix and it feels like parents are expected to spend a fortune!  But there are ways to cut the cost, and the 7 Christmas Gift Rule is just one of them. 

This simple-to-follow but effective way of gift-buying saves money, time and your sanity! If possible, start the 7 Christmas Gift Rule with younger children, it can easily become a tradition. When it comes to writing Christmas lists, stick to the same template every year. Older children can make the most of the rules too, understanding that there’s more to Christmas than gifting is a good mindset for the future. 

What are the 7 rules?

It might be that you make the rules, but here are my suggestions that are easy to implement. Keep them as they are or tweak them to suit your family. And if 7 gifts are too many, pick 4 or 5 of your favourites.  

What do they need?

Start thinking about something the kids need. A new winter coat, trainers, school supplies, and so on. This could be absolutely anything that would be of practical benefit.  

What do they want?

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This is something that they really want, within reason! No matter what their age, kids usually suggest several things they would like for Christmas, whether they are telling Santa or you. Choose one item that is within your budget. And if everything on the list is over budget, ask them to suggest smaller or cheaper items!  

Fun times!

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Consider what activity your child would love to do. Maybe it’s some tickets to the theatre or cinema? Would they enjoy mini golf? Or even a trip to the beach with a picnic. Whatever you decide, include a fun activity and make some memories. Pop your tickets or a card detailing what you have planned in an envelope, and leave it under the tree for the reveal on Christmas Day. 

Include something to wear

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This is a great opportunity to replace those much-loved PJs that are far too small, treat them to that hoodie they have had their eye on or pick up a new pair of cosy socks or gloves for Winter. Remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune, you can save money by shopping on preloved clothing apps or buying ex-display footwear too.  

Include something to read

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Whether it’s a book by their favourite author, a comic that they love,  or a voucher for a digital download - a reading gift is a must. You can pick up some real bargains from your local charity shop or second-hand bookshops. We have lots of tips for buying books on a budget here. In addition to this, why not consider gifting a copy of your childhood favourite book and including a personalised note as a keepsake?   

Add something to eat

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Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Choose from the array of Christmas-themed chocolates, the famous reindeer is always well received. Teenagers might enjoy a voucher to a restaurant of their choice or the promise of a takeaway. Whatever you decide, delicious goodies are always well received by all ages! 

For them and for the family

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From a pack of cards to the latest Xbox game, this category is for them to enjoy with the family. We have a tradition of buying a new board game every year, the sillier they are the better. Little ones love nothing more than seeing Nan or Grandad making fools of themselves or their sibling getting covered in gunge! If you have a few kids that love playing on game consoles this could be a shared gift, as those games cost a pretty penny!  

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