Free & Affordable Days Out With the Dog

Looking for some dog-friendly destinations? Keep reading to find out how to do it on a budget.

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The World Animal Foundation tells us that “... 10 million or 34% of households share their space with a pooch.” In 2021/22, 62% of households own some kind of pet, but a number of people would say dogs make the best pets.  

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They say a dog is a man’s best friend and, if you have your own, you know exactly how true that is. There are loads of activities, events, and locations you and your pupper can enjoy and you can do it on a budget too! Keep reading to find out how you and your dog can have exciting adventures together without blowing the bank. 

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches

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The beach is the perfect place to enjoy a day out with your furry friend but it can take a little extra effort to find a dog-friendly beach in the peak of summer. We’ve led out what we think are the best dog-friendly beaches in the UK so you and your dog can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun (the next time it’s out). Best of all, the only cost you need to worry about is parking!

Camber Sands in East Sussex is a great option if you have a dog that loves to run. It’s a whopping 8 kilometres in length and covered with swooping sand dunes making it a brilliant place for an exhilarating day filled with adventure. If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful, take your fur baby to Covehithe Beach in Suffolk. With golden cliffs, beautiful lagoons, and accented by weathered tree trunks, this beach is great if you and your dog love to investigate what nature has to offer. 

There are a number of beaches in the UK that allow dogs all year round and Country Living has a tremendous list of beaches you can visit whether you like to be surrounded by local amenities or you’re looking for a quiet beach for just you and your dog.  

Doggy Events

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Does your dog adore people and activity? If the answer is yes, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are loads of dog-themed events that can make a fantastic day out for you and your dog whatever your budget may be. 

There’s an event for everything, from DogMasters (the dog surfing championship), DogFest (filled with activities, workshops, and displays by the top canine athletes), to The Great British Dog Walk (a virtual charity dog walk) and even some full blown festival events. Whatever your scene, or budget, there are many events all year round where your dog can make friends and you and the family can enjoy a fun day out. It’s because of this that we highly recommend checking out what doggy events are near you!

Beautiful Dog Walks

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Going for walks is a necessary part of being a dog owner and it can be made into a full day out if you know where to look. Country parks are a great, and free, option for anyone looking for acres upon acres for their dog to run and explore. Although we recommend country parks for a special walk in the countryside, Elianne from Canine Cottages points out that most country parks are “... surrounded by livestock and are breeding grounds for wildlife so if you have an inquisitive dog, remember to keep it under control at all times. You may also meet horses with riders or wild ponies in certain areas so make sure to keep pooches who are not so keen on our equine friends on leads.” 

English Heritage sites also offer spectacular places to enjoy with your puppy. For £57 a year, you can gain unlimited access to hundreds of historical sites throughout the UK and joining couldn’t be easier! From Whitby Abbey to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, there are multiple areas of historical interest you and your dog can enjoy even on a small budget. For more location ideas, why not check out our article, “Free Days Out In The UK”? There, you can find loads of free days out but make sure to double-check that they are dog-friendly locations.


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Geocaching is a hobby of many where you track down hidden objects. Nine times out of ten, there is a lot of walking involved in Geocaching which makes it the perfect activity for you and your dog to partake in. 

The Geocaching app is available on both iOS and Android and it’s completely free to download on both. There are geocaches all over the UK so you don’t have to worry about travelling to enjoy this pastime. All you need is some good walking shoes (trainers should be fine), a pen and a phone with the Geocache app on it. They can be hidden in obscure places so having your dog alongside could be beneficial in searching under hedgerows and in woodland. It’s great exercise and fun for you and your four-legged friends; it’s something we love and we’re sure some of you will too. 

Free/Affordable Adventures

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Whether you’re just looking for something to do on a weekend or an event to enjoy with your dog by your side, you don’t need a massive budget or spend hours researching. We’ve told you about some of the best free and affordable days out with your dog so find something that catches your interest and get your puppy ready for an amazing adventure! 

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