Save Money on Last Minute Christmas Travel

The festive holidays are a time for families, so it’s no surprise that travel tickets, especially within the UK, tend to be incredibly expensive the closer it gets to the big day. The same goes with traveling abroad too – instead of having to put another log on the fire and carving up a dry turkey, many people prefer the option of putting another steak on the Barbie and slavering on the suntan lotion. And that just pushes up the prices of flights due to demand. So, the best advice we can offer is to book well in advance. But you’re reading this article, so we guess booking in advance is simply isn’t an option. No worries, here are a few tips to help you save money on Xmas travel.Click here to read more...

Find the cheapest days to travel

As the big clock ticks down, the most expensive days to travel will be those just before and after Christmas. Of course, the chances are, you’ll need to travel Christmas Eve or the day before, it’s unavoidable if you’ve left it too late but still want to go home, or get away, for Christmas. But, if you choose days in less demand, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on your round trip. So consider staying an extra day, or leaving a little earlier that you’d originally planned. Also, midweek seats tend to be considerably cheaper, as people like to travel on the days either side of weekends.

Find the cheapest times to travel

Ok, so the trains and planes on any day in the run up are going to be busier after 5:00 as many travellers go straight after work. So how about travelling in the morning or at lunch? Tickets prices rise significantly with demand. So to save money just choose days and times which are not so desirable. If you don’t mind missing the big day itself, or staying at home for Chrimbo, why not book your journey for boxing day?

Use a voucher code for your travels

Lots of websites like Trip Advisor will allow you to create your very own trip – you decide where you travel from and where you travel to, you’re also able to choose your own hotel. Here at My Voucher Codes we have some fantastic voucher codes and deals available for Trip Advisor – why pay full price when using a voucher code can potentially save you a lot of money?

Buy cheaper tickets online

Often it works out cheaper to book travel tickets online, as opposed to at the airport or train station. There are exceptions to this, but in general it’s a good idea to buy online because it gives you the option to use a voucher code to reduce the total cost of your journey. Buying tickets online also allows you to take advantage of things like cash back – and any online exclusive offers that particular merchant is offering. Using ticket comparison sites like Sky Scanner is always a smart idea – it gives you a cross section of the tickets available, and allows you to choose the cheapest.

Booking a hotel

We’ve usually got a fantastic range of voucher codes for you to use on the Ebookers website – and we also have some great deals for top hotel chains such as Radisson Blu. If you just turn up at a hotel then the chances are that you will have to pay full price for your stay. If you book the stay online, however, big savings can be made. Some hotel chains let you book online on the day of check-in, so last minute online bookings are possible!

Bargain train tickets

Train tickets are notoriously expensive here in the UK, especially on the day of travel – or so we’re led to believe. If train travel is your preferred method of getting from A to B – be sure to book your train tickets via The Trainline. Even if you book just a few days in advance you could save quite bit of money compared to ticket office prices.

Remember, holidays during the early days of January are also extremely cheap. Travel to destinations in America, such as New York, can be over 50% cheaper than at peak times of the year. If you plan your travels in advance then there’s no reason to pay through the nose – the days immediately before and after Christmas are often the cheapest times for you to travel. Don’t forget to check out our Travel Category for the biggest saving available online.