Buying Budget Book Gift Sets

Shop for book sets and bundles on a budget from The Works, Amazon, and Books4People.

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With discounted book sets, the book market is adapting to our discretionary budgets.

Did you know UK shoppers spent £4.3 billion on books during 2022 alone? It's clear to see the book market is still thriving in modern times. A lesser-discussed part of that is value publishing stores, such as The Works. Readers now have an overwhelming array of bookstores to choose from. Additionally, paperback prices increasing means a good book deal can be a hidden gem.

With the popularity of 'BookTok', more readers are sharing value publishing stores online. In fact, TikTok has helped authors sell 20 million books (New York Times). Unlike traditional bookstores, value publishing stores have larger wholesale discounts. These can also include trending books and book series.

Readers today are more discerning when it comes to shopping. They consider where to spend their hard-earned cash and what engages them with a book. With the cost of living crisis, it's no wonder shoppers are turning to discount bookshops. Our guide to saving on book sets should help you get reading or gift a loved one, all whilst saving money this winter.

Buying Book Sets

Book bundles and sets have been a regular expectation in recent times. Generally, book sets can be worthwhile if you enjoy a particular author or if you plan on reading a series. Discount bookstores need to keep pace with trends in commercial literature. At the same time, they also offer the same big discounts. As an avid reader, I'm used to discovering book sets with saver discounts. Stores like The Works also have seasonal sales, wholesale discounts, and free shipping.

Book sets are also a great way to get children into reading. Whether it's Harry Potter or The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, there are plenty of book series to get your child reading. Most of us know reading can have a great effect on your literacy skills. It might also improve your child's well-being, speaking, and empathy skills. It can also reduce stress, improve confidence, and open academic doors...

Where should I shop for book sets?

Book sets and bundles can differ in value and the amount of books per set. Another factor is how well-known the author is—famous authors can be expensive. It can be well worth researching the best places to shop for book sets. This can be more affordable than turning up to an expensive bookstore on the high street. You should also consider your budget, shopping needs, and any sales. For example, Christmas is usually a good time to search for book gift set deals. 

The Works

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Did you know the average book shopper spends £65 a year on books? It's no wonder discount bookstores are more popular with the cost of living. High-value bookstores such as The Works are a great way to shop for book sets at a lower cost. In the past few months, The Works has even increased revenue by 5.2% (The Bookseller).

The Works was originally a craft, stationary, and bookstore. It now has a large proportion of its in-store layout dedicated to books. You can shop for trending fiction or non-fiction, as well as book set tables. The Works also has an online store if you prefer.

You might not be able to find every single book set although The Works does sell some of the most popular. Their bestsellers include the Penguin Modern Classics for educational books. Some young adult bestsellers include Percy Jackson, Shatter Me, and The Folk of the Air series.

As a book lover, I have shopped at The Works plenty of times and found some great discounts. It's always worth checking the store to see what they have. Check our recent The Works promo codes for the latest savings and sales as well.


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Almost 70% of readers have bought a book from Amazon during 2022. Amazon is now a go-to shopping destination for books, including e-books. You can even buy discounted book sets and series, often with next-day shipping if you have Prime.

In the book community, there is an argument for favouring independents. However, retailers like Amazon do save the everyday person a fair amount of money. You can shop the book section by bestsellers, average reviews, and genre. You can also sample the beginning of most books on Amazon.

Amazon bestsellers for children include Roald Dahl collections and Julia Donalson picture books. Young adult bestsellers include popular BookTok books such as A Court of Thorn & Roses.

Like most, I have used Amazon to shop for books before. Most times, this was due to its fast shipping and free delivery on most books with a Prime membership. When I needed to return a book, the process was simple and a replacement was sent immediately. For more savings on book sets at Amazon, check out our Amazon promo codes.


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Almost 2-3 hours a day is the amount of time children spend watching TV in the UK. This time could be for reading. Books4People aims to help children get reading with large discounts on children's books. You can even shop for stage-reader books to help with reading skills.

Books4People is an online bookshop with plenty of titles and authors to choose from. It might be lesser known than others, but it still has a competitive range of titles and discounts. You can shop for book sets, by reading age, or filter by price such as '£5 to £10'.

Young adult bestsellers include Colleen Hoover book sets and Percy Jackson series. Children series include classics such as The Chronicles of Narnia.

This is a great starting destination for book sets, especially children's reading. With 30-day returns and shipping starting at £2.99, it's one of the lower-cost bookstores online.

Will a book set or bundle truly cut costs?

Most readers find it difficult to resist a beautiful paperback or a warm bookstore. However, there are a lot more affordable books online from lesser-known discount brands.

Inevitably, a book set or bundle can sometimes have its downfalls. It depends on whether you—as the reader—are likely to actually finish the series or read the author. If it sits on your shelf gathering dust, even with the best intentions, then the cost might not be worth it.

As a strong reader, I have found book sets are great for saving money. In the long run, it can be less expensive than buying books individually. They can also make great gifts for others. After all, what's better than one book for a book lover? A set of five. By shopping key sales dates such as Black Friday and Christmas, you can even get more of a discount too.

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