Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. Check out our affordable ways to decorate for the festive season so you can make the most of your home during Christmas, without splashing the cash.

A woman decorating a Christmas tree with gold and white baubles, in a modern, cream, minimalistic lounge area.
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Christmas trees are waiting to be decorated and there’s tinsel around every corner - it’s that time of year again. Don’t let a strict budget stop you from transforming your space for the festive season. Read on for easy and affordable ways to decorate your home this Christmas.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to do your Christmas decor shopping as early as possible - even if that means doing it on Boxing Day. Typically, retailers start bringing out their Christmas stock as early as September. 

Affordable Christmas Essentials

Christmas Trees

A variety of faux Christmas trees in a store.

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Whether it’s a real Christmas tree or a faux Christmas tree, Christmas trees can be costly, especially if you’ve set yourself the challenge of finding the perfect one. While a real tree is lovely, the cost per year can quickly add up over the years. 

This year, why not opt to purchase second-hand? There are a variety of second-hand platforms available where you can shop for pre-loved Christmas essentials. What’s more, when you purchase your faux tree, you’ll be making a one-off payment for a tree that will last you years to come. 

Tree Decorations

A close up of a decorated Christmas tree with small red and gold baubles.

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Whether you take pride in having the most immaculate Christmas tree every year, or you’re making memories with the little ones, decorating the Christmas tree can be costly. Whatever your theme this year, ensure you achieve it without breaking the bank.  

If you’re looking to save extra money here and there, or simply looking for a last-minute Christmas activity to do on a budget, making tree decorations from scratch is always a fun and affordable option.  

Bauble Multipacks

A box of red, white, and gold baubles on top of a branch of pine.

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Whilst individual baubles are beautiful, the cost can add up quickly. That’s where multipacks of baubles can come in handy. Purchase a large pack of baubles in your preferred colour scheme to fill out the tree, and then add a few of your favourite individual options here and there. 

Affordable multipacks don’t have to be tacky if you know where to look. There is a fantastic range of modern, luxury packs on the market including: 

Affordable Christmas Non-Essentials

When it comes to Christmastime, it’s easy to get swept up in the festivities and purchase non-essential items that can eat up your budget. With Christmas being a short period, be clever when purchasing homeware. Instead of buying Christmas-specific items, opt for items in seasonal colours where possible so you can display them all year round, making the money you spend more worthwhile.  

Traditional & Classy Tree Ornaments

A close up of an array of green and cream paper Christmas tree ornaments.

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If classy, traditional tree ornaments are your calling, then look no further. These kinds of baubles can seriously transform your tree and make it feel luxurious and expensive. For stunning options that are high-quality without the luxury price tag, don’t miss: 

Quirky & Unique Tree Ornaments

A close up of a red car tree ornament with a small, bottle-brush tree on top, hanging from a Christmas tree branch.

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We've got something just for lovers of all things retro. If it’s that nostalgic feeling you’re chasing after, these baubles are sure to deliver just that, without it feeling tacky: 

Tree Toppers

A close up of a large, star Christmas tree topper in a city square at night time.

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Add a little something extra to the top of your tree to give it a finishing touch. Whether that’s a traditional Angel, a classy star, or something a bit different, we’ve got something for everyone. 

Check out the following for inexpensive Angel tree toppers on the market: 

For affordable, timeless star tree toppers, check out the following: 

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, you might like: 

Tree Skirts

A close up of Christmas presents round the base of a Christmas tree with a dark brown, wicker tree skirt.

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If your tree feels like it’s lacking a little and you’ve got a few wires on show spoiling your vision, a tree skirt might be just what you need. Whether you’re going for that natural, traditional look, or a soft, cosy finish, a variety of options are available that won’t break the bank. 

For homely, wicker options, don’t miss the following options:

Don’t miss these soft, luxurious fur tree skirts: 

Festive Homeware

A cosy Christmas kitchen with a close up of a decorated Christmas tree in frame.

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Ensure your whole home feels the joy of Christmas with festive homeware. Whether you prefer subtle touches or you’re going all out this year, it can be tricky to find high-quality, classy Christmas accessories without the expenses. Luckily, we’ve got you covered: 

Wreaths & Garlands

A woman hanging a pine wreath with LED string lights and a red ribbon, outside on a wooden fence.

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There’s nothing like adding a beautiful, festive wreath to your front door to add a little Christmas sparkle to your street. 

Provided that you’ve got access to an outdoor space, the most affordable option is to make your own. Using only a few DIY essentials, wreath-making/garland-making can be a super fun and festive last-minute Christmas activity to do with a few friends. What’s more, you can personalise it to your tastes, for a fraction of the cost.  

If you’re unable to have a go at making your own, some inexpensive options include the following:  

Whatever your style, one way to make your home feel luxurious and merry this year is by hanging some affordable, Christmas foliage. If this sounds like a bit of you, don’t miss the following options: 

Candles & Festive Scents

A Christmas decorated table with a candlestick, bottle-brush Christmas trees, and pine cones, in front of a window.

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Fill your home with the delightful scent of Christmas. Whether it’s fresh pine, warming gingerbread, or something in between, there are some super affordable candles available online that are sure to make you feel cosy this year: 

If you’d like to level up your Christmas candle game this year, opt for one of these inexpensive candle holders for a little extra something:  

For anyone decorating on a student budget or those who don’t like candles, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a Christmas fragrance for your home. Check out some of the following alternatives:  

Christmas Stockings

Three red and white Christmas stockings hanging on a mantlepiece with a Christmas tree in the background.

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Whether you are looking for the perfect neutral Christmas stockings or traditional red ones, we’ve found various affordable options that will look festive on your fireplace this year. 

Festive Tableware

Christmas table with red festive tableware including ribbons, napkins, gingerbread ornaments, and pine cones.

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Get yourself ready to host for the big day with this variety of stunning, high-quality tableware that won’t break the bank.  From festive snack bowls and side plates to gravy boats, platters, coasters, and more, you won’t want to miss the following options: 

Blankets & Throws

A close up of a red, knitted tartan plaid design blanket.

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Don’t let plummeting temperatures make you a Scrooge this Christmas. It’s time to stock up on some seriously snug, festive blankets. So, check out our handy, inexpensive finds to bundle yourself up for less:  

Wintery Lighting

Golden star Christmas lights hung outdoors on the front of a festive looking building.

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Grab your favourite Christmassy blanket, and a warm beverage, and hit the lights. With these stunning festive lights, you’ll be able to relax in your cosy space with the perfect, wintery ambience. 

 For subtle, string lights: 

For decorative lights:  

For outdoor lights: 

Cushion Covers

A green pillow that says 'Let It Snow' and a red cushion that has a white ribbon embroidered on to look like a present.

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Whatever your preferred interior style, get your sofa dressed up for the festivities this year. From all things red and green to neutral, subtle wintery hints, you’re sure to find something just right for you: 

For traditional, festive options: 

For neutral, subtle festive options: 

Festive Signs

A light box with the words 'Ho Ho Ho' on, on top of a red and brown polka dot background.

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Keep the feeling of Christmas going throughout your home with these beautiful, adorable festive signs:  

Christmas Mugs

A red mug of hot chocolate, surrounded by Christmas decor including a gingerbread man, a candy cane and some cinnamon sticks.

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If your shelves are feeling a little lacklustre this festive season, why not opt to display a Christmas mug or two? What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy a warm beverage in style with these affordable, festive mugs: 

Christmas Bedding

A bedroom decorated for Christmas with a white Christmas tree and red baubles, and red gingham bedding.

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Ensure that you’ll be sleeping in style with a lovely set of Christmas bedding. Whether you’re after the most traditional red set on the market, or neutral bedding is your jam, you’re sure to wake up on Christmas morning feeling festive and joyful:

Christmas in the Kitchen

A modern, cream kitchen decorated for Christmas with a garland and some LED string lights.

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Whether you’re hosting Christmas this year or not, make sure your kitchen looks the part of the festive season. These affordable, Christmas kitchen accessories are simply too good to miss: 

Christmas in the Bathroom

Rolled up flannels with red Christmas baubles and LED string lights, with sprigs of pine, and a reed diffuser.

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Get ready for the festive season by giving your bathroom a wintery makeover. Be sure to check out some of these adorable, inexpensive bathroom accessories that are sure to get you in the festive mood: 

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