Physical Books vs Digital Books

As an avid reader, I compare whether physical or digital books can save you the most money.

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With the rise of technology, the book market is changing along with how we choose to read. 

Here’s an interesting fact for you: on average, we spend £64 per year on books (2021). Clearly, we are still a nation of readers. But as with any purchase, we want to be sure that we’re making smart choices. 

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Basis for ComparisonEbooksPhysical Books
WeightAre usually lightweight (example: 2022 Kindle = 158g).If over 400 pages, can be heavy and awkward to hold (example: 300 page book on average = 422g).
Convenience Can be accessed almost anywhere & downloaded onto phone. Only when on person. Can be difficult to transport/commute with.
AestheticsLacks physical aesthetic aspects of a book - no detailed front cover, sprayed edge pages.Aesthetic front covers/page edges. Can be used as home decor on bookshelves.
MotivationalKindle reading speed feature will measure your reading speed, which can be motivational.The physical aspect of turning a new page and reaching chapters can be motivational.
PriceNo average price data. Ebooks are usually anywhere from 99p-£5.99. Occasionally, prices will be higher or lower. Books can be costly. Average cost per book is £8.66 (2022).
SamplesYes. Before buying the book, Kindle allows you to read a small sample.No. You would need to visit the book in-store to read the first few pages.
AccessibilityAccessible features such as font size, spacing, and read-aloud.You would need to buy a special edition or look out for bigger print books.
LearningDictionary, search & note features.No dictionary features.
SharingMost e-readers only support one account.Easy to give to a friend to share.
FragilityWould need to purchase a Kindle cover/case - extra cost.Can be difficult to keep in excellent condition over time.
StorageCan store hundreds of books, and takes up little space.Takes up a lot of room in your home.
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