Airport parking savings: Which airport has the priciest parking spaces?

Which of the UK’s busiest airports is the most expensive to park at? How can you save on airport parking? And is driving to an airport farther away for a cheaper parking space worth it?

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 The last thing anyone wants when heading on holiday is the added cost of a steep parking charge. So, to avoid being caught by surprise, we’ve researched the ways you can get a better price on your airport parking fees. We’ve even picked out which of the UK’s biggest airports offer the cheapest and most expensive parking, to help you decide whether it’s worth making the trip to an airport with lower parking prices! 

Which airport has the most expensive parking spaces?

 According to our research, London City Airport ranks as the most expensive for parking spaces in the UK. Out of the country’s top 20 busiest airports, London City Airport had the highest average price for parking your car over two weeks. So, although London’s most central airport boasts an ideal location, its high level of convenience comes at a cost.[1]

The 10 most expensive airports for car parking in the UK can be found below:

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Top 10 most expensive airports for car parking
AirportAverage parking cost for two weeks
London City£213.14
London Gatwick£193.14
London Luton£151.20
London Stansted£146.71
London Heathrow£127.99
Manchester Airport£125.44

 Perhaps unsurprisingly, those flying from the capital will also have to pay a particularly high price for leaving their car at the airport.  All five of London’s major airports ranked in the UK’s top 10 most expensive airport parking.

Airport parking in London is noticeably more expensive than parking elsewhere in the country. The average cost of an airport parking spot in London is £166.44 for two weeks, whereas the average for the rest of the UK is only £123.52 - a difference of £42! Flying from the capital brings sky-high prices when arriving by car, which means it might be best to look for train or bus connections!

It’s not just London though, as the figures show a clear north-south divide in airport parking fees. Only one northern airport ranked among the 10 most expensive to park at, that being Manchester Airport at an average of £125.44, making it the tenth most expensive.

The north-south divide can be seen on a national front, too, as airport parking in Scotland appears to be much cheaper than in England. The average cost for a parking space north of the border is £101.15. In comparison, the average price in England is £144.95 - a whole £43.80 more.

Overall though, Liverpool took the prideful crown as the cheapest place for airport parking out of the UK’s biggest airports. Parking for a fortnight at Liverpool John Lennon Airport costs an average of just £80.46 - over £130 less than the average parking price at London City Airport.

Answering the big questions about airport parking prices

 Forking out extra money for the sake of parking your car at the airport is a real pain. So, to help you get the best deal, we’ve revisited our research to pick out the key trends when it comes to airport parking charges.  

When is best to book airport parking?


Based on our research, getting the cheapest price is less about when you book and more about when you’ll be flying. According to our figures, December was the cheapest month for airport parking, with the average price across the country being £118.52 for December 2024. As you might have guessed, prices tend to spike over the summer months, with the peak coming at £152.77 in September.

We did notice a few price fluctuations at some car parks based on how far in advance the booking was made. For some, the prices would get cheaper if booking further in advance, while a select few offered their cheapest prices when booking at the last minute. We wouldn’t recommend this tactic though, as some car parks were already sold out for the nearest months, meaning you’d take the risk of being left without a space for your car.

In contrast, prices at some car parks appeared to fluctuate at random, and others simply operated a flat fee, meaning you’ll pay the same price no matter when you book. Overall though, the time of year you travel appeared to be the main determining factor.

Is on-airport or off-airport parking cheaper?

 Our figures suggest that off-airport parking is marginally cheaper (as you’d probably expect), although not by much. The average price for on-airport parking was £135.65, whereas the average for off-airport parking was £132.39 - only £3 difference. So, in this case, it may be worth paying that little bit more for the added convenience. 

Is meet & greet or park & ride cheaper?

 Park & ride services tend to be cheaper than meet & greet. The average cost for a meet and greet space was £145.87, whereas the average for park & ride was just £105.28 - £40 less! 

Can you get voucher codes for airport parking?

 Yes, you can! Although it’s not a category of spending commonly associated with vouchers, you can find discount codes to save on airport parking. Check out the parking section of our site before booking to make sure you aren’t missing out on any bargains! 

Can you save money by travelling to a different airport?


Given the wild differences in parking prices between airports, you might be wondering if it’s worth travelling a bit further for a cheaper parking space. In some cases, this might actually save you some cash!

In fact, Londoners would be better off driving all the way up to Liverpool than paying for the prices at London City Airport. The return trip to Liverpool would cost around £57 in fuel but as Liverpool's car parks are an average of £132 cheaper, travellers would still be £75 better off.

For those who like to steer clear of long drives, you can still make a saving by travelling the short distance to Heathrow. The average cost for parking at Heathrow is £85.41 cheaper than London City Airport, and as the drive will only cost you £15.48 in fuel, going the extra distance will save you just under £70.[2]

Those in the midlands can also spend less using this tactic, as the short journey to East Midlands Airport from Birmingham will give you a saving of £64. There’s also a saving to be made by travelling the extra distance from Manchester Airport to Liverpool. By making this short trip, you’ll be £37 better off, even after paying for the fuel!

Scottish flyers can make a little saving by doing this, too. Parking at Glasgow airport is an average of £17 cheaper than in Edinburgh. As the cost of driving to Glasgow will cost an estimated £7 each way, you’ll be left with a modest £4 saving.

If you do consider going further afield from your airport, make sure to use a free fuel cost calculator online to work out how much the extra journey will cost you. Then, simply look at whether it’s more or less than the price of parking at the airport to see if you’ll be making a saving.

About the data


[1]  To work out the UK’s most expensive airports for car parking, we compiled average parking price data for the UK’s 19 busiest airports using data from Compare the Airport Parking and Skypark. For each car park available at each airport, we reviewed the price for two weeks of parking in each month of the year, starting from the first Monday of each month. This allowed us to see the most expensive months to park at each airport.

We then calculated the average cost for each car park over a year, and then the overall average for the car parks at each airport. Finally, we split this data by meet & greet/park & ride, as well as on/off-airport to find which parking types were most expensive.

Parking prices for Belfast City, Belfast International and Bournemouth were taken directly from the airports’ websites.

[2] To discover the potential savings of travelling to a further airport for cheaper parking, we first looked at the difference in parking prices between a selection of airports in the country. We then used Go.Compare’s fuel cost calculator to work out the additional fuel costs of driving further to another airport, then subtracted this from the difference in average car park prices. 

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