Singles' Day Deals 2018

Active Singles' Day Voucher Codes & Discount Codes for January 2018

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day, also known as 11.11 or double 11 deals, is a Chinese sales event, even bigger Black Friday. This event is perfect for discount electronics and fashion, so check out some amazing Singles' Days deals today.It's is simply the biggest retail sales day anywhere in the world. If you thought Black Friday was huge, just wait ‘till you hear about Singles Day! The sales have been an annual event since Chinese Amazon equivalent Alibaba introduced it in 2009.The 11.11 sales now go on for a few days, similar to the expansion of Black Friday. In 2017, Singles’ Day offers started on October 31, with AliExpress hosting 15 million discounted products sold by 140,000 brands.Singles’ Day isn’t just a day of mega deals, it was first started as an opportunity for young Chinese singles to celebrate their single status. November 11 became the day to celebrate as “1” represents a single individual. In 2016, Alibaba, the major driver behind Singles’ Day, racked up a truly incredible $17.8bn (£14.2bn) in just one day, making Singles Day the biggest sale event in the world – who care about black Friday anyway!

How Did it Kick off?

the origins are not known for sure, but our best guess is:Four single male students inNanjing University dorm, Mingcaowuzhu (meaning all single men), had a habit of discussing their desire to find a girlfriend every evening in halls. They decided to organise a series of fun events on November 11 as a way to achieve their goal. Since leaving university the speculation is that the students took these events into popular culture, and Singles’ Day was born.

How to Save at Singles Day

Better Deals on Apps

Search for deals on the Alibaba app, the app is available on iOS and Android. So, after browsing this page and getting your code, download the Alibaba app, and find the products you’re after, inputting your code at the checkout and picking up double savings.

Ali Express Lightning Deals

Whatever you’re searching for on Ali Express when you visit the Lightning Deals page you will be served with deals that match your search intent and interests. Ali Express Lighting Deals are short term offers with high discounts, just like Amazon’s Lightning Deals.

Beware of Currency Exchange Rates

When buying goods from AliExpress you need to be aware that their main currency is US dollars. You are able to pay in pounds, but AliExpress will convert from dollars to pounds, using their own rate which means you can be saddled with a poor exchange rate. If your credit card doesn’t charge for international payments, you’ll save more by paying in dollars.

Factor in Postage Costs

When buying products at bargain prices don’t be fooled into thinking you have an amazing deal until you’ve have checked the international postage charge. Also, some items will take up to six weeks to arrive, so if you are ordering before Christmas be careful to check the expected delivery date.

Customs Charges

When buying goods from China or any country abroad you will have to pay custom charges on top of postage and product fees. Items under £15 should not incur fess, but anything over will. If possible, buy several items under £15 rather than one or two above and save on custom fees. MoneySavingExpert says that customs and postage fees can add another 40% to the list price.

Top Rated Sellers

AliExpress rates all its sellers, the best receive Top Rated Seller badges as a mark of their quality and reliability in stocking and delivering high quality authentic goods on time. The Top Rated seller badge also guarantees that the seller has high levels of customer service. Use only Top Sellers and you won’t waste money on sub-standard or inauthentic goods.

Will I Receive a Product Warranty?

Warranty is rare for international sales in China. You should always bear this in mind when ordering from China. To counteract the lack of warranty ensure you always buy the highest quality, most trustworthy brands. Your lack of warranty is the price you will sometimes have to pay for the fantastic discounts you can secure on Singles’ Day.


$12bn was spent on Alibaba over the whole day in 2016, they made a staggering $7bn in just the first two hours.