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Sunglasses Based on Your Face Shape


Ever stood in a sunglasses store trying a pair after pair and ended up leaving the shop emptyhanded and frustrated that you couldn’t find the perfect sunglasses? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve all been there… Choosing new sunglasses isn’t exactly a rocket science, but there’s one thing you need to consider before buying your new pair – pick out a frame shape that complements your face. The best tip is to choose a shape that slightly contrasts your face lines. 

First things first, you need to determine the shape of your face. The best way to do so is by looking yourself in the mirror and deciding if your face is round, square, oval, heart/ triangular, oblong/rectangular or diamond – look at the forehead, the cheekbones and the jawlines (another simple trick is to pick a photo on your phone and draw a line around your face to determine the shape). After this, take a look at our recommendations below and find your perfect pair of sunglasses: 

Best Sunglasses for Round Face Shape

The best frame shape for round faces is square, rectangular or aviator sunglasses. Whichever you decide to go for, just stay away from circle glasses as they would make your face look even more round. Emphasizing sharp angular lines will help elongate your face and make it look thinner and sharper. 

Best Sunglasses for Square Face Shape

Rounded corners are key to a successful and stylish look if you have a square jaw as they help round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look. Avoid going for hard angles and try to look for sunglasses to match you in width while at the same time having soft lines. Examples of styles that would work well for square faces are aviators, butterflies and round sunglasses. 

Best Sunglasses for Oval Face Shape 

Consider yourself lucky if you have an oval-shaped face! It’s hard to go wrong about the sunglasses frames as most will look great on you. Just make sure the frames aren’t wider than your face – choose sunglasses that cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones.

Best Sunglasses for Heart / Triangle Face Shape 

The best sunglasses for heart and triangle shaped faces are the ones having wide lower edges and no straight lines along the top. That way they would shift the attention downward and elongate the face. The best frames are the cat-eye styles as well as glasses with round or square edges. Consider buying aviator, butterfly/cat-eye, square and rimless sunglasses for the best looks. 

Best Sunglasses for Diamond Face Shape

Diamond-shaped faces are characterized by a narrow jawline and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face. To compliment the cheekbones, buy oval or rimless frames. When choosing sunglasses try to go for gentle curves and avoid purchasing a pair that’s wider than your cheekbones. 

Best Sunglasses for Oblong/Rectangular

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Oblong faces, also known as rectangular, are long and narrow with few angles. Oversized sunglasses as well as round lenses work best for oblong faces. Also, larger wayfarer or rectangular thick frames add width to a long face. The best sunglasses styles are square, wayfarer and rectangle. People with rectangular faces should avoid small frames.

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