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    A voucher will only be rewarded if GoCompare are able to link your purchase to the MyVoucherCodes website. This means you must: 1. Log into your MyVoucherCodes account 2. Click from MyVoucherCodes directly to the GoCompare website Home insurance page: and 3. Generate a brand-new quote and make your purchase immediately (meaning in the same session and without exiting your browser)
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    Vouchers will be sent to the email address you have set up with within 180 - 210 days of your policy purchase date, and once GoCompare is able to verify a qualifying purchase. Quotes that do not convert to a policy will be declined after 180 days of being generated.
    Recurrences on the amount of purchases that can be made while earning Vouchers may be limited.
    The vast majority of transactions from merchants track successfully, occasionally a transaction may not get reported. If you believe this to be the case, please submit a "Missing Voucher" query to MyVoucherCodes within 30 days of the transaction, we will be unable to chase up claims older than this.

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Financial Services Discount Vouchers

If you are looking for financial advice, insurance, investment products, accountants or stock brokers you've come to the right place. Why not combine expert counsel and the up to date information with savings on the cost of the service? The fact is, with so many types of products and institutions out there, making a decision is hard. We select the best offers from the market and list them right here. You'll find the latest deals from financial service providers such as Experian Credit Expert, My Debt Solution, Scottish Friendly, and many more so not only can get the help and support yiou need, but you might just save some money too.

More Information about Financial Services

Financial Services Image

The term Financial Services refers to a wide range of organisations, institutions and professionals which help with the management of money and investments. Insurance companies, credit unions, accountancy firms, tax advisors, investment managers and stock brokerages all fall into this category. Banks are also considered financial services. Debt consolidation services and debt resolution are also important components within the sector, allowing customers with large amounts of debt to either pay off their debt over a more manageable period time, without them having to file for bankruptcy.

Example Vouchers

Take a look of some of the amazing deals we've promoted within this category in the past:

  • Experian-Credit Expert - 30 Day Trial
  • 1.55% Tax Free Available at Birmingham Midshires
  • Freeze Interest on Your Interest and Charges at My Debt Solution
  • 3% Interest On Current Account at Santander eSaver
  • Up to 25% Off for Members at RAC Home Insurance
  • How to Redeem a Voucher Code

    Did you know you can even use promo codes to get discounts on selected financial service products and from a wide range service providers. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at what's on offer in the listings at the top of this page. When you see a voucher you'd like to take advantage of, follow these simple steps:

    Click on the button entitled 'Get Voucher Code' and copy it using your mouse or CTRL and C. Go to the website by following the link on the code page. When you get there ensure you fulfill the requirement of the voucher - this could be registering, buying a product or requesting a quote. During this process you'll see box asking you to enter a promo code, when you see it paste your in and ensure it is applied before completing the transaction.

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    What is the difference between debt consolidation and debt management?

    Consolidating your debt usually means taking out more credit in order to pay off existing credit at lower interest rates, over a longer period of time. Whilst consolidation is a useful way to get out of debt, you are still taking out another loan. Please seek financial advice before going down this route.

    Debt management is a non-lending solution, this means you won't be taking out new credit to pay old credit. This method uses an intermediary to negotiate lower repayments. Often a fee is payable to use this service but government funded scheme are available under certain circumstances.