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    About First News

    First News is a great way of getting your kids or students to engage with current affairs. With journalism that tackles the tough stories in an easy to understand way for young readers, First News has content available in print, digital, and a stream of video content and is fast becoming an excellent source of journalism for children both at home and school. Make sure to visit for all the latest First News discount codes offers and deals.

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    More Information About First News

    First News is an independent newspaper for 7-14 year-olds. It is the only newspaper for children in the UK and is designed to educate, inspire and inform young people about the world in an engaging and unbiased way. The publication is a privately owned family run paper with no political affiliations. They publish a wide variety of stories to fuel the curiosity and encourage children to form their own opinions, but also include games, puzzle and sports for entertainment. First News has over 2 million young readers already subscribing to the publication and is available in both print and in digital format. Furthermore, the editors have won several awards including Best National weekly newspaper.

    How To Encourage Your Children To Read

    Reading is a fundamental aspect of learning and is important for the development of your child’s cognitive responses. Yet studies show that the older children get, the less interested they are in reading.

    Despite the wealth of opportunities for reading on the internet and books aimed at children, there are arguably an insufficient number of websites aimed to help encourage children to read outside of school. Start by joining your local library, but here are a few practical tips to gt your children interested in reading.

    Actively read to your children

    Children get into stories from a young age and enjoy being read to. Establish a reading routine and introduce your children to new books at every opportunity. When telling stories, take on the role of the characters with different voices and actions. Also encourage your children to read with you and get them to use their imagination by also adopting voices for characters.

    Make time to talk

    Getting your children interested in reading should not stop once you put the book down. Teach them how to think and comprehend by having a discussion about what you have just read. Try to relate the actions and situations of characters to the experiences your child has so they can learn to reflect on their own life and take an active interest to learn from reading. This helps to develop your child’s ability to comprehend and analyse.

    Be a role model

    Children mimic the behaviour of their parents so make a point of reading in front of your children. If you are an avid reader, display your books on shelves around the house and keep a magazine rack by the coffee table. Also encourage your children to start a book collection they can keep in their room.

    Buy reading material about subjects they enjoy

    Encouraging your children to read should extend beyond books. If they have a particular hobby or interest, invest in reading material that will interest them. There are plenty of special-interest magazines and websites for all manner of subjects and hobbies, but they may not always be suitable for children. Be wary of magazines written for an adult audience as children become discouraged about reading when they encounter words they are not familiar with.

    Invest in News First newspaper

    News First is an independent family-owned newspaper that publishes content about a wide variety of subjects intended to raise the curiosity of young people aged between 7 and 14 years old.

    The newspaper is exactly what you would expect from any newspaper but written in a voice children trust and a choice of words better suited for young readers. Furthermore, news stories are not politically motivated or biased in the way mainstream newspapers can be and encourages children to think for themselves.

    My Voucher Codes has teamed up with News First and offer some great discount deals. We are totally in support of educating the younger generation and want to help parents educate your children about the world without it costing the earth.

    Sample Vouchers:

    My Voucher Codes wants to partner with reliable and respectable companies that offer great value for money and to the community. We feel New First ticks all the right boxes and are proud to be affiliated with a company that aims to make a difference to the UK and the world. Keep an eye out for special deals with News First and take advantage of incredible discount deals like the ones listed below:

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    Redeeming the voucher code:

    To redeem discount voucher codes with News First, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below:

    1. Click on the discount deal you would like to take advantage of from the options available above and go to the New First website
    2. If the offer has a discount code, enter the code in the field labelled “YOURCODE” and click the green button to apply code.
    3. Select the publication you would like to receive (newspaper only, digital only or newspaper and digital) and click the Buy Now button
    4. Select a start date
    5. Enter your billing and shipping details
    6. Review your order. The discount will be automatically deducted from the invoice
    7. Complete payment

    FAQ’s for the voucher codes:

    FAQ’s for the voucher codes:

    What type of news does First News publish?

    First News publish a wide variety of news including positive stories that help to inspire children. The publication is designed to encourage children to think for themselves rather than be manipulated into forming opinions. They tackle topical and sometimes tricky issues in an honest way.

    How often is First News Published?

    The newspaper is published weekly, but News First also broadcast daily news bulletins online in association with Sky.

    Is News First better for my children than mainstream newspapers?

    News First specifically write for children aged 7-14 in a voice they can trust. The angle is unbiased and is intended to inform young people of what is happening rather than tell them how they should think or feel about current affairs issues.

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