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Audible is one of the UK’s leading audiobook providers, allowing you to choose from the world’s largest selection of titles to download direct to your computer, smartphone or iPod. Choose your Audible promo codes and lose yourself in the world of audiobooks.

Whatever type of literature you love, we’ve got Audible voucher codes to suit you. From bestselling fiction to autobiographies, comedy and more – you’ll never have to pay full price on audible books with our money saving vouchers and exclusive offers.

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How to use Audible

You could have your pick of thousands of audio books at your fingertips with Audible. Audible is owned by Amazon, and all you need to join is an active Amazon account.

When you join, you get your first audio book for free. After your first 30 days of free listening, choose to deactivate your account or pay a monthly fee for an audio book of your choice, every month. You can cancel at any time, so there’s no contracts or tie-in periods.

With hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, this is a great deal! Once you’ve joined, simply download the free Audible app and listen to your chosen audio book straight away. If it’s a firm favourite, listen to it as many times as you like.

What's more, its free 'Great Listen Guarantee' means that if you decide your audio book isn’t for you, then you can change it for another.

Audio books been increasing in popularity. As our smartphones are constantly with us, all you need to do is plug in and go. They are ideal for the daily commute when you need both hands to hang on to the handrails. Press play in the gym and lose yourself - before you know it, your workout will be over! An audio book is also the perfect companion for drifting off to sleep with - choose something soothing like a mindfulness book and expect even better sleep.

Audible also has a huge selection of factual and educational audio books. Whatever you choose, they’ll be in your cloud based library to keep and return to forever. Just like having a bookshelf but without the dust. You don’t have to just listen to them on your smartphone either. Choose to listen on your laptop, tablet or other mp3 player.

Use one of our great voucher codes to set up your Audible account. Then plug in, and listen to your heart’s content!