Top Online Services That Offer Black Friday Deals

This article lists some of the best online services offering Black Friday deals.

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Black Friday in the UK isn't just about retail products; it also encompasses various services, including food delivery, online learning, and cybersecurity solutions. These sectors have adapted to the Black Friday culture by offering impressive deals and discounts, making it an ideal time for consumers to subscribe to new services or upgrade existing ones. 

Here’s an overview of some of the best online services known for offering Black Friday deals. 

Food Delivery Services

Black Friday in the food delivery sector offers a unique opportunity for consumers to enjoy their favourite meals or experiment with new dishes at a lower cost. Many apps offer discount codes, bundle deals and more over the Black Friday weekend.

Deliveroo: Known for its quick and efficient delivery from various restaurants and takeaways, Deliveroo often participates in Black Friday by offering special deals, discounts, or free delivery options. This can be an excellent opportunity for foodies to try new cuisines at a lower cost.

HelloFresh: For those who prefer cooking at home, HelloFresh, a meal kit delivery service, usually offers Black Friday deals that include discounts on their meal plans. These deals make it more affordable for people to cook fresh, high-quality meals at home.

Just Eat: Another giant in the UK food delivery sector, Just Eat typically participates in Black Friday festivities by offering discounts on loads of cuisines. From local takeaways to high-end restaurants, Just Eat's Black Friday deals often encompass a broad spectrum, allowing food lovers to explore different tastes at reduced prices.

Uber Eats: With its user-friendly app and extensive network, Uber Eats is another service that usually offers enticing Black Friday deals. These can range from percentage discounts on orders, buy-one-get-one-free deals, or special discounts for first-time users. 

Gousto: Like HelloFresh, Gousto provides meal kits with precise ingredients and recipes. During Black Friday, Gousto typically offers deals like discounted meal boxes or special promotions for new subscribers, making it a suitable time for customers to try out their service. 

Online Learning Platforms

Black Friday often sees a surge in deals and discounts from online learning platforms, making it a prime time for learners to invest in their education and personal development. For more information on how to get online courses for cheap, visit our article on resources for learning new tech skills for cheap.

Udemy: In 2022, Udemy, a global leader in online courses, offered substantial Black Friday discounts. With a vast library spanning topics from programming and web development to personal development and art, Udemy’s deals allowed learners to enrol in many courses at significantly reduced prices, sometimes offering courses for as low as 90% off. This made high-quality education accessible to a broader audience.

Coursera: Coursera, known for providing courses from top universities and organisations, often participates in Black Friday with discounts on its courses and specialisations. This makes it an excellent time for professionals and students to invest in their education and skill development.

Skillshare: An online learning community geared towards creative fields, Skillshare offered a Black Friday deal in 2022 that included a discount on its annual subscription, providing unlimited access to its entire course catalogue. This deal appealed to those interested in exploring creative skills like photography, graphic design, and writing.

MasterClass: Renowned for its celebrity-led courses, MasterClass's 2022 Black Friday offer typically included deals like a buy-one-get-one-free on courses and up to 50% off their annual memberships. This offer provided an excellent opportunity for learners to gain insights and learn from industry leaders and celebrities in various fields, from cooking with Gordon Ramsay to writing with Margaret Atwood.

LinkedIn Learning: As a platform offering courses focused on professional development, LinkedIn Learning's Black Friday deal 2022 included a free month of access to its entire course library. This was an ideal offer for professionals seeking to enhance their business, technology, and creative skills, so keep an eye out on LinkedIn for more opportunities to develop your career this Black Friday. 

Anti-Virus and Cybersecurity Services


Black Friday is an opportune time for individuals and businesses to invest in robust cybersecurity solutions at a hugely reduced cost. Here are some of the best deals some of the top antivirus companies offered from previous years.

Norton: As one of the most recognised names in cybersecurity, Norton offered impressive Black Friday discounts in 2022. Norton's deals typically included significant price reductions on its comprehensive range of security products, such as up to 66% off Norton 360, which offers protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware and features like VPN and parental control.

McAfee: Another giant in the antivirus arena, McAfee’s Black Friday deals in 2022 were noteworthy. They often provide deep discounts on their Total Protection plans, such as up to 67% off 2-year Total Protection plans, which cover a range of devices and include features like identity theft protection and secure VPN. McAfee's Black Friday offers made it an ideal time for users to upgrade their cybersecurity infrastructure.

Bitdefender: Known for its advanced and user-friendly antivirus software, Bitdefender’s Black Friday 2022 promotions included substantial discounts on their various security solutions, including up to 50% off their popular Total Security package. This package provides comprehensive protection for multiple devices, making it a cost-effective choice for families and small businesses.

Kaspersky: In 2022, Kaspersky participated in Black Friday with attractive offers on its antivirus and internet security products. These deals often included up to 60% off on premium products like Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security, which provide multi-layered protection against cyber threats.


Sadly, don’t participate in sales events such as Black Friday too often, but we've tried our best to compile some good deals here. However, we do have an article with tips for saving on video streaming services.

NOW TV: owned by Sky, NOW TV is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the UK and has a wide selection of movies and series' for a fraction of the cost of Sky itself. This year, you can save 50% when you join for 6 months, plus get a one-month free Boost included. 

Amazon: Amazon Prime is a strange one because there isn't a discount on the service itself, but having a Prime subscription gives you access to more exclusive Black Friday deals at Amazon. You can also get Amazon's savings of up to 50% off on movies & TV shows through Prime Video during Black Friday.

Sky: Sky is the UK's largest television service, with over 300 channels. This Black Friday season, it is offering an 18-month contract that includes Sky Stream, Sky TV and Netflix for just £19/month. Considering Netflix do not partake in Black Friday or frankly, any sales events this is a pretty good deal, especially since Netflix is now £10.99/month. 

As you can see, Black Friday extends well beyond traditional retail and includes various online services catering to different needs. Whether enjoying a meal from your favourite restaurant, learning a new skill, or securing your digital devices, Black Friday offers an excellent opportunity to grab quality services at more affordable prices. As these deals are often time-sensitive, keeping an eye on the respective websites or signing up for newsletters to stay informed about the latest offers is advisable. For more information on some of the best deals during Black Friday, check out our article about the biggest Black Friday deals.

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