Cheap Hotel Rooms on a Student Budget

From student discounts to last-minute deals, there are plenty of ways for students to save

Smiling female student traveller with a travellers rucksack on
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Wherever you’re looking to stay during your next getaway, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of options to choose from when it comes to booking accommodation. This process, however, doesn’t always come cheap and you can often end up paying hundreds of pounds (and maybe even more) for the perfect place.

Prices fluctuate regularly, and if you’re looking to book a hotel or alternate accommodation during the busy periods of the year (such as Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays), you can almost guarantee you’ll end up paying more. Students, as a result, tend to get the rough end of the deal as peak seasons are often the only time they have free to go on holiday. 

Jack Cunningham
Travel Editor

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