Revealed: The most chocolatey Eggs on supermarket shelves this Easter for £3

We looked into which of the 10 most popular Easter eggs are the best value for money.

A half unwrapped Easter egg on a pink background.
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It's no secret that the team at MyVoucherCodes love a bit of chocolate. With this in mind, we were more than happy to egg-experiment on ten of the most popular Easter eggs to find out which egg gives you more chocolate for your money compared to packaging – and can reveal that Cadbury Crunchie comes out on top.

A Cadbury Crunchie Easter egg with the contents outside the box.

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The Top 10 Most Chocolately £3 Easter Eggs Were:
Biggest Percentage of Chocolate Percentage of Chocolate Percentage of Packaging Cost of Packaging
Cadbury Crunchie 81.24%18.76%56p
Cadbury Creme Egg 81.14%18.86%57p
Terry's Chocolate Orange 80.6%19.4%58p
Cadbury Wispa 80% 20% 60p
Celebrations 78.1%21.9%66p
Smarties 75.97% 24.0372p
Peppermint Aero 75.89% 24.11%72p
Galaxy Minstrels 75.61%24.39%73p
KitKat Chunky 75.30% 24.7% 74p
Maltesers Teasers 73.9%26.1%78p

 *Methodology: On March 21st 2024, MyVoucherCodes bought ten £3 Easter eggs from Tesco from four confectionary brands. It weighed the eggs as sold on the shelf, then measured the boxes, weighed the chocolate egg and chocolate included in its wrapping, and then weighed the cardboard boxes. It then compared the weight ratio of chocolate and wrapping with cardboard packaging to work out which Easter egg had the most chocolate compared with cardboard packaging.   **

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