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2020 – A Positive Spin on a Tough Year


There is no denying that 2020 has been a year filled with trials and tribulations. As we look towards ringing in the New Year, it’s a good time to reflect. But rather than listing off the negatives (looking at you Coronavirus), we thought we’d look on the bright side.

From spending more time with the family, to discovering new ways of working, there’s a lot more positives to come out of 2020 than we might think. So, we thought we’d take some time to highlight the good and realise that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Working from Home

We’re jumping right in with a controversial entry. After months and months of working from home, some of us might be a little sick of it. But it’s been eye-opening for businesses and staff. Proving that working from home is a viable option, it’s forced workplaces to consider their policies on the matter.

person using macbook pro on bed

It’s likely a lot of employers will be a little more flexible in a post-Coronavirus world, but there’s other benefits too. We can cut out the commute and take it easy in the morning. Not to mention the time spent sat in traffic pumping CO2 into the atmosphere could be cut significantly.

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A Cracking Year for Climate Change

With many of us stuck at home, we saw less cars on the road, less planes in the sky, and less carbon emissions. Nature has been thriving with increased sightings of wildlife and a reduction in air pollution. It was a much needed chance to breathe for our planet.

landscape photo of a Venice canal

The waters of Venice looked clearer, our streets looked cleaner and a lot of us saved a few quid on petrol. Levels of air pollutants and warming gases were down almost 50% compared to last year, and it’s all thanks to staying indoors!

We Love Our NHS

There’s no denying that the NHS is an essential part of what makes Britain great. The Coronavirus pandemic really helped to highlight just how incredible our key workers are. With extra effort being poured into fighting the virus, we saw exactly what the NHS is capable of under pressure.

purple and pink heart shaped illustration

And this did not go unnoticed. With windows sporting rainbows accented with the words “I Love My NHS”, there was a huge outpouring of love for the service. With retailers offering discounts to the amazing staff, and donations coming in thick and fast, there’s no denying 2020 highlighted their importance to the people of the UK. It’s important to note that the appreciation for key workers didn’t stop at the NHS staff. Cleaners, retail workers, postal workers and everything in between saw some too.

Keeping it Local

With lockdowns making a trip to the shops a more complicated, a lot of small businesses that felt the impact. There’s no denying this was a big blow for a lot of people. It’s also underlined the importance of shopping locally where you can. Whether it’s a trip to the butchers, or buying from your friends Etsy store, people were ready to help.

sausage display cabinet

It wasn’t just products and services either. With holidays abroad being risky business in 2020, a lot of us stayed in the country. From days at the beach in Brighton, to stunning hikes through Snowdonia. We saw more of the beauty that the different areas of the UK has to offer.

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We Went Wild With Creativity

With a lot more time being spent in the house, whether it’s working from home, or through being furloughed, some of us had a little extra time on our hands. That’s where a lot of creative juices started flowing. Whether it was picking up a new hobby, or taking your life skills to the next level, we got creative.

flat lay photography of paintings

A lot of services offered discounts and free trials while we were locked down, and we took full advantage. From learning languages and cooking up a storm, to dipping our toes into the arts, some will be coming out of 2020 with a few extra strings to our bow.

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Brands Got Innovative

On the topic of creativity, 2020 was the year we saw brands and companies get innovative. Whether it was drive-in movie theatre tours, football stadiums with cardboard cut-out crowds or entertainment created under Coronavirus guidelines, brands had to think differently.

white light bulb near three yellow clips

Crayola released crayons with diverse skin colours, distilleries used their knowledge of alcohol to produce hand sanitiser, and restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could get our fix at home. Not to mention, streaming platforms provided us with a ton of entertainment to get us through a tough year.

Family Time

While the kids may drive you up the wall from time to time, it’s still nice to have family time. With a lot of us being stuck indoors, we got the chance to spend some time with our loved ones. The dogs might be crying out for attention while you’re on a Zoom call but working from home gave us the chance to experience a little more work/life balance.

man in white crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in white crew neck t-shirt

With the kids off school, we had to chip in to make sure they were understanding their work. So, we got a chance to hang with the family and understand them a little better. We also found a new and deep respect for the incredible work that teachers do. Not to mention, while they’re at home, there’s no excuse for them not to do their bit with the dishes.

Community Spirit

It’s strange that at a time we’re being told to stay two metres away from each other, is when we saw a lot more togetherness. Whether it was coming together to clap for the NHS, or seeing videos from Italy of balcony DJ sets, there’s no denying the community spirit was strong in 2020.

hands formed together with red heart paint

People went out of their way to get the shopping done for those at risk and some learned to knit so they could supply face masks. People generally came together to show a little love to keyworkers, those shielding and each other in a tough time. And let’s not forget the army veteran Captain Tom Moore raising over £26 million with his fundraising efforts at the sprightly age of 99.

The Bright Side of 2020

So, while it has been a tough year for a lot of us, it’s important to look on the bright side and take a few positives out of 2020. Whether you’ve made some personal progress, or you’ve seen the best side of the human race come out, it’s not all been doom and gloom this year.