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American Imports to Be Thankful For


Things across the pond might be a little turbulent right now, but they still our cousins. Sure, the kind that only comes over at Christmas and breaks your favourite toy. But they usually make up for it by corrupting you into your first cigarette or sip of beer. For all their problems, they’ve given the world so much to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving coming up, we’re going to look at the best American imports that have made their way to our little island … and some of the worst.

But first a little history lesson. The Puritans were a super strict group of Protestants that made running through a field of wheat look like an all-night rave. These happy go lucky souls fled Europe to escape persecution and ‘settled’ North America. Unfortunately, the Native Americans were already there and, you know, living happily. The first Thanksgiving commemorates a feast that celebrated the first harvest in the ‘New World’. It was attend by 90 Native Americans that probably felt like they couldn’t say no to the new neighbours. Americans celebrate this uplifting union every year by eating a load of turkey, watching American Football, and ignoring the fact that a few years later the Native Americans were slaughtered. How’s that for some cognitive dissonance? That’s enough history, let’s get back to the best American imports.

The food is definitely one of the best American imports.

A Taste of the States

You couldn’t compile a list of the best American imports without talking about the food. Whether it’s Texas barbeque slathered in sticky sauce or good ol’ fashioned hamburger, America is responsible for some of our most loved comfort food. And some of these delicacies are simply iconic and must try’s if you’re in the neighbourhood. New York City and bagels, Chicago and deep dish, LA and tacos, the list goes on and on. Every state having their own dish that you can’t miss when your passing through. Over the last decade or so, there has been a rise in new restaurants that offer more adventurous eating. They’ve introduced Brits to true American grill experience, Tex-Mex, and authentic diners that cook up the flavours of the USA.

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No one can argue with these Blockbuster American imports.

Blockbuster Entertainment

Entertainment definitely deserves a spot on the rundown of best American imports. Hollywood has been the spiritual home of cinema since 1908 and the oppressive Motion Picture Patents Company of Thomas Edison. Since those rebellious days, the stars have gotten more pampered and the movies have taken over the world. Everyone waits for the latest Marvel, and dinner and a Rom-Com has got countless couples together.

It’s not just cinema either. We’re living in a golden age of TV and shows with massive budgets are keeping us entertained every night. With a new focus on TV, shows like Game of Thrones can sweep the globe and create massive fan communities. They argue online for months about whether the finale was the worst thing to happen to TV since Mrs Browns Boys, but still. America’s domination of the small screen isn’t a new thing either. The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and even Lost, all made a big splash in TV land.  Think of all the best shows you’ve ever seen and there’s probably more than a few Americans in there. And a whole fan culture that’s packed full of community and merch has grown around it all.

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Bigger is Always Better

This is attitude is certainly an American import and it it’s made everything better. Whether it’s piling a plate to the ceiling or fitting a 60-inch TV into a tiny studio flat, going big is part of being American. It’s bigger in Texas, the city skyscrapers, and massive McDonald’s burgers all prove the point. Even nature does things bigger over there. The Grand Canyon is one of the biggest on earth, Mount St Helens is in the top 5 biggest volcanoes, and the famous Redwood trees of Northern California at the biggest anywhere. It’s no wonder Americans believe size matters.

It’s the tech us Brits have welcomed with open arms. Living rooms across the land glow with long into the night with bigger and better TVs. All of them too big for the room and searing our retinas. It all centres around pushing what you need as far as you can until it’s flirting with excess. Everyone seems to be on the lookout for their next upgrade and they’re getting bigger every time.

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Sport Spectacles

Sports in America go beyond what happens on the field and the fan experience is was more than a lukewarm pie on the terraces. These are big events in the community and an entire culture been created around them. Fans gather in stadium car parks on the morning of a game and get the party started early. The tailgating barbeque and beer as fans get together before the main event. The atmosphere is incredible and entire communities show up to support, face paint and all. This is one of the best American imports that is starting to appear in Britain and we’re here for it.

This isn’t only reserved for the big leagues either. College football and basketball are massive in America and a college towns economy might rely on big game day. If do manage to go to a sporting occasion in America, you’ll be treated to entertainment throughout the day and of course, the half time show. These might not be Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, but they’ll keep you entertained while the action on the field takes a breather. Sport is a spectacle in America and like everything else they want it to be bigger and better than anything you’ve ever seen.

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American Getaways

Okay, this one’s not strictly an American import but we bring back all the photos, souvenirs, and memories so we’re counting it. America offers some of the best holiday destinations in the world for all sorts of reasons. Miami Beach is famous for it’s white sands and Latin party atmosphere. Orlando packs in more theme parks than a stomach can take and there are 421 national park sites for nature lovers to camp in. There is a holiday for everyone in the land of opportunity and you’ll never be stuck for something to do in any of the 52 states.

There aren’t too many countries where you can snowboard mountains, drive dune buggies through the dessert, surf some famous waves, and take a hoover craft through alligator infested swamps, but America is vast, and the possibilities are endless. It belongs on any travel bucket list.

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And Some of the Worst American Imports

It’s not all apple pie and ice cream when you’re best mates with the ‘leaders of the free world’. Even if we’re being generous and ignoring the fact that they got ungrateful and kicked us out, there’s still somethings they can keep on their side of the pond, thanks all the same.

Unshakeable Self Belief

Historically, British folk aren’t brash or overly extroverted. Sure, there’s a few oddballs who are the exceptions, but they’re usually the ones getting hammered at the wedding and making a prat of themselves so what does that tell.

Americans on the other hand are afflicted with the belief that somehow, against all odds, they are right. And they don’t mind letting people know. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-confidence, is no bad thing, but arguing despite mounting evidence against you is plain annoying.

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Political Circus Shows

Remember when politics was boring. Sure, there were scandals, we’re talking about politicians here, but it was the soap opera we watch being played out these days. That is by design and it’s something that has been adopted from America. The first televised debate in Britain was only in 2010 and since then the political side show hasn’t stopped. Governing as entertainment is what the campaign trail is all about, that’s starting to appear in Westminster, and everyone is ready to tune into the final season of Brexit.

‘Reality’ TV

It’s hard to remember a time when our TV guides weren’t packed with empty TV shows that follow ‘real’ people around as they live their lives. This kind of TV all started in the states with shows like ‘An American Family’ and ‘The American Sportsman’ way back in the 60s and 70s. Since those early days, this skewed sense of reality has sailed of the Atlantic and taken over. Now we’ve got Chelsea, Essex, Newcastle, and everyone else having nights out on TV.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about America, the country has had a massive impact on our culture and they’ll continue to contribute to our lives every day. They may have their problems, but there’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.s were slaughtered. That’s some cognitive dissonance right there.

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